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PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Love it Love it..

| | See all BiggieSams's reviews (15)

Reviewed the demo loved it,now i have brought the game i love it even more. Real footy, its all about tactics and precision passing. Ignore the fifa boys, this is the real deal, yes its unusal to score screamers, but they do happen just not every game, as in the real thing. People keep moaning about kits and badges, nothing that a patch will sort, i have one and its given the game a nice new look. I love this game and through the winter months, its all about the bragging rights with your friends, on who is the pro evo king!!


| | See all mortifiedpenguin's reviews (5)

This game is not for hardcore FIFA fans, like belfin7 (as I can tell by him giving 5 stars to FIFA11 in previous review, WHAT.A.SURPRISE!). It is simply brilliant, as following the title. New modes such as master league online are great fun, as well as the stadium editor. Would point anyone in the direction of this game if you are up for fun.Put simply, if you want realism through accurate teams and lower leagues, go and watch them in real life. If you want fun, play PES.

Oh and the reason why teams are called 'man blue' is because FIFA has hogged all the rights to the PL and wasted them, yet again.

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| | See all SAQIB007's reviews (36)

The 1st thing to point out is that the Transfers will be up to date by download the update. It will prompt you to do so when loading the game. The game is difficult to start off with even for the hardcore Pro Evoer. Everything has been overhauled on this game from passing to shooting, to tackling to defending etc. Passing will take a little time to adjust to but once you've had some practise, it'll fall into place. Passing has to be timed, directed and weighted. There is no more pressing the X button only, everything has to be directed otherwise the pass will go where your player is facing. Through balls are great, again have to be timed perfectly weighted, they look great when you pull them off. In addition to this, it'll depend on the attributes of the player, eg. Ozil & Alonso will play a better through ball than Vidic & Terry even if you use the same weight, direction etc. Hint: Practise makes perfect.

Shooting has been overhauled. One of the best changes in my opinion, it's no longer easy to just shoot and hope. Now it is all about timing, direction and perfecting the power of the shot, otherwise Row Z calls. Not even with strikers like Benzema, Rooney etc can you hit and hope. The one player where you you'll probably have the hit hope is Ronaldo. There is always one player on PES games who is favoured, not even Messi is favoured. One on ones are harder, get the ball on target 8 times out of 10 you score (goalkeepers further down). It is difficult to always get the shot on target. The only problem I have with shooting is some shots float like a feather. Looks daft to be honest. The same applies with penalties, they look pretty poor, maybe it's just me and my timing.

Tackling - One thing to Say - QUALITY. Some juicy challenges and the 50/50 tackles are great but you must time them and be in the right position.

Tactics are spot on in my opinion. You choose your strategy, formation etc. The drag and drop option is very good, simple solution. Defenders stay in position and don't drift away, midfielders command the middle of the park and strikers look for runs to exploit the opposition. The best tactic is the pressure gauge, the higher the better. It is actually the best tactic to victory too although you don't always have it easy because you'll notice through some matches that the opposition changes tactics to counter your own.

Set plays might take the longest to master, especially free kicks. You can practise free kicks on training mode forever, but come match day, it's different. I've practised with Sneijder and Ronaldo, scored some top goals, but yet to score one in a match, closest I've come is smashing the bar with Sneijder. Corners tend to be easy at times, cross, header, goal. Most of my goals have come from corners. Defending set plays is a mixture, some you win, some you lose, unpredictable adding a different dimension to the game.

Online play will depend on your internet connection, the better it is the better the flow.

There is a whole range of tournaments ie Champions League, 4 domestic leagues etc. Also you have the improved Master League which also includes the European Super Cup as well as the Champions League/Europa League etc.

Sadly comes the bad points. Goalkeepers. Year after year nothing seems to change. One on ones always get parried straight ahead rather than out wide. A rare few go wide. Simple shots straight at them at a slow pace sometimes get parried, it's really bizzare that this problem never gets sorted. The good thing is that you can't score from impossible angles. Also there occasions where the player goes through the ball missing it.

Overall PES is back. Don't believe me?? Try it yourself

  waste of money

| | See all belfin7's reviews (5)

dont waste your money, poor game play, rubbish online and who is man blue!

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  Brilliant! Amazing! And Up to Date!

| | See all SunilSudera's reviews (1)

This Years PES is amazingly realistic the game play is much improved and brings the whole game up a level although it takes a lil while to master it is well worth it.
The game modes are also better the Online game play is one of the biggest improvements bring no lag what so ever from the games Ive Played, combined with Master league online it has truly shone above any other Footballing game out this year.

Also any one wondering why the teams are not upto todate follw these instructions-
Put the game in get to the main game screen scroll right to where it says Extra Content go into that and it will says Game data right at the very top hit that and download the Update all squads will then be upto date!

  Very good game!

| | See all marcoboosh's reviews (1)

New pro evo is a big improvement on the previous 2 editions. I dont agree when a few people say the shooting is hard and shots get hit into row z, it depends on the player distance etc.... i have hit a few 30 yarders with forlan and co! 360 Passing is a little tricky at first, but after a couple of games it gets alot easier, and once mastered you can unlock the best defences with clever passing and perfectly weighted through balls. The new tactical pick up and drop is good too, very easy to use and can be used very simply or the tactics and formation can be subtly adjusted. The only thing i will say against this game is why can nobody at konami make sure all the transfers are upto date?!

  R.I.P fifa!

| | See all parker88's reviews (8)

my 1st impression of the new pes11 was awful, it seemed hard to make a simple short pass never mind scoring, but after a few friendlys and lowering the difficulty down so i cud get to grips with the new style of play, it quickly became addictive and challenging. the new passing system is there so u dont have to pass to the 1st player there all the time, now u find passes cutting defences in half and reli playing barcelona style possesion in there half with out silly passes goin astray. the hole layout is different and better! MASTER LEAGUE is back to its best, last year the transfer prices were outragous and so wos the long range easy goals, thats all gone and is 100percent inproved! a must buy, watch your back fifa, pes wants its footballing crown back!

  Best Pro Evo in years!!

| | See all gcgaz1982's reviews (2)

I bought this game after being impressed with the demo, and in short its the best Evo in many years, probably since the early days of the Playstation 2.

The main disapointment of previous Pro Evos has been the poor passing, through balls and general non improvement from version to version, but this one basicially throws all the others out of the window and rebirths the game into unbelieveable levels of realism and fun!

Passing is a joy, through balls are amazing and the overall game plays so much more like a real game and makes you want more more more!! Online play seems to work so much better and adds another dimension to the game as previously online was such a joke and unplayable.

Overall my faith has been restored and ill never doubt Konami again so long as they keep up the good work and never let the title get into such a poor state again!


  "Engineered for freedom"

| | See all grobbo1963's reviews (4)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a fantastic game and offers an exceptionally realistic football experience. The game is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable experiences around and really captures the spirit of the beautiful game for anybody who is willing to give it a chance. Anybody looking for a game which they can immediately pick up and play may be better served elsewhere though, as the relatively high learning curve can be very daunting at first. Anybody willing to stick it out though is in for a footballing treat.
The king of football games has returned and it means business.