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Race Driver: Grid - Reloaded (Platinum Edition)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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I've played just about every racing game the PS3 has to offer and I have to say this is the best game there is. The fact that it's been taken off line now is a major disappointment, but Grid 2 is under development I understand. I'll skip graphics and features and get to the real point about this game. If you own a d-pad this game probably isn't for you. You will probably turn into corners too fast and too hard and the car will oversteer and you'll be off. You'd be better off playing GT5 or F1 2010 where a steering limiter is built into the game preventing you from oversteering. You'll be understeering all the way round the tracks but at least you won't oversteer and spin off.

You may not have the slightest idea what I'm talking about but I'll try and explain. The only way you can gain a true appreciation of the full potential of this game is via a racing wheel with go-kart style pedals. When cornering in GT5 or F1 2010 (just examples of other driving games I've played) you need to get the timing and speed at the right level in order for the car to turn at whatever turning circle the steering will allow. In Grid you need to get the timing and speed at the right level but, most importantly, you also need to judge the correct turning radius into the corner. You have to judge how hard to steer into the corner, unlike F1 or GT5. This feature makes for a more realistic driving style and greater skill for cornering. This feature doesn't appear in any other driving game I've played to date.

The game also allows for driver assists to be turned off, which adds another dimension to the level of skill required to corner. Not only do you need speed, timing and the correct turning circle but you also need to adjust the rate of acceleration and deceleration into and out of the corners while combating the cars momentum. It takes a huge amount of skill to compete properly with all these variables - but that's just like real racing. In other words, you need to be a very good driver to play this.

If you want a real driving challenge in a majorly competitive game then this is the game for you. If you want something that you can pick up and master in a few minutes then this game isn't for you. Codemasters have gone to a special effort in making this game as close to a realistic driving game as possible. Yes it is possible to make a game like this, for those who want this type of challenge. Timmy the ten year old will be lost at sea trying to control the car with all these variables going on. He'll lose interest very quickly, but put Timmy on F1 or GT5 and he'll be able to beat Vettel after a short time - think about it!

I'm suprised Codemasters made the steering in F1 2010 the way they did, when they were able to produce a game as good as this. They are renowned for making realistic driving games all the way from PS1 for Colin Mcrae and Toca touring cars. Failed to deliver on F1 2010 in my opinion. I sincerely hope Grid 2 keeps to the original driving style.

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