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F1 2010

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (86 reviews)"

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  Seriously good. Don't be put off by neg reviews!

| | See all SuicideSteve's reviews (2)

DriverJon. You do need to understand the dynamics of traction, and weight transfer...ie. the effect on a cars handling in all conditions. I think the 'simulated' handling of the cars in the 'game' is good. The issue you describe sounds like you have not fully explored the settings within the Car Setup-Balance section and are possibly racing on an easier setting than your ability deserves? Remember this game has been endorsed by several F1 drivers and they have admitted to using it as a training aid for new circuits!! I think that speaks volumes.

As for the 'PitStop' release issue, you need to hold the brake until he lets you go. If you try to go too soon he will hold you longer ;)

I've raced karts, bikes and rallycars in my time I find the game very good indeed. Not perfect, but until GT5 arrives this is my top ps3 driving game by far!

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  My Thumbs hurt

| | See all musicmmmonster's reviews (17)

This game is so intense! I was online with five mates and after 1 hours racing around different circuits my thumbs were starting to ache. To me this is a sign of a great game! Graphics are superb, sound is superb! Only thing that annoys is the fact that people can cheat and set a lap time which will never be beaten, even by Michael Schumacher. These people should be banned from playing the game! If you like F1 and like racing this is a must in your PS3 collection.

  Best F1 game in a long long time

| | See all magicaces's reviews (9)

What can I say, I love this game. Plays great, visuals amazing and career mode works really well. Love the garage and pit crew visuals just adds so much more to the game. I played Formula One: Championship Edition on PS3 back in 06 and this just shows how games in general have improved.
Negatives would be no parade lap before the race and pit crews take far to long to get you out.
Overall a great game to play and superb simulation of F1.

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| | See all si2504's reviews (2)

driverjon, you need to get out more! it is a GAME, for virtual reality it is spot on and very realistic. if you want a "true" driving experience, stop staring at the screen, put your pad down, get up and go get in the car

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  pit stops

| | See all issacc's reviews (1)

i agree with harris 11. pit men do hold you up to long. what i do is to ignore your engineer when he tells you to come in stay out an extra lap then pit in .the pit lane is empty and your out again in about 8 secs.

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  Just Great Graphics

| | See all DriverJon's reviews (5)

Ok I own a racing wheel. I bought this game on the release day and I have only played it a few times mostly because of the handling. Yes the game looks unbelievable and there are some great features in there but I like to drive as realistically as possible. I have come to the conclusion that producers of racing games need to appeal to the wider buyer. It generates sales which makes the producers money. The wider buyer is usually the owner of the standard D Pad. I could not use a D pad for driving games just like I do not use a D pad to commute to work and back. So if you are playing this game with a D pad it will have been made with you in mind and you will probably think it is ace.

Remember Richard Hammond taking that F1 Renault R25 around the track and losing control on just about every corner while fighting for grip. Not in F1 2010 you dont. Just push the D pad into instant full left or full right and you hold line every time. There is another thing. When did grip ever affect turning circle? Lose grip or race in the wet and your turning circle goes wider and wider. When did grip ever become a function of the steering radius?

The problem is the game has been designed for D pad steering. The D pad control is full lock left or right. There is just no sensitivity in the pad at all to create a realistic steering feel. If the game were made realistic I am sure the majority of D pad users would be doing Richard Hammond style spinouts on every corner whilst engaging full lock. They would leave the game in droves. So the game producers made this game with D pad steering and the weird grip penalty feature. When your tyres start to lose grip you run wider and wider. Fine I guess but nothing remotely like driving. You can make games realistic or playable and I feel this one has gone far too heavily down the payable route.

So sadly being the owner of a racing wheel I will be consigning this particular effort to the unrealistic driving experience D pad bin. For me it definitely looks like a driving game but it does not come close to driving. Not even slightly close.

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  The Best F1 game since the old PC classics

| | See all ianjenno's reviews (23)

Well I have been well impressed with this since day of release...
The look and feel of this is schuperb.... with only one minor flaw to the game.
But first i wanna stick to the positive... The graphics are easily up there with the best for any racer previsouly released thus far... The cars all look spot on and the driver likeness from what you get to see is pretty cool...
The tracks all look real too and overall the game is nicely pressented.
The handling of the cars is more or less spot on also and is close to what it must be like to thrash these beasts around a track at breathtaking.. Thus far I have only done the Carrer mode (7 seasons) which i am currently on season 4.... its great and you get cool comments from your engineer when you break real-life records such as matching Senna's record for wins in a season and Mansells personal season best etc..... The one I'm aiming for at moment is the Schuperb trophy (which is betting Michael's record of 40 wins from 40 poles........)
The flaw i referred to at the beginning is in relation to the press part of the game, at first this is really cool as your interviewed before and after races and you even do the after race interview when you fin in the top 3... but you soon realise that there are not many q's in the AI and you soon get asked the same q's over and over again... this needs a great deal of work on it for F12012.....

But other than that this is a fantastic game and recommend it to all Racing fans...

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  f1 2010

| | See all harris11's reviews (1)

after getting this game on the day after the release date (due to plays not so good delivery service) i didn't get off the game for 2 weeks i loved it but now have found issues with the game which they can easy improve or change. 1 qualifying- we have been waiting since 2006 for a f1 game to be released and when it does you cant even get qualifying right. where is q1,q2,q3 2-pit stops -why is it every time i go into the pit stops with other drivers my pit men hold me up until everyone passes me and i come back out in last it's unbelievable you work so hard to get from 18th to 6 then u go in for a pit and everyone passes you because your pit man won't let you out 3 drive through penalties where are they don't deduct them at the end if they don't go in for them disqualify the driver come on more realistic u have tried so hard on the graphics but not on the game play. and 4 - safety car - why is it there is no safety car when there is a crash the rubbish magically goes. 5- no retirements when does every car finish in a f1 race ? come on why can't there be engine failure it happens in real life why not in the game. 6 podium - why cant we see our self or even a first person view of the podium and collection of your trophy and maybe get some option to cheer or spray or drink the champagne.

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| | See all Simonlee's reviews (16)

Waited for this game all Summer and the wait has been worth it, Handling is tricky at the start but stick with it and you will soon master it, Great graphics and sound combined with a fantastic career and Grand Prix mode aswell as online play!!

  Excellent game, but could be harder......

| | See all duffers79's reviews (2)

After waiting for ages for this to come out I am in mixed minds about it. You can't get away from the fact that this looks fantastic, the control engine is great. However, I can't but help but think that the game is a bit easy. When I got it, I immediately turned all the driver aids off, and played the campaign. To cut a long story short, I became world champion in my first season in a second rate car, and got signed by Red Bull for my second season. Realistically that just wouldn't happen! After winning the championship in the first year, now I am asking myself whether I can be bothered to continue as there is nothing left to achieve.
Never the less, if you like you sim driving games, it is still one of the finest. and It'll keep me going until GT5!

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