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Little Big Planet: Game Of The Year Edition

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  This game is genius

| | See all OllieDB14's reviews (5)

i love this game soo much once you complete it you can easily go back through and play it again and again
and it just gets better if you play it with a friend or three
only downside is that creating levels is quite complicated and if you want to make a very good level you have to spend an age tweaking, playtesting etc

  truly magnificiently awesome - an epic win!

| | See all smuggs's reviews (1)

If you don't like this game, then you don't deserve to play video games. It is a master of genius, seriously beautiful on the senses, riddled with brilliant humour and awesome programming. A masterpiece of its generation... buy it and if you don't like it then I'll refund your money ;)

  marmite of the wii variety

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i got this as i heard its really good fun and for the first few days of owning it i loved it bu the wii syndrome happened whereas i found i completley stopped playing it and lost all interest.
it really is alot of fun if you are creative and love platformers but i think i grew tired if it fast,maybe my age and taste in games and one minus point was the fact that the controls i found sluggish.

  Like marmite

| | See all jami777's reviews (22)

I can understand why this game recieved the praise it did upon release. It's accessible, fun and incredibly original. But for me personally, I just couldn't get into it. I found some of the controls a little fiddley, and I found the level building quite tiresome and boring. The graphics are beautiful and the game oozes with charm, but it wasn't a game for me. I took it back. Try this one before you buy

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  It's a really good change

| | See all Petrolhead's reviews (9)

This game is almost completely platform, yet the texture and graphics still manage to blow me away. Some people say the story is weak, and fair enough it won't have you on the edge of your seat, but the levels within the story are fantasticly designed.

But the best bit is anyone can create a level like the ones in the story! And playing other people's levels is never ending fun, as the LBP community is vibrant.

My conclusion is that it is a different game, in a very good way, but friends to play with are somewhat essential to really enjoy the game, either locally or online.

  All round excellent

| | See all Himalia's reviews (4)

Great price with nice add-on's A little frustrating if you have already purchased some of them but if you have not its worth getting. If you don't have the game already this is the version to get. For those who own the orginal version your old save games won't be lost they will work with this version.

  We all realise the child within'

| | See all Closely1's reviews (2)

First of all this has to be one of the most lovable game I have ever played, It brought me back to the days of being a young child again, using my imagination to create my own unique levels that only I could dream of when I was a kid.

Now let me say the Pro's of the game.
-The graphics of silk and very smooth
-The use of color in this game changes today's modern brown, green and gray games.
-The unlimited amount of levels can be played via the PSN (Playstation Network), that many people consistently update levels to.
-This is not a game, this is your game, create the things you want and get feedback from the littlebigplanet users.

-There was only one true con for me and this was the storyline, it was very weak, but in terms of the single player levels themselves, it makes up for it, well designed levels and clever techniques used.

Overall a fantastic change to the gaming community and a chance to show the world what you can create from your mind. I would recommend this game anyday of the week at a price of 39.99, but for 17.99 YOU cannot go wrong! ***** (5 STARS)

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| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

as customisation games go this one is an absoloute gem and deserves to be in everyones collection apart from being an allround good singleplayer game.you can also create and share your own levels it is absolutely amazing the stuff you can do and bring to life its spectacular and so cute to play there is alot to do and build there is no way you can get bored i give this game a 10/10

  Little Big Planet

| | See all essexgirl68's reviews (3)

I think this game is good because you get to make your own levels are theres millions of levels to play online including story levels and you customize your sackboy

  Little Fuss, Big Enjoyment

| | See all Icarus's reviews (29)

If you own a PS3 console and have a soul (hopefully all of you do) then you enoucrage you to give one of the innovative games out there a go.

Have you ever played a platform game and thougt to yourself that you love the opportunity to design your own level? Well here is your chance to show literally the world what you can do. The level creation editor knows no bounds, your best tool at your disposal is your imagination, let it run wild and provided it's not too crazy you'll have not only a great time creating a level but you will also gain the satisfaction of letting other people enjoy your creation as well.

If designing levels isn't your cup of tea, then no bother just hit up with a group of friends or random people and hit any level that takes your fancy, they can be the official ones created by the developers which are story based or ones created by people around the globe, the choice is yours to make.

The added bonus you get here over the original is the extra DLC they have chucked in, the Metal Gear DLC in particular is brilliant and you cant help but smile when you see your little sackboy donning the Solid Snake outfit.

This game is quite frankly run by the community, the only time this game will cease to be is when the world runs out of ideas, which I dont think will happen for a very long time yet so if you're looking for some fun, look no further than LittleBigPlanet.

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