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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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  Hot Pursuit

| | See all ajdyett's reviews (17)

I bought this game because so far I have only owned 2 racers on PS3 (Grid and NFS Drift) and neither were at par.
I have only done about 1hr's worth of missions and it's a good racer.
So far I prefer the cop missions to the racing missions ( the racing missions are good but when you play as a cop you get to smash up expensive cars) but like I said I have only played about 1hr of missions.
I was lucky enough to have some money in my PS network account because I bought the BUGATTI VEYRON Supersport (Yes the same one that broke the land speed record at 270MPH) but unfortunatly EA have out a restrictor on in it just like BUGATTI did when they relised it so sadly it will only do 258MPH and that's fast especially when you press R1 twice (R1 is not nitros it changes view).
In my opinon it is the best racer out for the PS3 ( I have not played GT5 because of reviews) and for 23.99 it's a bargain

  Still longing for the good old days!

| | See all saturnuranus's reviews (4)

What ever happened to the traditional NFS format? There are other titles that provide more fun, more realistic and more customisable racer experiences; NFS was never meant to compete with those titles. I still long for more NFS along the same lines as Undercover and Carbon.

3 stars is mainly for the arcady pick-up-n-play racing style on offer rather than the format of the game, which is repetitive and lacks any real storyline.

This is basically the same kind of game as NFS Prostreet, but with cars you can actually drive :-)

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  I got the Need For Speed...

| | See all Goose66's reviews (1)

This is a really fun game, whether playing with family/friends or on your own. There are plenty of cars to choose from (although not as many as GT5). The police chases are fun and there is a lot to do.
It can be pretty difficult at times and this keeps the game interesting and also challenging. I have knocked 1 star off because I feel that it would have been better if there was offline multi-player, so 1 person is a cop and the other is a racer, but you can't have everything.
In short, this is a must but - especially for 23.99!!!

  A must buy for all car maniac fans!

| | See all rockylong's reviews (1)

This game is by far the best action packed, most thrilling vehicle excitment you will find. I have both GT5 and this and this game purely and simply blows GT5 out of the water! BUY IT TODAY! and say goodbye to the world!

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| | See all Milton87's reviews (3)

I am by no means a hardcore racing gamer (tend to stick to FIFA & COD) but this is a great game...

My better half bought this for me for Xmas and haven't really put it down since. The time flies by and I particularly enjoy the atmosphere that the game manages to create throughout...

Very much looking forward to taking this online :)

  I feel the need..the need for SPEED!

| | See all supareviewer's reviews (17)

This game is fantastic, if you want a real feel for the speed these cars travel at. Early on you think you are going fast in your Little BMW Z4 or Evo, but when you get into the supercars and press nitro the impression of speed is simply amazing.
The hot pursuit element is SO thrilling and exiciting i really play it far more than the racer parts. Scenery is stunning and the game plays beautifully on PS3.
I would agree with a point made by david, another reviewer, that there are too many time trials, because the real fun parts are the hunt and being hunted, but overall this is a must-have for speed freaks(if not for racing purists) and so gets a big 5 Stars

  Good but not without flaws

| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

Hot pursuits! If only there were more of them! The hot pursuits are by far the most fun in the game both as the police and as the racers, but the problem is i had so much fun playing the Hot pursuits that i beat all them and now all i have left to do is boring( and extremely hard) time trials :(


| | See all Teide27's reviews (15)

I got this and GT5 for Christmas and I could'nt put this down playing it into the early hours of the next morning. Go online and try and beat your friends times has been brilliant and GT5 has hardly had a look in. What I love about this is just how much fun it is and the hours just fly by. I have many, many games for PS3 but this has to rate as one of my favourites. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is wondeful. If you like driving games then this is a must! 5 star fun :)

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  Back in the fast lane!!

| | See all Simonlee's reviews (16)

Got this today and have to say this is brilliant, the sound is great and the graphics are some of the best I've seen on the PS3, great online play and career mode make this a must buy the best one I've played since the original back on the Atari ST, get it now!!


| | See all nick2312's reviews (11)

Just got this today and im blown away, was undecided between this and GT5 - well GT5 can eat my dust. Played both and this is by far the best driving game around! Graphics,sound and gameplay are amazing and at 23.99 how can you go wrong. The best NFS to date. Anyway not got time to write anymore its back to the game............

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