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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Bloody Amazing.

| | See all Predator3162007's reviews (8)

This game is bloody amazing the best Naruto game by far in my opinion it surpasses Naruto UNS1 completely, updated & better battle system the cut scenes battles and graphics are outstanding if your as bigger fan of Naruto like i am then YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! i love this game i'd recomend it to anyone

  If your a Fan ull LOVE it

| | See all witefalcon17's reviews (7)

I absolutely loved the first NUNS, and this one jus gets even better! the story mode is very interactive, bit long buh its not as bad as the previous games.
Best Part Of The Game is that all characters use signature moves! its AWESOME!
Multilayer is just spectacular! You are given ranks, and can customise your Ninja card which is quite cool!

If ur not into doing the whole long story mode but want all the characters, simply go onto Free Battle mode, 1 vs 2 player. Use kakashi, to defeat the ur opponent (player 2, free controller, u dnt need anyone playing against you) with mangekyou sharingan over n over, till u get a perfect kill. This way you will get maximum points, which u need to unlock the characters so keep doing it till u do, It took me an hour to unlock all the characters.
Enjoy :)

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  Did not exceed my expectations...

| | See all Abdulmoham77's reviews (1)

Mainly because it feels like a step down from the first Ninja Storm, seeing as the game is only partially free roam compared to the Ninja Storm 1, and lack of Ultimate Jutsu cut scenes make the battles short and leaves you with not much of a chance to use strategy... However this is only in comparison to the first Ninja storm, which to me stood as standard. Breathtaking Boss battles, no more Hide and Seek(well, almost), huge amount of characters, colourful scenery and characters bring to life the action. I'm not sure if I can honestly say this all makes up for it, because that begs the thought "shouldn't the original have been the foundation which Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 should be built on?". But then again, thoughts like those pale away when in the awesome online battles.

In summary, there were things I feel shouldn't have been left out from the original game, however improvements are welcome to fill the gaps, until Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, where hopefully nothing else is left out.

  Am in the game ( amazing) style

| | See all Lover7's reviews (2)

just amazing pure crazy battle , it feels like you are the ninja and its so super when you pull of moves after moves and it feels like not just you who is improving but the player u use.

  Fantastic game!

| | See all Nicola258's reviews (9)

I bought the first Naruto Ninja Storm and was obsessed with it. Was playing it for two years since was out. This surpasses all my expections which were pretty high to begin with. The characters playable are great, the ultimate jutsu's are sticking with the original story line and also the awakening modes. I cant praise this enough. It's a must buy for Naruto fans.

  Amazing, best naruto out for sure!

| | See all Wastedyeti1's reviews (1)

it's got everything a naruto fan could want, it's just insane the amount of characters you can play, i mean you can use three differn't sasuke's!!! it's mental, the campain is fufilling and is pretty much the same as the original story just with the added benifit of actually being naruto sage mode, and the online with keep you occupide for ages... it's just so fun to go 5 tail's :') and just destroy your opponent, well thats pretty much it, JUST BUY THIS GAME!!!! and then add me on psn- Wastedyeti1


| | See all HokageNaruto's reviews (1)

naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 is going to be amazing, its out and the campaign and multiplayer is goin to be spectacular.by the way has anyone got the collectors edition?

  I take my hat off to you....Cyberconnect2, its a great game!

| | See all MrLongJohns's reviews (4)

Firstly I will start off by saying that is game is a must for Naruto:Shippuden anime fans and for those who haven't heard of it, until now I would buy this game for the great fights. Also the ultimate jutsu for each of the 42 playable characters are unique and in-game so the battles are more free flow and move quicker.
This plus point for me about this game is the massivlely up to date 42 playable character(s) roster for this game, and it follows the Japanese anime( not English dub) right up to the Pain/leaf destruction arc in Naruto:Shippuden.For thse who are thinking about getting this game, this does contain a massive spoiler(s) for those who watch the dub of the anime.
Also the free battle has two options. "Team battle", where you can choose two support characters and combine with them to create a teamwork ultimate jutsu. Also "Single battle" to play 1 on 1 against the cpu. You also get "Online battles" and play people from arounf the world in team and single battles.
I would recommend you buy this game as its great and th best Naruto game so far.

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