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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (335 reviews)"

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  The Best Call Of Duty Yet !

| | See all matt5985's reviews (2)

Black Ops is the best call of duty yet with great multiplayer servers with little or no lag the guns are the best yet they have the right balance for every gun this is the only one after COD 4 where the balance is right ( MW2 had noob tubes WAW had Mp40) also when you start to get bored of normal online there many options like zombies ( great as ever) and wager match where there are specialist game modes where u bet your COD cash

Overall: 10/10 could not fault it

  Black To The Future

| | See all mediro's reviews (30)

Returned to this game after playing mw3 & bf3. Customizations all over & great multiplayer/theater mode FUN !!!

  best call of duty

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

really good war shooter not sure why the mw get all the hype cause there all the same aleast black ops takes you down a differnt path fun game to play good mix of missions and locations plenty of weapons very enjoyable game would highly reccomend

  dont waste your money...

| | See all Cityboy09's reviews (4)

Title says it all... after playing MW2 i had high hopes for this but i just hated it. the campaign was good but short ( but then again they all are) and i found veteran very easy and not much of a challenge. The online is just shocking, i found the graphics hadnt improved and the gameplay is horrible. it is possibly the most fustrating game that i have ever played as you shoot someone but it just doesnt seem to register...
the only thing that has stopped me from selling the game is zombies. Zombies is great when your playing with your mates as it is a good laugh and its the only part of the game that has no lagg. If i could buy zombies on its own then i would and then sell the game as i have played online for 15hours ( which is nothing ).
So save yourself 25quid instead of buying this or just go and buy battlefield or COD4

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| | See all chindo's reviews (6)

i was really really disappointed with this game. so disappointed with it that i put it on e-bay after 48 hours. they were supposed to take MW2 and make it better. instead they made it a million times worse. such a shame as I was expecting great things. its annoying that they made so much money out of it.......

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  Disappointing, but solid.

| | See all ImranS's reviews (40)

In its own right Black Ops is a solid first person shooter with no real innovation and nothing special to brag about. The single player is good fun if a little short but does the job as a quick distraction from the main event. By the event I mean the online multiplayer. When it works, the multiplayer is a lot more fun to play then Modern Warfare 2. Play is more balanced and there is less disparity between those who are really good and those who aren't. There is no more commando perk and quick scoping is less of an issue. The maps are varied enough to help a wide variety of playing styles and the overall experience allows more integration with those in your friends list. The problem online is not when it works but more when it doesn't. Connecting online is shocking. The number of times you are kicked from games, the time it takes to find a game lobby only for it to be closed is so frequent it is just not good enough. A number of patches have been released to try and solve the online issues but some in my experience have made it worse. I think Treyarch should take a leaf out of Guerilla (Killzone 3) and release a beta so that they can at least find out the issues prior to release instead of treating us consumers as paying beta testers.

Zombies is a welcome addition from MW2 but does not cover up the lack of a co-op story mode or a lack of a special ops mode.

Overall it is a decent game but due to the appalling online mode, this will be my last Call of Duty game by Treyarch that I purchase.

  A Must Have Game !

| | See all fastgaming22's reviews (1)

A great game cant wait for the release of MW3 in November, the stereoscopic 3D feature is great, although the campaign is a bit touchy in parts
and isn't great, the multilayer and zombies are great features so overall i will give 4stars loosing one for the campaign.

  Not happy.....

| | See all Quayyum18's reviews (6)

i was really excited for this game but when i played on it i realised i had wasted my money.
Treyarch are quite a fail and i think that infinity ward should handle all the cods, i have modern warfare 2 and i get more fun out of it the best thing about the game is zombies because everything else is just quite boring.
Gameplay- 5/10

  back to drawing board or hope they dissolve trey arch

| | See all jamesxfm's reviews (2)

I can't believe trey arch still have rights to call of duties name, this was a massive let down, the graphics were the same as WaW.

I'll start with the online multiplayer. Terrible maps, such as nuketown, glitches where i fall through the floor get stuck in sandbags and killstreaks are all terrible for a start. Cod points ruin the fun of levelling up and it may just be me but i preferred unlocking callsigns and tags on MW2 instead of the customisation that i think they went too far on. All in all 1/10 for online.

Story mode was actually not all that bad. It still glitched, the graphics were still poor and the enemy AI was idiotic. But the story itself had a little bit of potential. 3/10 story mode.

Zombies is still on the game and i think its the games only saving grace. Well kind of. Again it seems like there was no effort to even attempt to improve upon WaW. Still good fun to play though so being nice i would say 6/10.

As for the graphics an all other aspects of the game, i would have given 8 out of 10 when the ps3 1st came out but now its worth a 2/10.
Since this is a recent game i can only honestly say i think they forgot about improving on the game so they could focus on ridiculous amounts of customisation. It feels like a backwards step to modern warfare 2 and is just not as fun as WaW. I could have compared this to other recent games but it just isnt in the same league as most of them.

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  Same old same old.

| | See all itsnx13's reviews (3)

When I bought this game, i was very excited.. and I was let down.

The singleplayer was easy on all modes. But when you got to veteran there was only one way to complete the level.. and that was to go in guns blazing. Sniping was not an option. This was because there was a never ending amount of mobs spawning into the place. THIS WAS VERY ANNOYING. It was your standard length of a fps, which was 7-9 hrs.

The multiplayer was fun, but it was no different to the other call of dutys.

The graphics in comparison to MW2 were dreadful, it actually hurt my eyes. They were grainy and square, and it was a MASSIVE downgrade!

Not impressed.