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PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Not the best i've played

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Well, in answer to OPORTO, this game has not portuguese language, it is in english only.
As for the game itself, for me it was disappointing.. I like fluid gameplay, and this PES simply doesn't have it, it even seems a little slow in the movement..
As for the graphics, yes it seems a great game, regarding all the details it presents, specially the players look.
So, and saying, that what one hates, others love, for me it's not a must have game, far from it (i've played older versions a few years back, not the latest ones, and they were simply more fun to play). The 3 star rating i leave goes mainly for the graphics work and options avaiable.


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Does this game have Portuguese language? It is the same as the game that i can buy in Portugal (EU)?
I have played the game and it is the best PES so far.

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dont like pro evo much as the players take an age to turn and no option of one touch passing. gave it 5 stars however as i beat my brother on it last nite and he is a pro evo die hard fan!!! DROGBA!

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  Terribly disappointing.

| | See all SerialChanter's reviews (1)

I can't believe all the positive reviews.

I am an ardent advocate of ISS (as it should be called) and didn't think last years was great, particularly after the glorious games of the previous 10-15 years, but think this years is even worse.

They didn't address any of the problems from the last one and only broke the things that worked well. It still takes way too long to get a first time ball away and to turn with the ball even with the best players.

The button is too sensitive when you don't want it to be (i.e. in loads of space with nobody around you the bar will just fill up and be smacked out of play), and won't react at all when you want a fast touch in a tight spot.

The power bar itself for all passes is a terrible addition and the total lack of sense when you play a short pass is very frustrating, playing a reverse pass to the nearest man is impossible and I don't have double jointed hands to maneuver the sticks that quick.

Shooting is awful. Totally mucked it up and again there is an almost invisible line between the ball trickling to the keeper and blazing it over the bar.

And Since when did the right back from Cluj gain the ability to outrun Lionel Messi at full pace.

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Pro Evo 11 is simply brilliant...it has improved a lot from the last edition and this time, national teams have national anthems. Graphics are very good. I suggest you buy this game from here because it arrives sooo quickly. Play.com the best.


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After few years relagated to FIFA my first love came back as it used to be!! It takes few hours before getting confident but afterwards you can finally play inventing all the solution you would like to try!!
Supah Cool game!!
Welcome back PES!!

  Getting there, Finally!!!!

| | See all FRANNY11's reviews (9)

As a hardened pes fan i am over the moon with this! It's not perfect, but it's sooooooooooooooooooo much better than the last few pathetic attempts! Graphics are excellent and Champions League mode is great. People complain about the lack of licences but for 1.75 you can buy an update on e-bay that will give you all the correct names, kits ect.

Now they have finally got the basics right, Konami need to put some meat on the bones for next year. The crowd SFX are still shocking and i cannot grasp penalties at all! The stadiums need a more realistic feel, more stadiums from the Premier league would be great and the option to select type of nets would make every game feel different. All in all Konami have really turned a corner this year and i think next year maby the year it finally re-claims the footballing crown!

  PES is back!!

| | See all acidboydan's reviews (3)

Move over fifa, PES is back in town. I have to say PES has been rubbish since the 2006 release, but finally they seem to have got it right with this one. New passing system is ace, takes a little time to get use to at first. Online seems to be much improved, i've played 10 games so far and no lag at all. Master League is addictive as ever, and online master league is a great idea!

I was tempted to by Fifa this year as the last few PES's have been really really poor. I thought i'd give PES one final chance and boy has it paid off. I've managed to get a patch which corrects all the kits, team names, league badges etc, so all looking as they should be now

Top game, a must buy!

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  Returning, Finally

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Any PES fan from years ago knows that this game has somewhat dramatically dipped since the next gen (ok PES6 was ok, but it still wasn't the massive improvement we expected/wanted). I am one of these, played it since the PS1 days and probably on SEGA if ISS was anything to do with it.

I can remember the amount of hours spent after school meticulously playing through Master League season after season, just so I could make the ultimate team after starting with rubbish, bar of course Castillo, Minanda (Miranda - the names always seem to change slightly) and perhaps Ivarov the GK, how I remember these names I don't know. Think they are just embedded in my subconscious mind from the amount of game hours spent.

Therefore, it's been like a divorce in the last few years where I've unfortunately had to switch sides to FIFA (which has undoubtedly got better) though I still felt obliged to purchase Pro Evo each year.

There's something that FIFA doesn't have and that's the uniqueness of each individual game, each match feels the same, a sunny, bland, drab game (unless you're in a licensed stadium) then you guessed it, a one-on-one goal in the bottom corner after holding the through ball button (this still happens in 11) and I do play it on the highest level.

Therefore, it was to my amazement that reviewers were genuinely liking PES this year. Though 10 did make some improvements it was still lacking a bit. This year is completely different. It's the first PES since PES6 where I actually enjoy playing it and want to continue playing it.

It's finally caught my imagination again, those late minute goals, cracking completely off the cuff goals, then of course the time the AI will bang one in to win 1-0 when you've been dominating all game, even 0-0's can be interesting on this!

The passing is excellent far better than FIFA's as you can actually lose possession on this with fair ease if you misplace passes.

Why the 4 star? I still don't think it's the best it can be and I think it can be improved in some aspects. I'm not talking about licensing/commentary, that never used to bother me years ago so why should it now? I think from the old days even the player names weren't right in the EPL so at least that's there! A few hours in edit mode will sort out all of those problems if you really are that bothered anyway. It's more the keepers being really dumb at times still, they used to be solid back on the original PES at least until PES3 from memory. Also, the animations do look slightly unpolished and unrealistic at times.

I think with a bit of refinement next year this really could be the game that is generally felt as the best footie game on offer again. I thought ever since FIFA went on top they'd ruin it, especially when they'd add features like finesse shots and make a celebration, then make a team celebration, I mean, really that's more key to a football game than improving the gameplay?!

I do own FIFA, I do own Pro. Personally I think Pro Evo nicks it this year simply due to it's individuality in games. No game seems the same, the game is hard (which is good), no more long runs through the team.

Well done to Konami, let's just hope they build on this next year and don't go the way they did with 2008.

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