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The Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn's Quest (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Nice game with few small anoying things

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Bought this game from a store since it was cheap. Was a bit suprised to see the graphics of the game. Was expecting a serious / realistic game (atleast that was the impressing I got from the cover) but instead you get a children version of lord of the ring (more cartoon style, no blood). I did like that you play basicly in 2 areas: 1 you play as Frodo (not the Frodo from the movies but a son of Samwise Gamgee) in the Shire. 2: you play are Aragorn in the lord of the ring story as we all know it. In the Shire you basicly learn the controlls in a safe environment and need / can (some are required some extra stuff you can do) do quests. In the real story you have 8 levels with most levels also have a lot of collectibles and side quests so there is a lot to do.

The down sides of the game in my opinion are that you have no camera controlls. The camera usually tries to stay behind you and thats it. Makes it a little harder to do the side quests where you need to look for stuff to complete sidequests (mainly talking about the treasurehunting sidequests in the Shire). The other bad thing is that the game has a coop mode. Now that itself isn't a problem but if you play solo and some collectibles need to be unlocked with the second character is a little anoying. In the story the second character is Gandalf and it even is when Gandalf aint even around (talking about story wise now, like when he fell of the bridge in the first movie). Not well thought about but ok. The bad sides of the games are not frustrating but could have made it a little easier / better / more realistic. But you shouldnt completely ignore the game because of it

Most of the trophies are also pretty easy to get, they just look impossible when you look at them (like defeating 2500 enemies).

  Top title with enhanced gamplay features

| | See all AmazingGames 's reviews (2)

If your a fan of LOTR you will love this especially with the Playstation move features which is alot more accurate than the Wii, with this version you can either use your playstation joypad or the move controller there is also a very good story line that works well throughout!

  Utterly shameful!

| | See all pe1ahtips's reviews (2)

Previous Lord of the ring games have never really captured the greatness of the trilogy (in my personal opinion). However, this latest game has been the worst, by far I have ever seen. Being developed on multiple platforms usually means it isn't honed to fully exploit the systems capabilities, so I am willing to accept if the graphics aren't as good, or the plot as long.

Aragorn's Quest does not even go that far, first of all the graphics resemble something from the days of the PS2, which at the time were superb. Now a days this is pathetic and it is obvious that the developers have simply slapped a ragtag game together and put a highly over priced label on it. It is barely worth the plastic it comes in and I do not exaggerate.

The plot is as linear as a ruler and the advertisement for "Playstation Move" compatible only means it responds as well as the basic WII remote does (no offence intended for the WII being a trendsetter) but the Playstation Move is supposed to be more advanced and they haven't even exploited their main gimmick.

So please, I beg you, do NOT buy this game, it is a waste of money and effort, but if I cannot sway you from this cause then don't say I did not warn you.

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  amazing,instant classic

| | See all ry1987's reviews (59)

i cant stand lord of the rings,its worst trilogy of films i have ever seen,however after lord of the rings tactics ive had a thing for the lotr games,so playing them on xbox 360 i thought they couldt get any better but after seeing the potential of the playstation move.other than kung fu rider this is the stand out early title of the playstation move and it will sure take a lot of strong competition to beat it.

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  Don't Even Bother to Rent

| | See all einsteinbrown's reviews (1)

The Lord of the Rings trillogy holds a big place in many geeks hearts but stepping away from that and purely looking at the graphics and game play, I can only say one thing about this game.

Why didn't they put a bit of effort into it?

Clunky controls do not make you actually feel like your doing anything, as you move purple pom pom controller around madly and see nothing like it , replicated in slightly updated PS One graphic, on screen.

Add to this a pointless story line smashed together for the sake of more money and what do you get? Quiet simply the biggest waste of money that you could spend your hard earned pennies on.

The PS Move has much more potential and I hope that this starts to appear in the future. This game will not help it!

Avoid like the plague unless your a ten year old first time gammer!

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