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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  Very Very Good

| | See all siksjcat's reviews (1)

If you are a true football fan, with an appreciation for the beautiful game, then you will not be disappointed with FIFA11.

  Demo Review

| | See all WolfReaper's reviews (7)

Allright then! so i got the pro evo demo early on ps3 plus and was like wow this is much better than previous titles, maybe even better than fifa 10, but something still seems missing. Then the fifa 11 demo came out and i was astonished. I loved fifa 10 it is amazing compared to pro evo imho but this demo knocked my socks off. I dont usually play demos more than a couple of times but i cannot get off this one, the gameplay is fantastic, so fluid and controllable. All the modes that will be in the full game will make this so epic i can't take the wait any longer!

FIFA 11 is going to be the dominant species yet again! If you disagree expect Chuck Norris to be after you!

  The most complete footballing experience yet?

| | See all Swarz1983's reviews (2)

After playing the demo on numerous occasions I must say that the game is definitely headed in the right direction. Graphics and game play are sound and I love the pass and move aspect to the game. Im so glad that the ping pong football is the middle of the park has been eradicated! However on the down side (as another reviewer has stated on the 360) the penalties are awful! I cannot score for love nor money, unless I shoot straight down the middle. As soon as you direct where you want the ball to go, it misses the post by a mile! (Maybe it's just me?) However I have also played the new Pro Evo demo, but can honestly say they are a long way off from matching EA's Fifa. Roll on release day as we are in for the greatest Fifa yet!!

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  Demo review

| | See all PhatCanary's reviews (9)

Fifa 11 feels odd at first,different somehow but after 4 or 5 games you realise that odd feeling is because it has become even more realistic,pass and move is the order of the day on Fifa 11,you have to pick your pass carefully and take your time,and remember not all players can pick that 50 yard pin point pass so don't try to thump it forward from the back with your cart horse defender because you'll be out of luck,the movement of players off the ball is key, make sure their in space before trying to find them with that killer pass. Graphics are as crisp as ever and player animations look as real as ever,with the added features in this years game Fifa will stay top of the Premier league, while Pes has moved up from league 1 to the Championship this year it still has a way to go before it will catch such a well crafted game as Fifa 11.


| | See all amccor99's reviews (1)

If the Demo is anything to go by then this game is going to be a knockout, Be A Pro 15 Seasons then take Charge as Manager, Be A Pro GK, Create your own Team, Players, Badges and Kits, Authentic Gameplay, This feels and Looks like real football and tbh i think its closest we will get its amazing, All new UT Setup aswell . Fifa 11 without a doubt will be the must buy this year, Lets all Turn Off C.O.D for Now and LETS FIFA 11!!!

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  DEMO REVIEW: Like nothing I've ever played.

| | See all James26's reviews (33)

The improvements made to the FIFA franchise year in year out are often though of as minimal, and I probably agree. However this year EA have taken a massive step. The game is like nothing I have ever played football wise. I played FIFA 10 every day for the last nine months and it had gotten to a point where I was unbeatable, I don't remember the last time I lost a match on it, and that's including playing online every day.

But I picked up the controller to play the FIFA 11 demo yesterday and couldn't get a thing right. I'll play as Andre Arshavin, through a little trick , skip past a defender and he'll stumble but manage to drag me back. Then lay it off to Fabregas so he can have a shot. He unleashes an incredible swirling dipping drive from the edge of the 18 yard box (and this swirling and dipping effect is very popular throughout the game, ive often seen keepers misjudge a long range shot, or even had the ball dip over them into the far corner) but the slide tackles have been revamped and Samii Hypia slides in from behind and hooks away the saved rebound.

It's all different! But so much more fluid and realistic. The celebrations have been redesigned, albeit on the basic structure or previous, to allow you to celebrate with other players on the pitch. Your player might get up and spring away from goal, or as Arshavin casual jog away before pulling whatever celebration you choose. There's a new match highlight system that allows you to view specific highlights at the end of a match them save them to your hard drive too.

The biggest addition feature wise is probably the goalkeeper. You can now choose to take control of the keeper for a whole game. It's a very odd experience that you can test in the arena, through a combination of the right stick to dive and square and triangle for other manoeuvres you take control of the keeper as he attempts to keep a clean sheet. Good fun for a while, but not sure it's something I'd get too excited about.

Also, I don't think it's any coincidence that you can unlock Arsenal to play as after you win 5 games; the game is definitely aimed towards their style of play. It requires clever passing, keeping possession, then finding that killer pass to split the defence.

Must buy for me. The most realistic football simulation ever.

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| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

This has got to be the best football game i have ever played. I played both pes 2011 and fifa 2011 and fifa was just so much better. I can not wait until this comes out !!!! - 10 out of 10

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  (Demo Only) - Probably the best football game ever made.

| | See all NikoBellic's reviews (15)

I downloaded this from the american PSN and was again blown away, I played Fifa 10 loads and althought this feels weird at first after being so used to fifa 10 you soon get used to it and apprieciate the gameplay. The ball now feels very detached from the players, which is a good thing. Players are alot more individual, for example iniesta for Barca can pick out a 40 yard pass onto Messi's foot but try the same with someone not so skilled and it will probably go out for a throw. Its very realistic all round, the refs now have varying degrees of strictness which helps games flow. You can now view individual highlights after each game and save them onto your relpay gallery to view whenever you feel like it, also adding your own custom sound track from your hard drive is a nice touch. Another little thing I like (probably because i'm a gaming nerd) is the way after a tackle/shot etc the camera will follow that player and give stats likes, distance travelled etc. Again making it feel like a live game. The gameplay is fantastic how all the tussles for possesion and players diving all over the place make it look amazing, there is so much animation going on here. for example I was playing earlier and had a shot with messi which crashed off of the bar and david villa just launched himself at it to try and put the rebound in, it came off of his shoulder and went out, there will be so many different kind of random goals in this game which I think is great, last minute deflected post and in type goals. I'll shut up now, anyway if you liked fifa 10 and world cup S.A then get this as it combines both and adds even more on top. Brilliant game.

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| | See all banno123's reviews (1)

ive played the demo this morning and think WOW!! off the ball tussles are great nd the build up to goals is alot better, what do other people think?