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PES 2011: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Fantastic Game, with some dissapointing bits.

| | See all redchris28's reviews (3)

As far as gameplay goes this is the best pro evo ive ever play. the 360 passing is incredible, and the graphcs r the best yet. however some aspects take the shine off. obviously you accept the fact that its not licenced but for a 2011 game not to have up to date squads is dissapointing. As for online, Still not sorted. the first game i played was great, then BANG 2nd game was full of lag. since then have not been able to get online. when i try it crashes my ps3 network (maybe its just me.

  Back to its best !!!!!! (AT LAST)

| | See all steviebhoy73's reviews (18)

As an avid pro fan i have been let down since the series converted from ps2 to ps3 ,that is until now, only got this game from play yest but its so much better than the last 2 editions.For a start no longer can you hold down the run button and score with ease this game makes you work so much harder for your goals defenders seem to hold their lines, also the stadium editor is fun, i havent tried the online yet that is my only concern as the last 2 versions had a half second lag -Overall great game, great graphics but overall gamplay is miles better than the last 2 years. BUY IT!!!!!!

  fifa what pes is back on top

| | See all Tigz101's reviews (1)

This game has been transformed back into the best football out their game the graphics and game play are amazing the control is allot harder as it is every year nothing a pes master cant get a grip of overall this game is back on top where it should be

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  Finally Konami make a good next gen PES

| | See all NickNack774's reviews (12)

Well after years of waiting for a good next gen PES konami finally deliver a great footie experience.Over recent years Fifa has stole the show,but now Konami have finally got their act together.The new passing system works well and after a few games you soon get the hang of it,the new tricks system i`m not sure on as it is a carbon copy of the Fifa system but still works well.The animations have improved as well and the commentary is o.k but could still do with a little more work.The strategy system i don`t like where you use select instead of of L1 seems frankly bizarre and i have no idea why Konami did this.Overall tho the game is great and scoring goals feels so much more rewarding than FIFA and every player feels different unlike FIFA where they all feel pretty much the same.If your a PES fan i totally recommend this game as it feels more like the PES we used to know and love.It's not perfect but it's a massive step in the right direction.

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| | See all FishySalmon's reviews (1)

WOW!!! I feel so happy to say that pro evo this year seems very promising indeed. I am a massive PES fan and will never EVER result in buying a fifa game even though I have been fairly dissapointed with PES in the last couple of years! I have played the new demo so many times already and think its a massive improvement! The fifa demo lacks everything. . . . . in my eyes the graphics are poor, the gameplay isn't enjoyable, scoring is easy, the passing feels like your still playing a ps2 football game. To be honest, fifa just doesn't appeal to me at all.

Pro evo on the other hand plays so smooth, the graphics are immense with every little detail like the way each player looks, runs, moves etc. The passing is a lot more advanced giving you much more freedom and creativity on the ball, the speed of the game is slowed down nicely making it more realistic, you now have to time your tackles and not just smash the hell out of the x button in order to tackle someone, shooting is a lot harder to master meaning its not so easy to score a goal, keepers have been improved slightly. . . they actually parry the ball away from the goal and not just flop nearly every shot and drop the ball in the six yard box inviting another player to tap it in every time ha-ha! This really got on my nerves when playing friends in previous PES games! The game plan screen is wicked, it reminds me of football manager, being able to drag your player wherever you want on the birds eye view pitch which is very authentic.

The best part of the new pro is the fact that its more challenging. You really have to build your attacks, quick passing and moving is key. For example you cant just skin the whole team with Ronaldo! The new attribute "link feints" is very pleasing. . . with a vast selection of new tricks you have the option to create your own skills in the order you want to project them.

Overall I am very pleased with the demo. A few adjustments are needed e.g. the referee blows up for fouls quite often and sometimes dont allow you to play advantage. Also changing player can be a bit confusing at times. Hopefully the commentating is better. . . . happy to see Jim Beglin joining John Champion this year. Other than that it would be nice to have more licensed teams but considering pro evo's gameplay is so amazing, im not that bothered!!! PES IS BACK and I recommend all you footballing gamers to pre-order it NOW!!!

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  Based on Demo

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

Ive played this demo about 5 or 6 times already, this is best pes ever! so realistic, but as usual lacks in licenses but the master league mode looks amazing as ever. I hope the lagging is fixed too cos thats been going on for too long & until this does get fixed this will put people off.

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  Advanced football.. not just run shoot beat barca 7 - 0

| | See all mattyy101's reviews (1)

Demo is amazin i think people who are poor at football games or any games are gonna find it hard but if your any good its a must.. we played the demo all night n is hard at 1st but when you learn it its better than new fifa demo way better

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| | See all jollyboi2010's reviews (3)

If like me you have played all PES games thus far you will appreciate that in the past few yearss that game has pretty much lacked anything special. the game was one paced most of the time and trying to select the right defender to defend with and pass to the correct person at times was A NIGHTMARE!!!. however...
this new release ticks all the boxes. the total freedom in passing truely shows if you are as good as you think you are at football games. with the total control and movement of the ball you can create spectacular goals. the graphics are just amazing and the new game plan features give youeven more authority with players behaviours. PES IS BACK! the demo gives you a taste of whats to come but my pre-order is in and i recommend any true football gamer to do the same!

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  pro evo 2011

| | See all thebusker's reviews (1)

I played the demo and I have to say it was pretty damn good. Ive played different fifa games and i have to say that they dont come near the new pro. Everything about it is pretty much bob on, even if it does take a little getting used to the new passing system. I just hope they have managed to do something with the commentary as, compared to fifa, it has always been pretty poor. That has been my only gripe down the years, hopefully that will be ended come pros' release.

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| | See all Pro128's reviews (3)

If you are a PES fan like me and are starting to have some doubts about the direction the franchise is taking and considering buying FIFA also like me, relax. The game is much better than last years edition. The game pace feels like a game you watch in the stadium. No super robot players, better graphics, the new passing system totally changes the game and, in my opinion is great. No more "I didn't wanted to pass that guy". The ball goes where you want. You only need to play a few times to adapt and you will see wath I'm talking about. Also, the ball physics are better especilly the high balls like goal kicks and crosses.
Just donwload the Demo and dedicate it some time. The only aspect I hope they improve in the final version is the Goal Keepers.

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