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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Almost Amazing Spider Man!

| | See all PancraseKid's reviews (6)

ALMOST the Spider Man game fans have been waiting for. Shattered Dimensions is the most creative and possibly the best Spider Man game released thus far. With the choice of four different universe with subtly different but refreshing gameplay styles any Spidey fan will love this. Graphically it looks brilliant and feels way more polished than any other title in the series. Gameplay is combat oriented with intermitent bouts of swinging but the controls switch nicely and all of Spideys moves are easily accesible making it a blast going through the levels. The story is simple but fun the main keypoint here is variety and Shattered Dimension has plenty of it, voice acting is great and all the va's pull off their respective characters. The only criticism that I can level at the game is its linearity and lack of free-roam swinging which is sorely missed and also makes the game a little short. Otherwise Shattered Dimensions is an absolute blast and a must have for any fan.

  I like it but it got really boring after completing it

| | See all TheStig123's reviews (3)

I sort of liked it but it got really boring after the first 10 hours of playing it so I got Arkham City which is a lot better than this.

So i get it 2 stars out of 5 sorry this game isnt good another

  Best spiderman game to date

| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

In this game you don't only play as the amazing Spiderman, but as 4 different Spidermen. Noir spidey, spidey 2099, black suite spidey and the Amazing spidey. The game-play for each spiderman is unique which gives the game a much more diverse play through, the story is a simple one, you have to collect all the pieces of a tablet that was broken at the start of the game. The graphics in the game are rather good and again the graphical look of the game changes with each spidy, but the look of all of them are splendid. Give the game a chance you wont regret it, I give this game an 8.5 out of 10

  What ?

| | See all Smackdowner's reviews (2)

This game suprised me tottaly! Sorry to say i personaly believe that all the rest of the Spider-Man series whasnt that good but this game was so creative BRAVO to the creators to making such a big step to the better. The storyline was awesome anf so much fun to play the only thing i wish they would improuve is the graphics but thats okay cause all together it IS a great game ! SHATTERED DIMENSIONS... i WILL remember that name just for what the game has to bring to the table BRAVO again! I hope this review helps you to deciding if you want it or not ;)

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  Spidy sense fantastic

| | See all njonesy's reviews (4)

Got this game for Christmas and I cannot stop playing it.
Going through it a second time now
It's a fantastic game and a super heroe fans dream
The Noir spidy is the best !!

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  Stuck in the web of geek

| | See all fireblazer2k7's reviews (3)

Its not really a bad game, would of been really good if it was free roaming in all of the different realities. But there will never be a perfect spiderman game (or will there?).

  I'd give it 0/5 if I could.

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

This game is an absolutely pathetic attempt at bringing Spider-Man to us. They advertised it so it kind of looks a bit like Arkham Asylum, when in fact it is worse than the first Prince of Persia on PS3.

Also, the American voice which they've given Spidey is possibly the worst thing I've ever heard. I hope the voice actor never, ever works again.

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  Does whatever a spider can!

| | See all Syndrome's reviews (6)

I have had the game for one week and completed it in a total of 10 hours, it does not have the replayability of Arkham Asylum or Wolverine but was still enjoyable.

The game has very good graphics, voice acting and each level revolves around a villain getting hold of a fragment of the tablet of order and chaos, becoming even more powerful. Of course you then have to give them a beating and take it from them to restore each dimensions tablet, this consists of chasing the boss throughout a level and fighting their minions (which can get repetitive). However it was fun while it lasted and I wish it could have lasted longer, the game could easily have had a multiplayer aspect with the 4 spider-men fighting enemies or even a co-op but this is not included, which is disapointing.

I would reccomend this game if you liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Arkham Asylum as it is very similar in terms of gameplay, although I could do without the first person fist fight with the level bosses at certain points (one of the games few weaknesses)

I liked the narration by Stan Lee and the final cutscene was funny, if a little corny.


Four out of Five stars and worth getting.

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  Not what I expected

| | See all Stavi69's reviews (1)

As a Spiderman fan I was really looking forward to this game but was dissapointed with how linear the game was. I played the first few levels and my interest in the game had gone.

It's basically your go from A to B and beat the boss at the end. I thought this would be a sandbox game like what most other spiderman games have been but was really dissapointed with it. This is one to be rented.

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  The end of the cursed Spidey Games?

| | See all Wilkrow's reviews (5)

I'm not going to dissmiss the other Spidey games, I'm a hardcore fan and I've bought and really enjoyed all of them, though saying that I can admit they havent been great. I was interested in this game since it was annouced there was a new Spidey game in the making. I feel the actual idea of the game it was a really good one, the four different dimensions not only lends itself well with keeping the gameplay fresh, but it also gives the team at Beenox to display just how beautiful they have made the character models and environments. It is a very pretty looking game and certainly a Huge step for the Spidey franchise.

Though I am enjoying the game in it's fullest, I would say in my opnion the only thing that lets it down is it's lack of a storyline. It is pretty much boss level based. These can be very creative and really good fun, I would personally however like a deep rich story to tie them into.

Saying that Shattered Dimensions has some really nice voice acting from former spidey cast members, a really nice visual appeal, fun gameplay and over all a very good enjoyable game!

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