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SBK X: Superbike World Championship

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Pure excellence

| | See all JedPB67's reviews (14)

What a game, easy to get into, with sim and arcade. Can't fault it, legs stay on the pegs and hands on the bars - unlike MotoGP 09/10. this is, as one person already said, 1000% better than MotoGP 09/10.

Can't wait for SBK 2011 !! :)

  best game?

| | See all 1nutter1's reviews (1)

this is the best sbk game so far the graphics are alsome and the sound from the bikes are just like the real ones
this is a great game!

  Good but with a couple updates will be great!

| | See all drbristow's reviews (2)

I ordered this on the strength of the excellent demo that i couldnt put down and im pleased to report that the full game is a good as expected. The bikes look great and handle really well. im finding it pretty easy to get around unfamiliar tracks on medium sim mode and win from way back on the grid. My only disappointments are with the replays which seem to end just before you cross the line so you dont get to see your half mile long victory wheelie in all its glory! It would be nice to be able to ride back to the pits instead of the race just ending. Otherwise, im very pleased. Especially with getting this a day before its official release!

  Amazing game if you like bikes

| | See all churchy21's reviews (26)

I would have to disagree about the other 1 star review of this game, i think that this game rocks ,the graphics are superb when running on hd tv, the sounds of the bikes are brilliant, the career is really enjoyable with a wide range of things to do, there is a arcade mode or sim mode.
This game is what moto gp 09/10 should have been.
If you want a really good bike game get this.
The loading times between menus is alot quicker than sbk09.
1 more thing the multiplayer is really good and lag free and mics work well.

  1000% better than the flop known as motogp 09/10

| | See all rossi1988's reviews (2)

i really dont know what game the other reviewer was playing but this game is the nuts.
1)graphics are good not fantastic but not bad.
2)gameplay (from what i have seen on the demo) is really good,you can have a blast on the arcade if you just want a quick race with out much thinking into your breaking points & no worrying about crashing.
but if you want an all out race war you flip over to the sim mode this has 3 setings low,medium,full so depending on your skill you can go all out no break assist no tcs ect ect on full or a bit of help on the low and medium settings.
3)sounds are very real spot on when it comes to all the differnt bikes you can hear if a ducati is coming up behind you!!
4)multiplayer from what i have played on the demo is very bug free (hopefully this will stay the same when the full game comes out)

overall i think this is the best motorbike racing game out on the ps3.

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| | See all rbr461992's reviews (1)

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. The graphics, physics and handling of the bikes are so much improved. I own a yam r1 and this game gives me the same sensations as when i ride in real life. Simulation is great challenge especially with manual gear changes and rider weight. The rear brake issue has been fixed the bikes look stunning and if you love bike you will love this game. The game loads very quickly the online play is much more user friendly and lag has been reduced.

  To The Misinformed, thank god for demos.

| | See all mattvieri's reviews (1)

i'm so happy i downloaded the demo of this game as i got the chance to try it before.... i knew i was making a great purchase, now i know i will be. I've played this and the other MOTO cycle game recently and i can say that SBK holds the same cards and more. You start off with the choice of Arcade or Simulation game modes, its easy to dismiss the two but they really are two completely different beasts. Arcade mode sees a much faster rate of turning and higher grip levels, a tuck in button/speed boost for the straights, and various other differences that make it much easier to pick up and play for a quick blast around one of various world circuits. The Simulation mode is as close as most of us will get to doing this for real, it's got 3 levels of realism so you're not just trown into it at the deep end, so you can work your way up to the full fat stuff. It's different from arcade in two blindly obvious ways, you realise as your hurtle into the first coner, go striaght ahead, off the track into a ball of computer generated dust! The steering is very realistic and the braking requires much more attention, thats just the start. In full simulation you have to take into account all the technicalities of racing, braking points, turn in points, power delivery out of corners, braking harshly in a corner and losing the front end, but then you can back the bikes in, power slide them out and it's all controllable if your touch is deft enough!! As you can see i'm well into the sim mode but the arcade provides enough of a challenge for everyone, It's more like having two games rolled into one. Couple that with career modes, single championship, quick races, Online Multiplay and a few other variations to keep you entertained you can't go too far wrong.

  Thank god for demo's

| | See all scotley's reviews (16)

i'm so happy i downloaded the demo of this game as i got the chance to try it before i would have made the mistake to buy it. Now onto the game, the bikes themselves look reasonable enough and work fine if you are going in a straight line but once you get too a corner then forget it, the turning and handling are abysmal. Graphically the game is poor and more last generation than what the PS3 or XBOX are capable of.

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