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Test Drive Unlimited 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Test Drive Unfinished 2

| | See all Pompey71's reviews (28)

No no no. You are meant to release a game when it's FINISHED it's BETA stage testing not BEFORE! Oh dear, I've waited for this game for ages but it's come out feeling more like a test subject. The online side is broken due to the servers (1 entire week of no Casino access), the cars drive like bricks in treacle and the AI will nudge you off the driving line and spin you out yet they will be fine. The voice acting is terrible, the two radio station play utter drivel and I'm afraid the really big islands don't have much going on. The cars are pretty but there's not really much to do believe it or not.


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  Half a star if I could

| | See all styledvinny's reviews (19)

Do not listen to the others - this is one terrible game. Acting, characters etc - all rubbish. Graphics are a polished PS2 games - Gran turismo and Hot pursuit this is not. Do not buy

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  Its - well ...... different!

| | See all voituer's reviews (10)

I can't decide what this game is trying to be but after after about 20 hrs its fun, thrilling, annoying and frustrating all at the same time. It does nothing better than other games apart from the massive potential of having tons of players in the same world at the same time. The driving physics are just right for this type as they are arcade instead of simulation which ultimately means more fun. The cars are awesome as is their exhaust soundtrack - try the Gt40! . The open world is huge and Hawaii has the most complicated road network i have ever seen. There is a fluff layer of getting surgery (?) , haircuts and new clothes but its really the driving that counts. Its so big that you cannot learn the roads, also the turns are not too clear so pile ups and sudden stops are many. GTA and Saints Row did the clothing, pads and haircut routine superbly and this game adds nothing, would have been more interesting if players bought different houses in a town and could sell to new players as the price went up!! - overall its a good game but would I return to it in a few months? - probably not.... Burnout Paradise is still King !


| | See all Disco666's reviews (2)

Since getting this game also i have not stopped playing it, so addictive and rewarding once you get into it. You just wanna keep goin and unlocking everything. once you get to hawai it gets even better, Good fun game. Driving requires sticking with it to get used to it is the only thing i would say but still good fun a blend of arcade and sim.


| | See all Umbungo's reviews (1)

Not stopped playing since it's release date. Fantastic and original game play some early nigggles and server issues that I am sure will be sorted out in the coming weeks. Does take a bit of hard graft to get going in the game but once you have it becomes very rewarding!!

  Test drive Unlimited 2

| | See all mapthunt's reviews (1)

Not a bad game, not outsatndingly great. when the patch arrives it will improve the game, probably give it 4 stars when the patch arrives and prevents the server from droping out all the time and various other bugs.

  not easy but highly rewarding

| | See all Mac007's reviews (3)

Deeper than the Atlantic, more of a driving sim than arcade, painful at first with the first few cars and events test the patience of a saint and then all of a sudden something clicks and every lampost and road sign doesnt mean the joystick gets thrown across the room in rage and it becomes FUN. Its buggy though, I have the casino DLC and its appeared on the map just once in 48hrs and wont let me select it, rest of the time it doesnt seem to be in the game at all..hopefully a ptach will deal with this and the problem,s logging onto the server. Theres no point contsructing a online world that wont allow you to log on half the time! But for those who want a challenge this rocks...had a friend slap two hired cars in real life round lamposts in Ibiza in the old part of the island and having played this now I can see why.


| | See all EdwardPolley's reviews (1)

What an amazing game! Even better then the first one which is hard to believe, graphics look so good and the 2 huge islands will take months to fully roam around, DLC cars also available on day of release Love the game so much well done :-D

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