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F1 2010

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (86 reviews)"

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  This is how an F1 game should be!

| | See all BC2009's reviews (4)

This is STILL my favorite racing game on the PS3. It's put together very well (ok, there are a couple of flaws) but the gameplay is fast, the graphics are great, and it is sooooo addictive.
I have a Logitech G25 wheel and it compliments this game perfectly. Steering is super responsive, the gear changes are fast and the whole experience is spot on.
Anyone that enjoys Formula 1 will love this game. Miles better then GT 5, Need for Shift (1 AND 2) or any of the arcade-like-games.

  Good but half price on steam ;)

| | See all NNiicckk's reviews (2)

This is an awesome game and is much cheaper on steam, however i think thats only for PC. Still good though :D

  Best Racing game ever.

| | See all tom1589's reviews (1)

I brought this game as an impulse buy and it is probably the best racing game i have ever played. I have spent hours on this game and I am now in my 4th season and still racing with Toro Rosso. I would recommend this to any F1 fan or even if you are a fan of racing games. the sounds and graphics are amazing. There are a couple of minor problems with the game which are, i have yet to see the safety car, secondly when there is a major crash which puts another driver out of the race the Yellow flag is out for a matter of seconds and the final one is that when i won the championship with Toro Rosso i didnt have the number 1 on my car. Which was a bit upsetting. However none of these ruin or even lower my thoughts of the game and i now cannot wait for next years one.


| | See all sailorgaz's reviews (6)

A great racing game, if your in the market & looking for a racer. Get this. It's far better than GT5.
Game play is good, sound is brilliant & the graphics rock.(the rain looks awesome)
Couple of minor problems: punctures, constantly getting them. Even on my way out of the pit lane after just fixing a tire!! But you can get round this by changing the difficulty settings.
Computer AI is generally good, they seem to interact when in your car is close(either backing off or try to block you). However, they do sometimes pit at stupid times. I was 4th on the second last lap & it stopped raining, so all the other cars pitted with one lap to go & let me win, as I stayed on intermediates! A small glitch & its only happened once.

  one word..... WOW!!!

| | See all rehawk11's reviews (1)

this game is AMAZING!!!!! i would recommend this game to anyone who loves driving games!!! xD

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  AMAZING but......!!

| | See all MarkJB's reviews (21)

as far as the driving experience goes, this game is amazing!! the realism of the graphics, handling and dynamic weather combined are outstanding. The sounds of the f1 cars themselves just make me want to turn my volume up every time i play this! some of the cars also sound different to each other which is a great attention to detail imI would have given this game 5 stars but i think its lacking a lot of content, especially in multiplayer, there are no stats to see wins or anything like that, no trophies or bonus cars, tracks! I would have also liked to have more participation in the Research & Development aspect of the game. There is also content lacking whilst racing too; e.g. theres hardly ever any retirements, or safety cars. And racing incidents only occur for a few seconds, so not very eventful.
Overall, in terms of the driving itself, it feels near perfect to racing real f1 cars.....just lacking content!


| | See all ionlysellgames's reviews (10)

well i traded gt5 in and got this and ........ wow puts gt5 to shame with speed . love this game and im so glad i got this game . see you on the track .......

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  on pole

| | See all harrrythedog's reviews (1)

best driving sim out there yes even better than gt5 this is in pole postion infront of all driving games thers nothing better than ovataking alonso on the last lap to take the good old chequered flag and b4 i forget monte carlo enuf said

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| | See all bobster0070's reviews (5)

Just an addictive game with awesome game play, graphics and sound! If anyone is trying to play this game with a dpad then all i can say is your missing out big time, get a wheel and pedals and lock yourself away! After the release of gt5 this week i was soooo gutted until i bought this game a must have! 3 Wins in 4 so far on hard in career driving for toro rosso. Bring on spain! Go get it!!!....

  Best F1 game ever!!!!!!!! :)

| | See all Matt92UK's reviews (3)

Honestly, I have never been so addicted to a Formula 1 game before. The visuals are amazing and its very realistic. Every time I come off it, all I want to do is go back on it again, just not enough time in a day! lol

@DriverJon ..... To reply on your comment, Codemasters aint going to make a realistic F1 game and just focus on the Dpad. I have used a wheel once or twice and found no problem with the gameplay but I mainly use the analogsticks. Also about the grip, If I get it wrong I lose grip and spin off the track, usually in the rain. REMEMBER .. Its still a game, It cant reflect to the real thing.