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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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  Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3

| | See all niallf123's reviews (5)

This game is fantastic. The views and graphics are amazing. And, if you ask me, offline is better than online, as you have the ability too free roam. the only letdown though is you cant free roam online which i was really hoping that would make it stand out from other games. Overall, Great!


| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

racing games not my favourite type of game, but this game...wow! it is addictve as any game ive played. unbelievably good graphics and virtuially glitch free! the speed of the game is spot on as many other racing games ive played in the past seem too slow. 10 out of 10, awesome!

  Seriously good game

| | See all ProEvolutionX's reviews (26)

Awesome game probably one of the best need for speed games out there, almost going back to the original idea with the police chases etc.

The graphics are brilliant and looks very good through HDMI, especially on the LED TV's, even the sourrounding landscapes look awesome.

This game has some top notch cars, although not all the stats are not correct, i know this from first hand experiance, but other than that there is nothing to complain about, the game does have various different types of race, hot pursuit, rapid response, duel, to name a few. I personnally think it lacks hot pursuits but thats just a personal opinion. Online gameplay is also just as good as single player

All in All a Brilliant game and a joy to play. Also is fairly easy to achieve the platinum trophy.

  simply the best need for speed on the next gen consoles

| | See all camdareviewer's reviews (10)

Lets admit it. All the need for speeds that has come out on the PS3 and XBOX 360 have been such a let down. This game makes u feel relieved... for this price aswell; you just can't ignore it. You WILL like this game.

  Best fun ive had playing a racing game in ages.

| | See all churchy21's reviews (26)

This need for speed game is awsome, it plays like the originals which were on ps2 and were very good.
Graphics are top notch as are the sounds of the cars.
I wish people would stop comparing this to gt5 as they are completley different types of games this is a straight and out arcade racer and gt5 is a pure sim experiance, i have both games and love each title for different reasons, this is more a pick up and play and gt5 is a little more indepth.
My advice is if you want a game thats fun fast and easy to pick up and play then buy hot pursuit, in a nut shell its quality.

  A Great Game For All Ages!

| | See all RivenUK's reviews (2)

I've played a fair few of the NFS games, Underground, Most Wanted, Shift etc, but this is just bundles of fun!, and even if you don't like online play, you can have loads of fun with friends and family offline!

Sadly it isn't split screen, but if you make profiles for each of your friends or family members, it will record each of your times, and if you are added as friends on each others accounts, it will post the time to beat on whichever account you are on!. I really like this feature.

Ill write a short pro's and con's as far as I'm concerned, about things that I consider note worthy. There are I'm sure plenty of varied opinions, but NFS has been around so long, if you are reading my review, you already know what to expect.

My review is based on a single player's perspective, as I doubt the online experience is anything other than outstanding fun.

Pros: You can now play as the Police. Both Police and Racers now have a small selection of well thought out weapons at their disposal. Game pace is unbelievably quick and fun.

Cons: No splitscreen to enjoy the game offline with friends. Will be repetative over time. Free-roam seems kind of pointless.

The game itself is just pure fun. Its not realistic at all, in fact the only realistic point is that you have to turn into the skid to regain control of drifting! That being said, I've not had this much fun in ages.

The controls are easy to master, and I would happily place any child capable of handling the controls in front of this, as there is nothing untoward here aside from ramming people off the road!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the GTA series, Just Cause 2, but this wins hands down as a fun suitable title for my 7 and 5 year old.

I've been looking for a decent game where you can play the Police for some time, and I'm happy to say this is a great start to building such a collection. In fact its a great title for any collection.

NFS Hot Pursuit is without doubt one of the most fun, faced paced driving games I've played to date, and if you can wait until the prices drop a little from 40 quid for the special edition I just got, well then you will not be disappointed!

  Best NFS since the first!

| | See all Whirlpool77's reviews (10)

This game is absolutely outstanding, the idea of racing while being hunted down by the police in supercars? Brilliant! I have played this game over and over again and cannot find any faults. Don't do what I did and hesitate in buying this, you will not be disappointed!

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  Great game!

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I'm not usually a fan of the NFS games, but this one totally took me by surprise. I didn't like the demo, but gave the full game a go nonetheless as it was on offer. I'm totally addicted to it. You can race as either a cop or a racer. Doing challenges such as busting someone with spike strips and helicopters, or you can be the one evading it all. You level up as you do more races, which unlocks better cars and different race categories. Driving the Lamborghini Galliardo with nos is unreal.

This game makes me want to revisit the rest of the series to see if I've changed my mind about them. It could be compared to games like Blur or Split Second, but this just blows them away.

The graphics of this game are stunning on a high def television. The menu is easy to navigate, but the race menu could be clearer. This takes nothing away from the actual game though.

The only thing which I don't like it that you have to buy some of the cars in the PSN store, but they're not 100% necessary. I've bought one race pack myself.

The trophies on this game are fairly easy to obtain as you just get them as you level up, or by doing something for the first time.

Overall, a massively enjoyable game.

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  Top Class game.

| | See all Gaztheking's reviews (5)

All i have to say about this game it is well and truly absolutely amazing game the best Need for Speed game going. And totally enjoying it my favourite parts of the game is taking the police out or being the police, i recemend this game to anybody who wants a proper racing game that they would enjoy and get there money worth.