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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Marvel vs Capcom 3 is awesome!

| | See all ImmortalUK's reviews (36)

This has to be the best fighting game I own (I own super street fighter iv, tekken 6) has a great variety of fighters from marvel and capcom I give this game 5 stars for just including dante in it! I love devil may cry and I thought the game was great when i saw you can unlock lots of other fighters like ghost rider akuma and even a sentinel I havent finished unlocking yet as I just got the game also I picked it up for 25 quid brand new in game its cheap on here to from play trade its well worth the buy the gameplay is a lot easy and doesnt involved technique stuff of diffuculty like namco! its gameplay is fun and creative and easy! also spiderman surprisingly is awesome in it! I really enjoy this game the graphics are great to and it has more feautures than just arcade mode and that go ahead and buy this! Hydouken!

  Awesome and easy to get into

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

I've played other recent fighing games before, but was put off by the sheer hardness of pulling of any kind of attack.

Then I heard MVC3 had a simple mode and was finally relieved. After having played through the Arcade mode several times, and having tried some online play (which im rubbish at), I can say the simple mode is a breath of fresh air.

I'm not a massive fighting game person, but i've always wanted one I could get into easily and pretty much everyone I know is playing this.

MVC3 offers that. Admittadly I havent tried it in normal yet, but I know that will take more training and practice, but tbh... simple mode does me.

The Arcard (storymode) isnt much of a story mind. Its just 6 tounds and then you fight the end boss, who on easy is easy to take down.

There are lots of unlock using PP (Player points) which are easy to earn from fights, such as different endings for the characters who lay the fnal blow on Galactus, character models, bios, etc etc.

I also found the existing character selection pretty good. Id never played MVC2 so I dont see any issues there. The only gripe i'm annoyed with is that (right now) it seems its around -3.99 EACH to download ONE new DLC character. Thats a rip off tbh.

Graphics wise... it looks awesome. It not amazing and the character animations arent astounding, but it does look very nice. The areas you fight in arent that varied, but there are enough to break up the choice.

The Online, from what I can tell, is stop on and easy to get into.

You also have a character card where it shows all your wins, looses, displays an icon and badge (which you cna change a you unlock moe) etc etc.

All round, a nice package and easy to play.

  Great Game with Deep Mechanics

| | See all Skilzee11's reviews (1)

Firstly all these negative reviews make me giggle. It sounds like your all abit bitter about being beaten when playing against better players online. This game has very deep mechanics and the characters are well balanced. Obviously your not cluded up on this. Its true you can lose team members after one combo but thats only if you let your opponent land them in the first place. Sounds like your just not that good at the game, Thats no reason to give the game a bad review. Put some hours in, learn the combo's. Learn how to block and you review may change. This is a great game. I only have one complaint and thats the lack of unlockables Capcom are saving them all for Chargeable DLC. which is abit of a rip off.

  Great Game

| | See all CJRULZ's reviews (1)

First I would like to start off saying I have never played any other marvel vs capcom.

I am not a great fan of fighters like Street fighter however I picked this game up because it looked interesting and was amazed on how good it was it seems much faster paced to me then street fighter and the Mortal Kombat 9 demo. People complain saying that the roster is small, but it is still 32 characters which is respectable for a fighting game (The new Mortal Kombat has roughly 26 and street fighter IV has 19) the other thing I keep hearing is that the ending's are bad but I found most of them to be quite funny.

  Disappointing, expected some much more

| | See all Boomgreek's reviews (13)

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of these games, but this one for me is a major let down. The game play is pretty good but I expected so much more. The intros are absolutely stunning. But thats all. There is no story whatsoever!!!

The first thing that I didn't like was the fact that there is only four unlockable charchters, I mean just four?? Two of them I have never heard of!!

The next thing was the roster is poor. I mean you have no Venom, Cyclops, Apocolpase, M Bison, Vega etc but instead we get She-Hulk and Hagger??? I mean seriously.

Then the endings when you complete the game are shockingly bad. Very disappointed. If your just into Vs mode with your mates than get it, but if your into more story and bigger roster I would say wait for Mortal Kombat.. Such a shame

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  Average And Nothing Special

| | See all EvilAMMO's reviews (5)

I have to admit I have never been a fan of MvC so I had my reservations about buying this new release from Capcom, especially after the poor job they had done with SF4. Firstly the pros. The graphics and animation is amazing and very nice to look at. The matches run very fluidly even when there's so much going on in the screen. Online play is very fluid as well and this is certainly a game anyone who hasn't played before can pick up and get straight into, it's great when you have a load of friends around. In regards to the Cons, the game, in my opinion, is just another button basher in parts. There's no real skill involved when it comes to playing against other players. A large majority will simply repeat the same combo over and over and it works (flashback of SF4). Why Capcom made it possible to kill off a player using one combo is still beyond me. Endings were very basic and vague, to the point that it made me wonder if it was even worth the effort in completing it just to see the endings - not very thought out at all. I think Capcom should have put the same amount of effort into the endings as they had done into the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this is a game I will not be keeping as it's just not for me.
I gave it 3 stars but it got even that because of the graphics and on how easy it is to just pick up and play (it's not that hard to randomly bash buttons).

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| | See all Johnboy84's reviews (35)

Really easy to pick up and play, looks great, simple controls.
I think the cheaper price tag is about right though as theres no real lastability in this and won't keep anyone glued for hours on end. I havn't heard of half the characters and would like to see alot more from the Street Fighter and X Men series as DLC.


| | See all Purcy112's reviews (2)

Play have been ridiculously slow getting my game to me but i have played it round a friends house all day..and all night

MVC 3 lives up to its predecessors' fast frantic fun with loads of crazy moves and crazy characters, the graphics are gorgeous and the new style fits the game perfectly, the game does lack a few features however It encourages you more to play online and get stuck in with what makes fighting games so much fun, playing with friends and people all over the world relatively lag free.

If you love marvel and capcom, love a fast frantic easy to play fighting game that caters for every ones ability then you will be right at home with this FANTASTIC Sequel, Buy it its definitely one for the collection guys.

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| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

Don't listen to the poor review from the other guy, who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. It's very easy to approach and play for casuals and hard to master for the hardcore. Button mashers will be made to look like beat em up masters with the extravagent moves you can pull off all with a couple of button presses. Great graphics, great fun, great online, A few more characters wouldv'e been nice but there enough in here to keep it interesting. Don't hesitate in buying it.

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| | See all Mrmike409's reviews (5)

This game is astounding ! the movement of characters if flawless. the controls are amazingly easy to pick up ! trophies are challenging but at the same time easy to obtain. graphics are immense compared to most fighting games ! and as im playing on a 37'' HD tv, im mightily impressed ! hours of fun off and on line ! i do however recommend a few weeks before buying as prices are sure to drop ! enjoy and have fun

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