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The Sims 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all JamJar452's reviews (1)

its excellent its a simulation of real life or what you wont your life to be like the only down side is the long loading in the beginning.

  Once played it gets very repetitive.

| | See all FayeSimone's reviews (5)

When I first heard that the sims 3 was coming to console I was ecstatic. I rushed to the shop the first day it came out. It has some really good features such as the karma powers these enable you to unleash either luck upon your sims or make them hit rock bottom, They have some pretty good cars as well.
The downside to this game is that lacks excitement after the first sim(s) you play with. When you start a new game the only thing that is different is the sims you have created and they can be pretty similar (Not many good items of clothing), There aren't many houses to buy and the neighbourhood is pretty much the same with the same neighbours, so it is very similar once again. I agree with both reviews below it is awesome and addictive but once you've played it once it feels like you just press the replay button, more effort could have been used. I will be trading this in this week for a more appealing game.


| | See all RCLewis's reviews (1)

Probably my most played game on the PS3 with the exception of CoD! The Sims 3 is by FAR the best out of the series.. the graphics are decent and the amount of commands and selection of jobs available are amazing. I would say the free-roam around the city and the new skills included are what really give this game an edge on the previous editions of The Sims series. The ONLY thing I would say let this game down a little, is the fact that there aren't a lot of choice in terms of furniture nor clothes and hairstyles. All in all though, a great game and is highly recommended!

  Love it! Definitely recommend to any Sims fan

| | See all relxygirl's reviews (9)

I bought it because I love the sims I have played 1 and 2 on various consoles. This is really similar to the sims 2 pc but there are more thing to do and the graphics are improved. Game play is fun and addictive and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes the sims. Although this could be improved by having control over the Sim (walking on your own) and being able to interact with the inside of ALL public buildings (work, restaurants etc...) However, I still love this game *****

  Warning...Don't waste your time or money

| | See all semolina's reviews (1)

I have been playing the game for about 3 weeks now and I can't save the game, it crashes on the save screen. EA are aware of the problem that effects ALL platforms but don't have a fix for it. Basically selling an incomplete game. It is a good game just like the original with a twist like Karma points and the options to buy businesses, but like I say it is all a waste of time because you can't save the game.

  the sims 3

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

overall a good game to chill with.i like the fact you can travel to lots of different places.
the items to buy..clothes,furniture,etc are rather limited which is a shame.

  Sooooo addictive

| | See all Gamezrule's reviews (45)

I have to admit, the sims have definitely improved since the last one, karma powers, your sims change from babies to elderly througout time, you have a neighborhood and you can be pregnant and have babies; all things that we could not do in sims 2 on console. There is more detail, as the sims 2 felt too simple. But, this game is sooo addictive; once you play you cannot stop! However, I am slightly disappointed with the amount of houses we can buy at the beginning, with only a choice of two houses. Also I don't really like many clothes you can use on the sims. Apart from that, it is a great and addictive game lol!


| | See all Jenko1990's reviews (5)

I have owned ps2 versions of the sims before and this one is just the same to control and easy to play. I have to say this version is way more advanced introducing staircases etc, karma powers and challanges, and a whole new town to go and explore. You can pritty much do anything in this game its amazing. I would say that somethings arn't explained very well in the game about lifetime awards but i found it eventually. A very addictive game for any sims lovers to buy!!

  Very addictive

| | See all DirtyBarry's reviews (3)

I have played loads of Sim games and I am finding this one the most addictive ever. Being able to travel to so many different locations is brilliant and there are so many challenges to complete.

  Very Addictive and simply amazing!

| | See all Whirlpool77's reviews (10)

I cant see why this game is getting such bad reviews, its class. It may not be as good as the PC version but it has had a major improvement from The Sims 2. When I first started playing I felt like the other reviewers, but I decided to give it time and now I cant get off it! There is so many improvements I just wouldnt be able to write them all up, but the best is the ability to move from your own lot and explore a beautiful town. There is just so many things to do, and if you are like me and love to earn trophies and make the game a challenge then you should seriously consider getting this. With 300 in-game challenges it will keep you occupied for quite some time. Good job EA!

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