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PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  finally pes is back laters fifa kiddies

| | See all SONOFENGLAND's reviews (1)

WOW baby , pes is back from the brink , the new 360 freedom engine is the soul winner in this instalment , it matters who you play with what position and its graphically amazing and online lag is now a thing of the past its as smooth as anything out there , just an example ,including previous pes and all fifas, if you have a player running out wide left and you want to reverse play so switch to the right side you could do it but because thay have balanced all players correctly you would need a skilled left footed player to do so , try it even with a skilled right footed player and you would be lucky to pull it off , in my opinion this creates realism which is what pes is all about , and it also takes time to get good at this game not like fifa when you just pick the ball up run the lenght of the pitch and punt it in ,lol
let me leave it like this , this game needs to be practiced ,pes11 is for footballers, people that can actually play football , build play tear defences with a pass a quick counter attack , if you cant understand what im saying then walk over to dark brown smelly side that ea offers you and collect the nonsense what they have produced this year ,yes i have played it and theres no comparison

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  Don't listen to the FIFA fanboys this game is awesome!!!

| | See all wanorak's reviews (8)

Konami have brought PES back to its best. Gameplay has been totally overhauled with the introduction of 360 passing and improved player animations. The Master League now boasts full Champions League intergration helping to improve an already addictive gaming experience. In addition to the traditional master league, players can now take their master team online and play in a online league, buying and selling players in a bid to become the best.
FIFA's manager made doesn't even come close.

If you lost faith in PES since the next gen games then you need to get this game....you won't be disappointed.

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| | See all dazmondo's reviews (7)

I cant fault this game, apart from if like fifa fans the most important thing is the authenticity of the kits and stadiums it rather than actual gameplay, because this is superior!
I agree the scoring outside the box took some getting used to, but ive already improved - makes it more realistic and challenging!
The ball control is fantastic, graphics are brilliant and its a must for real footy fans and again ive no valid reason to sell out and go over to fifa!
And besides the worlds best player endorses it, the inbetweeners boys play it :)

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  Long time coming

| | See all mark85's reviews (5)

First off, i've always been a pro evo fan, I've always preferred the gameplay over fifa, however after the last few version of pro where it was languishing I had turned to FIFA to see what the fuss was about, I have bought FIFA 11 this year purely on the back of the hype and was pretty dissapointed to see it hadn't changed much from last year, it goes on about personality plus which is just not there. Anyway back to pro evo.. Yes it's challenging, something which I welcome, Last year you could pretty much pick up pro evo 10 and start playing how you've always played.. not this year, it may divide a certain amount of people, but for me, games that challenge you and to re-think how you approach a situation can only be a good thing, otherwise what's the point of buying a new edition each year? *cough* FIFA *cough* I'm by no means a "fanboy" This years pro is far from perfect, It can feel a little stiff on occasion, but it's definitely a game where you only get out what you put in, if you think you can simply string a few passes together and score everytime then your wrong, as a moment of casualness can easily catch you out for which you will be punished. And in regards to a post below me, you can run down the wing, take on players and beat them - You just need the skill and timing to do so.. you know, like.. real football? It takes some getting used to but once you have the rewards are there to see. Master league online is genius and so far it looks like they have sorted the online side out as i've played many matches with very little to no lag, and my internet is pants due to location. It's really a good base konami have made, and i'm sure it can only get stronger as they improve on it. The manuel pass is brilliant, just have patience!!

  10 times better than fifa

| | See all dougs85's reviews (2)

I bought fifa 11 as soon as it came out and it was okay untill a mate brought this over and after that i traded in my fifa for this, do not listen to the last 2 reviews they do not know what they are talkin about. Dont get me wrong at first it will take a bit of gettin used to but when u do u reap the benifits the game is brilliant

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  dont listen to negative reviews

| | See all fiddy1's reviews (6)

firstly id like to say that pes is the most realistic footie game on the market today....its much more free flowing,crisp, smooth unlike fifa.....graphics are excellent....the other two reviewers are only fifa boys trying to get the ratings down....BUY THIS YOU WONT BE DISSAPPOINTED!!!!

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  Truely Aweful!!

| | See all Davor26's reviews (11)

This without doubt is the worsed edition yet of a dying football game, the contrast between how much better Fifa 11 is to this junk is incredible. The passing is robotic, the gameplay is like that of a hooded goat searching for its very own milk barn. I strongly urge you to buy Fifa 11 as that is total football, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

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  worst ever!!

| | See all fishyballs's reviews (1)

I have bought every copy of pes that has ever been released and loved them all....until this seasons has limped along.

it seems to me that pro evo is trying to become much more of a serious fifa game rather than the arcade fun versions of before perhaps maybe as fifa was outselling it left,right and centre?

you cant shoot from distance without it flying in to row z,forget taking players on down the wings anymore its turned in to a tactical serious footy game now and konami has sucked all the fun out of it!

i wont be jumping ship to fifa but i sure wont be wasting anymore of my hard earned cash on pro evo games anymore!!!!

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  It IS BACK!!!!

| | See all yellow4ever's reviews (1)

Ignore all previous about up to date transfers... give them a chance...!!! a PATCH was released today meaning transfers and kits updated AND more teams!!!

Now: PRO EVO has returned, thats all I will say... fully enjoying it for once on the PS3!!!!! real football, for real fans... not easy football for kids!!!

If your a real football fan... buy PRO EVO...!!!!!

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  Best Pro Evo yet

| | See all Binty1985's reviews (3)

This is the best Pro Evo yet. Much harder than the ones before with the new 360 passing system means you have to think like a footballer and pass like one. no more running from one end to the other. Also on the 12th Oct a update to the transfers and new boots is being released free to PS3 users via the DLC

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