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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  EA Sports does it again

| | See all SteBills's reviews (1)

The latest instalment of the FIFA series is here and it certainly does not disappoint. From 1993, EA Sports have delivered us a new version of the game every year and it just gets more enjoyable each time. For the sixth year in a row, the England front-man, Wayne Rooney stars on the cover of the game, this time, alongside Brazilian International Kaka. FIFA 11 has been released on every present console possible, even the iPhone.

Career Mode replaces Manager Mode this year. In this mode you are able to play a career as a Manager, a Player or a new feature as a Player Manager. Other new features include an improved passing system, improved player likeliness, the ability to play as a Goalkeeper for the first time, and various other tweaks and additions. The English commentary is provided, for the third time, by the duo of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. Quite possibly the last time Andy Gray will be heard on our games consoles, due to recent incidents in the news.

The all-new Goalkeeper mode is nothing like that has been done before. For the first time, it allows the user to take full control of their teams goalkeeper. Filled with hard work and responsibility, the goalkeeping task is by no means an easy one. Perfecting the timing for the dives and when to run out to collect the ball are just some of the jobs that are needed to be successful when being the goalkeeper.

Improved player likeliness is a big thing in this years FIFA. Some of the players resemblances are uncanny. For example, Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is less hardworking and puts less effort into his responsibilities than his striking partner Wayne Rooney.

Another new part of FIFA 11 is the ability for the player to create his or her own club. This is done online and they are able to invite their friends to join their team. Stadiums, kits and badges can be chosen for the rest of the online world to see. Players can either just control their own player or take control of the rest of the squad. FIFA 11 has become the first football game that lets 11 players play against 11 other players online.

There are a few new in-game alterations, which make the game more enjoyable and closer to real life. Sometimes in FIFA 10, when you eagerly skipped through the replays of fouls, you would not know if a player had received a yellow or red card. In FIFA 11, it tells you afterwards if there have been any bookings. Also in FIFA 10, if you skipped through the cut scene of the substitutes coming on, you would be left wondering which positions have been replenished. Again in FIFA 11, it tells you afterwards, in the corner, which player has made way for another.

Creation Centre is yet another new part of FIFA 11. This allows people to create their own players and teams, using the EA Sports website. Once this is done, they can download them straight from their console. The downside to this is that the players faces cannot be adjusted very much and there are only a few basic faces to use.

Custom music and chants can be added into your game this year. The chants give each match even more realism than before. The chants can be set for numerous different things, for example, when you score a goal, the home crowd could start bellowing out with admiration for your star player.

Although loyal Pro Evo fans will probably choose to go for their beloved game, FIFA fans will be delighted with the level of improvement from last years game.

  Good game but a bit repetitive

| | See all lyall93's reviews (3)

Fifa 11 is a very good game the graphics are impressive the online game play is enjoyable and who doesn't want to a computerized version of your self doing the moon walk after hitting a precise well placed free kick into the back of the net. However the repetitiveness of offline matches and constantly hearing the contaminators say the same lines over and over does make the game rather less enjoyable

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  Quite good.

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FIFA 11 is a good game once you get the hang of it. The in-game play can be slick, nice on the eye and some of the link-up play and skill moves you can pull off are pretty smart plus it has all the usual nice touches like goal celebrations, cut-scenes and it is presented well with good options and menu screens, even the music is a winner in my opinion. However, what I believe lets this game down is the defending. It's really hard to stick with or jockey with an attacker and the AI seems to easily get past you no matter what but when it's the other way round, you have difficulty in shaking your defender off so it's a tad unfair in that sense. Much better than the PS2 version though, that's for sure and if I could, I'd give this game an extra half star. 3.5 out of 5 stars for me.

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  Worst FIFA game yet!!!

| | See all Drew89's reviews (1)

I have played FIFA since FIFA 95 and I am shocked at how much of a step back EA have taken with this game. I play FIFA 10 because FIFA 11 has lost what made FIFA great... FUN!!!.

The defenders read every pass and are nearly impossible to take on even with the fastest stricker. Your own defenders hold a high line and stand out of place and you need to make 500 passes to get nearthe box. I have never played PES before because FIFA has always been the best game I have ever played. I feel that EA has let FIFA fans down and i am sad to say that i bought PES this year as FIFA had let me down. if FIFA 12 isnt better then i will never buy FIFA again... in a nutshell it is not fun to play and a poor effort at realism.

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  Best Football Game To Date

| | See all laur1989's reviews (5)

This year Fifa is the best one to date, on previous years verisions glitches always made the game very frustrsating. EA have now got rid of these and made the passing slicker. there are loads of modes so you are bound to find one you like, in my personal opinion the best mode is 'Pro Clubs', ask for a transfer to my club 'ManUtdCheats' if you are any good, the club is purely for Man Utd haters (so 99% of people!!). Anyway, the new 'Be A Pro Goalkeepr' mode added is fun and if you become good enough it is almost impossible for the opposition to score. The only think missing is for EA to add a bit of customisation to the kits and stadiums.

  fifa 11

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

fifa 11 is still the best football game around at the moment.
its got pretty much everything you would want from a football game.
ultimate team is good,but can get expensive if you buy lots of cards.

  Great Game To Play!!

| | See all chri93's reviews (3)

This Game is really Great, I bought it for my brother and he is really happy with it. It has many options to choose from so you can play the best football game, it seems like you are playing real and the picture is really clear too. I recommend this game to those people that like to play football because it is an amazing Game.

  Fifa at its best

| | See all KingBilko's reviews (4)

I have been a big player of Fifa for nearly 10 years now and have to say that this has got to be the best yet. The fact that you now have the flexibility of playing as a goalkeeper is the best thing they have done to improve the game this time round. The gameplay and graphics are awesome as always and i highly recommend this to all ages.

  Great Footie Game, gets better each year,bring on fifa 12

| | See all quickster's reviews (9)

Excellent Game, all the game modes are great, only downside is online play with be a pro, my player keeps changing to someone elses when playing 11vs11 online, my player is well skilled up & then when it comes to kick off in a match im some one else with the persons id name and 9 times out of 10 hes slow & cant do much at all,its a bug in the online mode.weird. and people controlling the goalkeeper is a big fat no no, nearly every game u get some idiot running to the half way line and trying to be another player on the pitch & when it comes to saving shots they there out of posistion and can shoot from anywhere and score, ruins the online be a pro mode, EA cut the controlling the goalkeepers out, ruins the online play for everyone, prob just little kids mucking about on the game.

  Getting Better!

| | See all Whirlpool77's reviews (10)

I now feel that the FIFA franchise is back to its old days, amazing and tense football with a super entertaining career mode.
Although there isn't a lot of new features, the game has been improved dramatically. For example the career mode feels so much more realistic to what it was on the previous games, the player movements in-game feel fluent and brilliant and the new personality system works a treat! In my opinion little features like this can make or break a game and this year FIFA 11 is spot on! A must buy for any football fan!