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PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Nearly There!

| | See all Johnboy84's reviews (35)

I was a pro evo fan from very first release but have taken the past three years out after converting to fifa due to the dire past releases. I thought i'd give this a go as fifa has grew very repetative with 2011 being the same (if not worse) than 2009 and 2010.
At first it comes across as fifa on a terrible budget with the players looking very grainy around the edges and still no liscenced teams. But it's the general faults with the game that let it down.
The computer makes some terrible fouls which should be a sending off but don't even get given at all when i get a yellow for attemping a diving header, really annoying. The players on your team are constantly offside and are very slow to make runs. There is no advantage system or option for quick free kicks which fifa had a long time ago. The shooting system isn't very good at all either, one tap can send the ball into orbit so there never feels like you hve alot of control over shooting. the same goes for crossing, one tap can send it to the other side of the pitch. I don't get on with the tackling system either, it hasnt made defending anymore interesting and sometimes makes me feel a little helpless. There are a few more minor mistakes but my last complaint is the commentators. Jon Champion isn't too bad (even though some of his comments are a bit retarded) but who on earth is Jim Beglin? He's useless anyway.
But now onto the good points. i love the passing system, you have complete freedom of passing which adds to the realism and enjoyment. The game options are good too with the champions league being done very well and my personal favourite the master league. The master league beats fifa's career mode hands down even though there is room for alot of improvement. If anything in this game was done as good as its champions league it would beat fifa easy.
What it all comes down to is the fact that pro evo seems to be on a budget or simply rushed, so if the funding and effort that went into fifa went on this, it would be the number one football game ever. I just hope for alot more effort for the next one and i'll be hooked once again.

  Better than Fifa 11!

| | See all Riggsy12's reviews (5)

I should have gone online before I reviewed this, its terrible!Everythig is delayed, passing, shooting even tackling...

Traded in for Fifa 11.

  Beats Fifa hands down

| | See all Leebtruereview's reviews (1)

I had previously moved away from Pro evo and got brainwashed in to the hype of fifa in modern domination of the two, But when i saw this game for 20 quid I thought i'd give my pro evo roots another try.

.... Hands down... I am glad to say this game is class, A real sense of skill, style, slick moves and true passion in-gameplay!!

Anyone who has ditched pro evo for fifa is missing out....

I will be looking to play this game for a long time.

  Good, but still flawed

| | See all robson79's reviews (7)

Well worth the wait! Massively improved on last years, although the new passing system takes a bit getting used to. Disappointed that the squads arent totally up to date but this is a much more realistic footballing game than Fifa anyday! Buy it!

  Little or nothing

| | See all WazzaRooney's reviews (1)

Is this game played in Russia? If so what is it called then. Ok get to the game, is it good? is it bad? is life good is life bad these are tough tough questions we must face up to when fighting. yeah but no but yeah its so-so at best but at other times its fantastic but basically bordering on average. A must for any fan

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| | See all ponder's reviews (32)

Great football game. Worth the money for the 'Become a Legend' mode alone. Responds well, looks good and provides a good level of difficulty.

  Great yes, but still some disappointments =(

| | See all InsaneJay's reviews (8)

Love this game; amazing graphics (notibly when the ball hits the back of the net.. so realistic) and generally great gameplay and probably the best football game out there.

However, it still carries a few of the hated flaws that ruin the reality-experience. My most hated one is that the ref frequently gives fouls (and sometimes yellow cards) for perfectly good clean tackles from the front. Others such as unrealistically poor first touches and lack of intelligence of defenders are still apparent. However, the goalkeeper bugs seem to have been fixed and can now be relied on.

I love the speed gauge on passes, rather than it being auto'ed to reach a player makes it more realistic as you can over/under hit them and is more satisfying when you perfectly time a through ball.

Great game; just hope the next one solves some of the above.

  Great Game

| | See all karlosllanber's reviews (1)

Great Game in all and for 17.99 you won't go wrong. Download the Option files from the pes forum to get all the right kits and names and seriously you have the best footie game out there.

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