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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (335 reviews)"

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  Modern Warfare Fan Boys Stay AWAY

| | See all TheViper87's reviews (23)

I have been reading the reviews and it seems to me that all the negative ones are comming from Modern Warfare Fanboys ok the multiplayer is familar to MW2 but there are less noob perks like unlimited sprint , Heartbeat sensors , thermal , commando and quicker scoping unlike Black ops the multiplayer is less stressful and with better maps like Lanch Nuketown Jungle and the best of all Firerange ok so you do come across campers but thats just other players who just can't play like Kids but sony need the PSN back up and runing soon.The Campaign is the best in the Call of Duty series leaving MW2 to with the worst Campaign ever and so the graphics could be better as for the weapon noises are poor but it dosn't have mutch affect on the game so Modern Warfare fans should stay away from this one Because this is the best first Person Shooter on the market.

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  poor multiplayer

| | See all MrJay85's reviews (1)

Like everyone else I got this game with great anticipation following the Mw2 multiplayer experience. However I was unfortunate enough to become one of many gamers who have suffered from lag, bugs and terrible respawn points. Personally i do not like how you are kicked from a game if you get 3 friendly fire hits unless you are hosting the game. Hardcore enables friendly fire but punishes you when no name appears and you fire at a team mate. After 2 days total gameplay i found myself switching to AC Brotherhood and Batman AA. In all the problems i have had far outweigh how good the game looks and the things you can do like posting videos in the theater.

  Good Game

| | See all Lethinia's reviews (4)

I wouldn't call myself a massive COD fan, I played a few times at my friends house and got killed most of the time but I bought World at War and got a bit better. Black Ops is an improvement to previous COD games: Graphics are better (Not massively but still better) and sound quality is SO much better. The Campaign is a bit too American for my taste, I have to say it's a pretty good story line and an impressive leap for COD in my opinion but it is very much 'We're America, lets go and kill some Communists'. But gameplay is fantastic, you get to utilise a massive expanse of weapons and vehicles and it's fast paced and packed. A downside with the campaign is that it is very short, like I said, I'm not a big COD fan and I managed to complete it in a few weeks without playing it every day.

Multiplayer is really good, doesn't freeze and lag as much as other COD games have and for those of us that are new to the difficulties associated with COD there's Combat Training, something my dad could do with. Combat Training's a good way to get used to the multiplayer system and maps. Customisation has reached the ridiculous point of how much you can do to individual gun and reflecting on your stats has also reached that ridiculous stage: Everything has a recorded stat and I'm not joking.

So campaign good, multiplayer really good.

  same old same old

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Call Of Duty is a series that has always been arguably the best shooter series out there but its only been since its debut to the next gen consoles that its really cemented its place in the history books. World At War was a fantastic game that really captured the highs and lows of World War 2 (which has been done to death in shooters) and the Modern Warfare games breathed a different kind of life into the series.

After the success of the 2 Modern Warfare games and World At War, Treyarch announced that a new title focusing on Black Op missions in the Cold War would be released much to mixed opinions. Fortunately, Black Ops delivers.

The graphics are stunning but to be completely honest there isn't much of a jump in detail from Modern Warfare 2 which is a bit of a let down as with all the hype, it would have been nice to see a prettier game. Although it is understandable as Treyarch didn't produce Modern Warfare 2, its understandable why some fans are disappointed with the graphics on show here which, if I'm honest, are still very very good but just not on par with expectations.

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| | See all critical1's reviews (12)

by far the worst call of duty ever. not looking forward to this years call of duty. call of duty was making progress with modern warfare 2 and took a giant step backwards with black ops. have enjoyed medal of honor, battlefield bad company 2 and home front wich all have been by far much better games. better look next year when modern warfare 3 is released.

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  online flaws.

| | See all Bluemonkey13's reviews (13)

the games addictive, i still play online even though im not a fan of it. the story mode is brilliant, great story line and gameplay is good. but when it goes online it changes completely, there's a ridiculous delay in death after being shot, half the time you think your injured then run off and suddenly die asking yourself how it happened. all the weapons have a ridiculous amount of recoil even with grip making accuracy near impossible. spawning is also terrible, locations are random so you spawn right by the enemy a lot of the time. offline good, online poor.


| | See all todd368's reviews (1)

I dont understand the bad reviews. black ops is the same as all the other call of duties which come out every year. online is great and allways has 100s of 1000s online. campaign is ok but very short as usual but its all about multiplayer with cod.

  what a game

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

this game is one of the best games i have the online play is brillant. i do respect people who dont like the multiplayer i know what they are saying sometimes it does take a while getting on but when you are on it is one hell of a game. the single player is quite good but .
5 star for the online
4 star for single player which is still pretty good but a bit short

  Not great but stll very addictive...

| | See all HarKonnen1's reviews (4)

I'll just speak about multiplayer as that what everyone plays...Treyarch seem to have resolved a lot o fthe server issues which plagued the game on release, but they really need to sort the gun/hit mechanics. I mean i was shooting at someone with the Galil and could hear the bullets hit 5-6 times and the person didn't die and returned fire with an uzi from half a map away and killed me with two hits which on the kill cam hit my knee and a wall !! Also i noted someone at level 8 was running around with a Commando gun with camouflage ?! don't get that until level 42, i fear the hackers are getting in. But overall it is still very addictive and still the best currently on the market.

  Realy Bad

| | See all BurningReaper's reviews (3)

Do not buy this game if you have ever enjoyed any call of duty before it. The single player is on the whole boring with only one or two redeeming features, and if you are like me and enjoy a believable storyline you will be sorely dissapointed with this as it is completely far fetched and unbelievable. The online is not much better, as i got bored of it in under two hours. The only thing i like on this game is the zombies, although it isnt much improved from world at war