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WRC: World Rally Championship

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Very enjoyable

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

After playing the likes of Dirt 2 and NFS:Hot Pursuit relentlessly, it was difficult to get used to the controls of this as they're slightly unconventional. Once you learn how to handle the braking, you're fine though. I initially didn't like the demo, but tried the game anyway as it's only 16 quid.

Overall, the game is enjoyable with lots of different things to do. There's online, single rallies, time trials, multiplayer, and a career mode where you work your way up, earning money and sponsorships to get the better races and buy the faster cars. The trophies are fairly easy to obtain. I've got 30% after 2 hours of game play.

The graphics of the game are up to standard, but I thought there would be more cars. I assume this is because they're sticking to the actual WRC cars. The menus are easy to navigate too.

Well worth a buy for under 20 quid.

  WRC game - good but not great

| | See all beelzie14's reviews (29)

Blackbean Games have done a solid if unspectacular job at bringing an official WRC game back to the Playstation and consoles in general. Whilst the rallies stay true to the global FIA series with all the events, cars and drivers - there is a lot to be said against the scruffy looks and lazy design. However - I do and will enjoy the game further because the tracks have variety, the terrains are true enough to the respective countries and there is a good sense of physics differentiation between the different cars - 2 wheel-drive vs 4 wheel-drive, turbo vs norminally aspirated, WRC vs S1600 and Group N.

Track design - the respective countries and stages look good - all the official cars and drivers - challenging handling - depth in terms of the championship mode - fettling with set-ups actually does have an effect on handling - nice introduction to WRC after a lengthy time away.

Looks (terrible when compared to any other driving game on PS3) and Blackbean have produced some decent looking games with Italian Superstar V8's/ Supercar Challenge/ SBK X etc so there can be no excuses - stages are too short - the physics of mud vs tar vs dirt are too similar - graphics/looks again - lazy course design by using the same road with very small and subtle variations to make up only 3 stages per rally (other 3 stages are just in reverse - very PS2!!)- driving physics are too far off Richard Burns Rally which is ultimately the bar to which everyone should look to match or clear!

Overall a fun game if you are an aficionado of rallying like I am, and most who will buy this are. It certainly won't appeal to those who are "stoked" about all things Dirt!! I hope that the promoters of WRC now look at Codemasters to do with rallying what they have done for F1 with 2010's eponymous game. Blackbean have tried but failed to make a high standard game which all rally fans deserve and demand. Give Codies a go at the licensed game whilst them keeping Dirt as the US-centric version every 2nd year.

For 15 pound on Play.com - absolutely bargain. Get it!!

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  Good, but not quite

| | See all Meeker's reviews (2)

A few people that have reviewed this game have said how unrealistinc the gameplay is. Granted it not 100% but its not far off. I have Driven Rally cars and been on plenty of Rally stages both gravel and tarmac and believe me when your pushing a car to the limit they really do slid around a lot. If you looking for the point to point rally experience then this is the game you want as Dirt 2 has lost this feature.

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  could be better

| | See all punkrockgamer's reviews (9)

this game just proves that a good game developer is needed for this type of game .... this game is good in away but you have to adjust the way the car feels on the road to get the car to drive and grip otherwise youll just spin on everycorner which shouldnt happen in 4wd rally spec cars !!!! note to wrc let a good game developer make the games from now on !!! so to make the point that this game is good but not good

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| | See all stewboo's reviews (1)

i have waited YEARS for this game,i am a huge rally fan to the extent that i bought an old ps2 last year so i could play the old wrc games again...
this new game is no better than the ps2 versions,in fact i would say it was worse!! the engine sounds are dreadful,the co-driver screams like a girl when you have a minor bump as if its the end of the world,stupid comments are very repetative,handling is awful,tracks feel completely flat,graphics are years behind the likes of DIRT...really awful,evidently the developers have NEVER been to a real rally or watched real in car footage as they failed to capture both of these expierences BADLY........

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  Great Stages & Gameplay!

| | See all Govikes's reviews (5)

In a nutshell after getting halfway through the single player (which takes a while) and having played online for about an hour it is obvious that the graphics and sound quality are poor. I was really hoping for some realistic engine sounds but the cars sound more like hoovers!

Depite these downsides which aren't priority features in my opinion the stages / tracks are pretty varied and great fun, theres a good selection of cars and the online play is awsome with up to 16 players racing at once with plenty of stats to keep you competitive. Not in the same league as Dirt 2 but still great fun!

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  Pretty challenging

| | See all kevin360uk's reviews (28)

First few reviews of the game are a bit harsh! Try turning all aids off, manual gears with a steering wheel, then you will realise it certainly is not arcade.
It's not a perfect game, but the physics are pretty challenging and i'd recommended the use of a wheel for this to get the most out of Blackbeans first rally game. It requires a good amount of wheel input to maintain realistic control of your car, with a lot of concentration listening to your co-driver, as one mistake can be very costly.
Car audio is on the disappointing side, lacking in some effects too. A decent enough game overall

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  Demo Review

| | See all Jake55's reviews (3)

Been waiting for this game for ages, huge fan of the old WRC games. Downloaded the demo and was shocked to discover how bad this is, what have they done!!!! I'm just praying they have made some huge improvements (and i mean HUGE) before release.

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| | See all MarkJB's reviews (21)

I have to say i was really looking forward to this game after a long wait for the official rally game on ps3, but i am very disappointed. The game doesn't feel realistic or fun at all. The scenery graphics are not bad, but the graphics on the cars look like PS2 graphics. Also the engine noises on the cars sounds as if they ve been taken from a 90's sega arcade game or made using an old casio keyboard!! they re that bad! As for the driving, when you brake you dont have any control of the car, and the tracks seem very smooth for off road tracks. There s no feel or realism to it whatsoever. Blackbean developers you have failed miserably!! Thanks alot!!

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