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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (335 reviews)"

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  Very poor frame rate and bad lag online!

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As a Call of Duty veteran, I bought this as soon as it came out and was very disappointed. The frame rate does not stick to a smooth 60fps like the previous CoD games, and regularly dips below 30fps. What's more, the lag online is terrible! The worst I have ever experienced. I sold it shortly after purchase and bought the Xbox 360 version which is far superior, and keeps a high frame rate, although it does lag as well.
Sadly, due to the fact that the other CoD games have been hacked and are full of cheats (and Activision don't care, they have our money), this is the only one playable online until MW3 comes out.
Many people have complained about the PS3 version of this game, and the Office of Fair Trading are looking into it.

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  Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

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It's right about the time you're shooting a well known communist leader in the head that it all clicks into place. Here we are in Call of Duty land again, where insane Boy's Own battle action and precise historical detail weirdly conjoin. This long-running series of million selling military shooters is essentially the Inglourious Basterds of the gaming world a strange, ridiculous, entertaining, fanciful and bloody celebration of man's interest in violence. And it still works. By some considerable margin, Black Ops works.

For the campaign mode, you play almost exclusively as Alex Mason a special operations veteran caught up in the Bay of Pigs invasion and then cast into a covert war that quickly descends into a fraught psychological odyssey. As the action ping pongs between Cuba, Vietnam and Russia, an interesting tale plays out concerning dodgy CIA dealings, Nazi experiments and communist expansionism, all bubbling beneath the accepted "facts" of the era. It's similar to the Modern Warfare titles in that it actually boils down to a classic manhunt in the end, but while some elements get lost in the rush, this is easily the most cogent and well-constructed story we've seen from this franchise in a number of years. Although it's not quite the time travelling psychedelic drug orgy some were expecting, there are several well handled plot twists that make Modern Warfare's narrative battering ram look even more brutish and incoherent.

Splattered across the game's expansive Cold War canvas is a very familiar Call of Duty experience. Once again, we're shooting our way along linear paths, more often than not following a lone indestructible character as he barks out orders. Navigational options are kept to an absolute minimum, a straitjacket that feels almost suffocating at times, especially when we're shown astoundingly rich and detailed environments like Vietnamese jungles and the inner chambers of the Pentagon only to be told we can't go anywhere.

But this is the CoD way, and operating within the constraints of the series, Black Ops is a master work. Whether you're busting out of a hellish Russian prison camp or creeping through Viet Cong tunnels with just a flashlight and a revolver, Treyarch knows how to grapple the drama and spectacle out of every choreographed encounter. What this game is, in fact, is a ceaseless barrage of brain pulverising set-pieces. There is Hue City on fire, with US choppers strafing overhead like monstrous dragon flies; there is the raid on the Russian launch site, its towering rocket looming beneath a sickly orange sky; and there is the shootout on the rooftops of Kowloon city, with jumbo jets scorching close overhead as bullets fly. Black Ops doesn't so much capture your attention as bludgeon it into bruised acquiescence.

Within the cacophony of each mission, you will find the usual buffet table of interesting weapons. There are the faithful regulars of course, including the M16, the FAMAS, AK47 and Skorpion machine pistol, but Treyarch has also trawled the archives to find some fascinating contemporary rarities, including the box-like G11 and the powerful but slow H510 shotgun. Enemy AI is decent, too, especially the Russian spec-ops forces who roll and leap around the screen like circus athletes but circus athletes with semi automatic rifles. If they get close enough, they'll rush at you with savage speed and purpose, a rare behaviour for computer-controlled fighters and a welcome respite from the usual peeking-out-from-behind-cover behaviours.

Part of the success of the game, though, has nothing to do with its relentless action: the comparatively authentic characterisation is vital. None of the people in Black Ops are as interesting

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  Ok but got boring quickly.

| | See all Darock38's reviews (5)

First of all this is a review for the multiplayer only. For the first few weeks it was fun but it got boring very quickly and didn't keep my attention for as long as MW2.


| | See all Supaaabadd's reviews (2)

I've had this game since its original release and it's not grown on me. The story mode is good but that's it. Trying to keep track of the story is like trying to fit a jigsaw together with all the wrong pieces. The sound effects are very low quality and the graphics just aren't very sharp.

Call of Duty is all about multiplayer and this just doesn't deliver the same experience as Modern Warfare 2. Content wise, i preferred unlocking the guns as I grew through the levels as in previous Call of Duty titles, however I am not a fan of having to purchase: guns, attachments, camos, perks, grenades etc. etc.

The only part of this game that saves it from being a complete disaster is the Zombies mode which is terrific. The gameplay in Zombies is perfect and although there are quite a few glitches all in all this part is excellent.

In conclusion, this title of the Call of Duty franchise is a big let down compared to Modern Warfare 2 and I can only hope that Modern Warfare 3 is simply just a brilliant follow up to Modern Warfare 2 and that Black Ops is just a minor dent in what is a very good franchise.

  300 plus reviews , who's gonna read this

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my opinion of this game was jaded from day one when i got it for the pc on release day, although good i felt let down in so many ways, graphics, gameplay, multi-player system, the new xp points system. BUT. having grown so bored with mw2 on ps3 with prestige after prestige, i knew i had to play something else so i bit the bullet and got it for ps3, with the exception of the cartoony nuke town i fingd the ps3 graphics are fine, the game play intense and all in all well worth 25 quid. i agree with a lot of the complaints but i find mostly its because it's much harder to win and level up so lots of people get fed up.


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Black Ops's is an awesome addition to the COD franchise. Granted it started off bad with the servers etc, yes it was frustrating but it got fixed pretty sharpish, and now its a top notch game!.

I'll hold my hands up and admit that when i first played online i didnt like it, only becuase i was still into MW2. i thought the sounds wernt as realistic as MW2 and it basically wasnt as good. but i stuck with it and i'm glad i did. everything is set out so much better, the COD points, only buying the perks and attahcments you want for your guns, instead of waiting to rank up, or get so many kills to unlock the attahcments in MW2.

i actually went back on MW2 to see wht it was like to compare and i turned it off staright away as Black Op's is a more classy game.

and the kicker, THE CAMPAIGN!! OMFG it had me gripped from start to finish! flying helicopters, jumping off cliffs (nice little touch), the story is quality and when it comes together at the end it like, no way!

this game gets 5 starts all the way becuase its a masterpiece! brilliant! personally i'm bored of fps now so if this was my last purchase of one i'm bvery happy indeed,. buy it now, you WONT be sorry.

  (UPDATE REVIEW) From 5**** to 1*

| | See all swan141's reviews (19)

This review is based on the myltiplayer only as i havent got round to playing the game yet. And I'm loving it online, yes the graphics are not as polished as MW2 but they are not bad by any means. MW2 was the most unbalanced game ever online, with overpowerd guns and perks i.e cammando pro.

(UPDATE 18/01/2011) LAG,LAG,LAG and i'm now prestige 3 and i really cant be bothered to play it any more. The game has way to many problems online and altho it's got some cool features (wager matches) it just the same old COD. I was a legit level 10 on mw2 and played it for 28 days online (sad) i know. But with this game i really cant be bothered.


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Big fan of call of duty 4 even modern warefare is enjoyable on a multyplayer scale but Black ops was a huge disapointment with repetitive gameplay through out, ennoying story line and dissapointing graphics i found this to be a waste of time and money in my personal opinion not worth buying.