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Little Big Planet 2

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all PaulMarty's reviews (5)

What can I say bad about little big planet 2, not a lot to be honest. A really fun game for all ages. If the thought of going around like a sack boy defeating enemies, playing pool and air hockey in this platform type game appeals to you then give it ago, a very unique experience for all. Wins 4 stars for me :)

  LittleBigPlanet 2

| | See all Spike48's reviews (45)

This is a brillant game ! i had littlebigplanet and i enjoyed that game so much and wasnt to sure about littlebigplanet 2 but i looked up gameplay and that and it looked allright so i got it for a cheap price and im glad i got it now its really good better than the first one looks awsome to i cant seem to get off it its a must buy one of the best games on playstation 3

  brill fun

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

loved playing this game with my young lad had loads of fun on it. so many online levels etc to pick over all 10/10 :)

  Little Big Adventure

| | See all MalteseMan's reviews (1)

i was going to order it from shopto.net but when i was trying to make an account and came to the credit card details and it said error something so i went to GAME and it was 44 euros and then came to play.com and it was 35 euros and i immedatley bought it until they run out of it and make it to the normal price now i cant wait for it to come cause im from europe.if you had lbp1 you must buy number 2 cause you wont know your playing its like youre living an adventure like in lbp1!!!

  Little Big Boom

| | See all SnakeEaterChriS's reviews (6)

Little Big Planet 2. Amazing game. Another game that makes you smile and think who needs CoD ? another game that takes you from the ordinary and plunges you into sackboys world.

In my opinion better than the first Little Big Planet. More Customisation and the levels seem. Different this time, even more fun!

If you liked the original Little Big Planet i recommend this one to you even more. If you haven't played the original Little Big Planet Get this one instead ! :)

  Little Big Planet 2

| | See all monkeybees's reviews (9)

Like the last one but better...nice:) at least ten words. I was going for a quick and to the point review so people would look and say "that's quick and to the point why write more?"So now I have to pad it out to ten words or more.....sill love the game.

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  Top in charts

| | See all chuckliddell321's reviews (4)

this is a really fun game what you can just sit and play for hours
The community has more levels made than the first one
and it definitely should be in the top charts

  They've done it again!!

| | See all fanofzelda's reviews (3)

I dont play loads of PS3 games, but totally loved LBP 1 and the same goes for LBP 2!! They've managed to improved the game, and there are new gadgets for sackboy to use, which made it extra enjoyable for me. Played the game on my own, but playing online with others remains more fun :)) You cant go wrong buying this game!


| | See all ljhrocks's reviews (11)

This game is a massive improvement for lbp1 (which was already a masterpiece) and the new tools allow for so many possibiities. The story is a lot better. In lbp1 I didn't even get around to finishing the story for about a year, but I saw this one all the way through in one day. The level creator still requires you to be really creative, which is where som (like myself) will have a problem. Take me as an example, I can think creative but don't have the ability to actually draw out my thoughts or I can't work out the logics to making things in my levels. Luckily there are some good tutorials on youtube and other websites to help, so I'm a long way away from making a masterpiecs, but at least a now have a chance of getting there.
Even if creating isn't your cup of tea, the community levels are truly outstanding. For example, I cam across a perfect re-make of the origional donkey kong game and a micro machines racer. Some of the movies people make are also amazing. (speaking of movies, the game explains how to place cameras but I can't work out how to hit the "record" button or how to make an actual movie. if anybody has any advice please message me, my psn is ljhrocks).
Overall the game is amazing with a great, talented community. If you're like me you won't be creating any masterpieces anytime soon, but i still find it satisfying to create a level that may not be visually appealing but still very challenging and watching my friends suffer as they fail to beat it. I reccommend this game to all, if you don't buy it, it's your loss

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