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Just Cause 2 (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Fair 3star

| | See all soro22's reviews (6)

well its a big world to explore. would say the same size as fallout/vegas to be honest.alot of things you can do.
but its fun the first hours,then its all becomes a deja vu feeling that wont leave.
the story: well to be honest i did not pay any intrerest from the middle-end was rather weak story.
the price iguess is ok. i wouldt pay 10pounds tough for it..
but if you want a big world for free roam in this is the game..
just remember you are doing the same things from the start to the end.

  Great game

| | See all Bondensylte's reviews (1)

Thisis a great game that gives you hours of entertainment. The game map is very big, and it will take you several days to explore all the settlements, towns etc.
A very good action game!

  great game

| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

the main aim is to cause chaos, which never gets boring! the missions are great and the ability to free roam in such a huge map is simply superb! as you get money and advance in the game you can buy weapons & vehicles from the black market. you can drive cars, buses, boats, planes, bikes, etc. the only negative thing is the aiming but it isn't that bad. the grappling hook and parachute are also great fun! for the price right now its a must buy!

  Good but not good enough

| | See all montythefox's reviews (1)

Its a good game can't take that away but it does have some bad points such as it takes donkeys years to get anywhere!!! The missions start the same the leader of the gang drives up goes kill him drops some ammo off you go which gets a bit boring and after its taken for ever to get there its like oh is that it.....
Other then that its good shooter and the fact you have to go around claiming areas by blowing up oil barrels and bringing down statues makes the game fun and enjoyable!!!

  Great for a laugh

| | See all CollisClan's reviews (9)

If you have a slightly sadistic sense of humour, that is.
Joking aside, it is a great game, and offers lots of features in an enormous free-roam map.
Best sandbox I've played in a long time.

  Good but repetitive

| | See all chinny89's reviews (37)

This game is good for those that like sandbox games, doing what you want and when you want, the world map is actually gigantic and varied; cities, jungles, deserts, mountains the lot.
Although the activities are all pretty much the same, you go around blowing up military property in different locations of varied sizes.

The story is mediocre... not great and not very long.

I give it 3 and a half stars!

  Great sand-box game

| | See all Massapopoulos's reviews (3)

A huge environment, beautiful landscapes and dozens and dozens of veicules, cars boats, choppers, planes... still one of the most effective ways to get around is using your unlimited parachute and dual grappling hook. plus, the massive destruction you can inflict on the local troops is crazy!
Pros: an action packed game, fast-paced, gigantic scenario, lots of veicules, destructio, destruction, destruction!!! a genuine sandbox game.
Cons: completing 100% of the total game would take a lifetime but getting through the 7 level main quest only takes a few hours. Extremely cheesy strory line, just enough to justify blowing everything up.

  Just Cause 2

| | See all Taboo28's reviews (3)

Having limited myself to sport games over the years I decided with the PS3 to branch out a little and explore the possibilities, and Just Cause 2 was not a disappointment.

The game is vast, perhaps more so than any other I've played to date although this can make the game somewhat repetitive. Time really can go nowhere when playing this game and you can get lost for a while. There are lots of little sub-plots to the main story (which is a little bit of a let down), you can collect items thus "completing" settlements or take on a mission from one of the gangs you become associated with and certainately offers value for money especially at the current price.

In comparison to other titles I've played the story perhaps is a little lame, maybe cheesy, but the game overall is fun. For people that prefer games that will take a lot of hours to complete, this probably fits the bill.

Graphically the game is excellent.

Definitely one of the best games you will get for this price at the moment. Enjoy.

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