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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (335 reviews)"

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  The Best Story Mode But Not So Good Online

| | See all sevenator777's reviews (3)

Best offline story mode I've played on a COD stunning graphics cut scenes and great story line, online will still have you playing for hours on end but comparing it too mw2 it doesn't come close, has a few nice features like the rc car you control and blow up on enemies, buy the game and get in too the cod hype, NO CATS.

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| | See all stumpy1's reviews (16)

I have just started playing this game today and I presume it isn't just my version but mine plays in 3D, I have to wear my 3D glasses and it is brilliant. I must just add, I do have a 3D TV, so its not just me being thick. I cant find anything on the box which mentions it playing in 3D but when I put the game in my PS3, it comes up on the screen and tells me to switch my glasses on. Has anyone else come across this? Brilliant game so far, I have to say.

  Black Ops...No Thanks.

| | See all Wowskjonny's reviews (1)

Single player- The singleplayer is ok really, nothing special but not really poor. It doesn't have a awesome level on it that stands out from the rest like MW1 had (sniper gilly suit level). The story is pretty good but hard to follow if you can't be bothered concentrating. The enviroment of the single player is fist class though, some really good views and great landscapes.

Multiplayer- Pretty poor. The normal multiplayer is really boring because everything is unlocked through currency insted of challenges like in MW. And everything is cheap as chips so nothing has any real value. The wager matches are pretty awesome but they get boring quickly and there is only a few of them. The combat training which is just you vs bots is ok but again gets boring quickly.

Zombies- This is the best part of the game for me, which is pretty sad becuase I dont even like zombies that much. You get two maps and one is awesome while the other is meh. Also you can play the other zombies on Black Ops if you buy them.

Over all, poor game, wish I didnt buy it for 40 quid when it first came out. And thats why I'm selling it on play trade for 19.99.

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| | See all craigieboi10's reviews (10)

Single player and zombies is as best as this game is getting, multiplayer is the worst i have ever seen on an online game, its overhyped and nothing special at all, MW2 was twice the game this was, very very poor attempt. Bring on MW3 and good ridance to trearch, world at war sucked and so does this. Please no more trearch!!!!

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  Great Single Player, Shocking Multiplayer

| | See all 1961andy's reviews (1)

OK so I bought this game on the midnight release... took it home and went straight into on-line... the first game i played was pretty good and liked it... but then the next day is when things started going downhill.. took around an hour to connect to a game with my friends. so i decided to give treyarch the benefit of the doubt and go to single player to give them time to sort it out.

now single player is brilliant... don't listen to people that say it ruins the WaW single player because it improves it if anything... BUT the only problem is its too short.

so when i completed it, i went back to multiplayer and was even more shocked when it got even worse. say lagged, before lagging out.

if youve read all this review, fair play to you!! and everything is 100% true and not something i made up.

sorry i didnt mention zombies, but i dont play it.

Back to the legendary COD4 for me!! mw2's hacked so cod4's the game for me!

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  Let down

| | See all Funkymonster95's reviews (1)

This game had a massive build up and was the most pre-ordered game, however, when i played it, it was awful the storyline was ok but not very interesting and far too short but thats been the same in all of the COD's and multiplayer... well on ps3 laggy as hell whereas from xbox owners they say it is fine, also they get the map packs a month earlier than ps3 owners which is a bit unfair. The multiplayer seems to be alot more boring than mw2, i shall be sticking with mw2 and only using black ops for zombies. Only buy if you are a fan of zombies.

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  Don't waste your money

| | See all SteveBm's reviews (1)

Having really enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 and with all he hype surrounding this game, it was a must buy. For anyone else thinking of getting a Call of Duty game - avoid this one. There's nothing good to say about it. It crashes all the time, the game play is awful and overall it's a massive leap backwards from Modern Warfare 2. Wait for it to hit the bargain bins and then.....avoid it. A total con!

  huge let down

| | See all stiggy101's reviews (1)

For the most pre ordered game ever this game was shocking. I dont know whether it was just the big build up but this game was a mistake from start to finish.
The storyline, (him remembering) is an excuse to hop from one point in time to another while skipping any un-necessary parts, treyarch have tried to reignite the popularity of cod 5 by adding in old characters, such as reznov, but i and many others i know, aint buyin it.
The Online is absolutely terrible. The guns are either over powered or underpowered and the spawning is hugely unfair. youll get killed and then spawn right next to the guy that just killed you and then get killed again. Tomohawks are a total rip off throwing knife and those crossbow and ballistic knife thingies are totally idiotic.
All in all a poor poor attempt at a good shooter and looks like MW2 will be the one i will play until infinity ward make another and show treyarch how its done. Again.

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  Would be the best Call of Duty yet, BUT!

| | See all Johnboy84's reviews (35)

The online connection problems have left it unplayable for me. I have good wireless signal but it still disconnects every other match and lags constantly. Since christmas it's only got worse and with no patches seeming to solve this problem. Alot of mates who are on xbox have not had much of a problem, only the ps3 owners. With the DLC map packs being released a month before on xbox and ps3 suffering terrible connection problems, it shows that those on ps3 are just not valued. I feel ripped off.
Its a real shame as the online modes are an improvement on modern warfare 2 and the single player story mode was really good. I don't feel happy that i've payed £45 on release for what is now half a game.

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