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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Very good

| | See all HASLima's reviews (1)

For those who don't require a very technical flighting simulator and enjoy a nice warfare game this is for you!!!


| | See all AstonMartinDB9's reviews (4)

I loved the first one, really loved it, this is somehow so much worse. Al, graphics, flight controls, story, all complete rubbish. I would like to stress again I really loved the first one, seriously buy it and stay away from this garbage.

  Was looking forward to this sooo much........

| | See all crimsonshortone's reviews (1)

Being a massive fan of the ace combat franchise i had been waiting for a game to come close to their playability and graphics and the first hawx game came remarkably close so i was really looking forward to this as a sequel but instead of improving on the first they have just made it more awkward to control and added bits that are gimmicky at best.

Very disappointing.

  crash and burn

| | See all YorkshirePuddin's reviews (4)

this is an awful sequel to an average game. im a fan of flight combat games on consoles right back to ace combat on the PS1, these come in for some stick as they can never be as good as those on a PC. i usually defend flight combat games on the consoles but this game is dire and frustrating, you wingmen do nothing to help you even on the lowest difficulty setting. and on medium i was being chased by 6 MiGs once and my wingmates were doing nowt but chasing there own tails! enemy planes sometimes have an unlimited supply of flares and make manuevers you couldnt hope to keep up with, and the final mission is gamepad smashingly frustrating! this game is just badly designed and doesnt even look that pretty. either stick with HAWX 1 or buy IL-2 sturmovik.

  HAWX2! GD improvement but more missions please?

| | See all B3S3LL3R123's reviews (30)

is very good improvement from number 1 you can actually take the jets off and land them yourself which is a big bonus,missions aint all that long which is disappointing but overall price has been dropped of game price so id say is worth it.i was a fan of hawx1 and number 2 still enjoyed every level!


| | See all Avatar01's reviews (2)

If you like flight sims and enjoyed HAWX then HAWX 2 is a must. Much more realistic to fly and fight. New missions where you operate the guns/missiles on the AC130 Spectre Gunship and UCAV, also spotting missions in UAVs. The story line is really good, much more interesting than the first HAWX and the terrain is amazing, some fo the best I've ever seen in a flight sim.

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  Built on all the good points of the last one

| | See all macca123's reviews (1)

Its simple really, if you enjoyed HAWX youll love this. Its just better in every way and the story is realistic and engaging too. The variation of characters you control is a nice touch, although they do need to work on the English accents lol. Really good game, Tom Clancy games never disappoint.


| | See all Steo1982's reviews (2)

I was really looking forward to this game as the first one was so good. The game starts off well with some good new additions, like mid air refueling and take off's and landings, but thats were the good stops! The AI system has to be the dumbest I've ever seen with all the enemy seeming to fire their missiles at you at the same time and not targeting your wingmen. The wingmen all seem to follow 1 enemy and not do a very good job of shooting him down, so when you have finished dodging missile you have to finish the job they can't do. And then comes the most disappointing thing of all! The final mission is pretty much the same as the final mission of Ace Combat 5. I expected more from Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy franchise.

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