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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  football that is not

| | See all ssxdropout's reviews (4)

i enjoyed the fifa games since the megadrive. and fifa 11 feels like its gone back to being like a pes with the pause for a sec, playing online is not as good as 09 fifa. you have the ball the game does a pause for a min and the guy your playing takes the ball off you. ea did bring out a update due to the ingame freaze but it did not work, i am boycoting every fifa game from now on. one thing that annoyed me. is that robino was 35 in the game and i tryed to sign him to southport and we were in the top and they did not take the 1 year deal. fifa is geting worse.

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  As good as it gets

| | See all ConnorBoinks's reviews (1)

The game is by far perfect, but while everybody is nit picking every tiny minute detail they are missing the feel of the game, it's a football simulation game, if you'd rather just worry about transfers and making your squad look pretty then go buy football manager or something, this new installment in the fifa franchise has pretty much made the game play brilliant, i can't fault it at all. Yes there is problems with the transfers, lack of staff control and rubbish teams being at the top of the table, but how does that affect the way your playing the game, this is probably the best it will get so just enjoy it and stop complaining.


| | See all Ralphy123's reviews (1)

Being a massive fan of the FIFA games i invested in this game as soon as it came out. The gameplay and graphics are the best of any footballing game and online play is excellent too. However although the Manager Mode is, in the majority, very good, there is still problems with low key teams somehow finishing in unrealisticly high positions. Also the Transfer Market has problems, although some parts have improved, some parts are frustrating i.e. When you have loaned a player out and want to buy him after the loan you are unable to do so because 'The player has just returned to the club and won't want to move'.

All in all a great game and a must buy.

  The best football game to date...

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

... But still a long way to go. Graphically it is brilliant, the online play is just as competitive as before. However, the career mode isn't without some major bugs. Teams get unlikely places in the table if you play as a top flight team, and player progression is... well near non existant. Still a must own though, as every game is in the franchise.

  Best fifa

| | See all BrianGT's reviews (16)

I personally didnt think that this game would be really better than FIFA 10. BUT it exceided all expectations.
The graphics are perfect, the gameplay is better and the skills and celebrations are so much more realistic.
The slide tackling is a lot more realistic than just your player flinging himself at the ball.
The shooting is better ... well basicly everything has gone a bit further.


| | See all Rockerses's reviews (7)

I bought this game hoping it would build on FIFA 10 which is a great game, but I found it to be dissapointing. I mainly play the manager mode and FIFA 10 was so much better for this, the transfer market was easier to use and there were many more options you could use to run the club, building the stadium, improving the staff etc. None of this is ossible anymore adn so in my opinion that element of the game has gone backwards.
In terms of the actual football matches I often find my team mates let me down when they are computer controlled and they often do things in the game that are incredibly stupid.
Overall I think EA have taken a big step backwards and hopefully FIFA 11 will be an improvement, until then I'll stick with FIFA 10

  More Style Than Substance

| | See all Dleach's reviews (1)

First Time I Played It Loved It, Great Graphics, Great Detail But Then After A Week The Flaws Appered. Passes Go All Over The Place, Poor Penalty System, Almost Impossible To Out Sprint Defenders Even With The Best Players, Defenders Always Come Out Of Position Leavings Gaps Behind. The Only Real Reason To Play Is Against Your Mates And Online.

  Fifa defies expectations

| | See all DomB82's reviews (1)

I cannot believe people are comparing fifa 11 to pes....absolutely no contest....pes has no realism whatsoever.....fifa wins this hands down as it has great game play and is ultra realistic...more than happy with my purchase!

  After 15+ years......

| | See all exobob's reviews (4)

Havent played a FIFA since 09, and was not dissapointed with this upgrade.....


Stadiums!! I am so sick of these spoof stadiums, not even close to the real things, and not even named properly... I mean, jeeeez, Spurs are hosting some of the best teams in the world in the Champions League this season, and even they dont get their real stadium. Its just lazy... EA can somehow justify getting every last freckle on Rooneys mug, and yet even after 15 years of updates, they cant be bothered with more than about 5 real life Premiership stadiums.

Other than that, the game is pretty darn good!!

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| | See all PunkRockRebel's reviews (5)

Absolutely brilliant, the extra changes that have been brought in really add more depth to the whole experience. Wins hands down over pes.
Especially can't complain as only paid 25 instead of rrp 49.99. so sweet deal in all.