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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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| | See all stubob18's reviews (2)

The cars handle like planes. You can't modify cars. There is no story line. You get set a challenge and you get "rewarded" with another car to drive. What happened to Need for Speed games? They are no longer fun. I would rather play the ps2 versions than this hunk of junk. I had it on rent for 5 hours then took it back after about an hour because it is the worst game in the world. I would rather play abes odyssey

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  Great game.

| | See all Eshopper's reviews (1)

Good all round game. You do NOT pay to play online if you have purchased a new copy. You simply enter the code on the back of the manual to access online modes. If you like fast racing buy it, especially now its reduced.

  love it!!

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

first off i like the way you can post your times on your wall,which is a great way of trying to out do your friends.gameplay is pretty much what you would expect from a nfs game,graphics are good.dont expect to be able to customise your cars though.well worth buying for your gaming collection..


| | See all MERCURYRISING's reviews (2)

A must buy !! this game is fantastic. I have never previously played any NFS games but had a go at the demo of this and loved it. Wasn`t dissapointed with the full game. The online set up is so easy to use and theres always a challenge posted by friends to have a crack at. Got this while waiting for GT5 to come out but haven`t bothered with GT5 now, as this game rocks !! Fantastic graphics especially when you wipe out !!!! Get it now.

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  Solid game

| | See all engine1's reviews (4)

Thise game looks good, sounds good & plays good. The police mode will, keep you entertained for hours, I like the way it posts your freinds track times on the races to so you will constantly try to out do them. Was a little dissapointed that no customisation of the cars was available & have to say very dissapointed that it seems you have to pay for the online racing experience nfs can offer, unless im getting the wrong end of the stick? No other ps3 game has done this & after paying 40 pound for the game i think its wrong & the only reason i havent given 5 star rating. However as a game on the whole, it really is enjoyable!

  Top Game! Buy It!

| | See all OB1KANOBI's reviews (4)

NFS with Burnout mixed in! No messing with choosing which alloys and tinting you want. Choose the car and race! Brilliant! The graphics are 10/10 really stunning through good full HD TV! Some of the cop 'take-downs' make me laugh as you literally destroy the cars! Funny! The cop AI is good as they don't just chase you down but they own/destroy the other racers too! I have not been bored once the whole game... 10/10. It is too different from GT5 and not in the same category and can't really compare! GT5 Is real race tracks where as NFS HP is just mental FUN! GET IT!

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  Return to form

| | See all SiJo09's reviews (2)

Bought this game after playing the disappointment that is GT5 and my god I'm glad I did. To be honest I think need for speed has come on leaps and bounds, obviously with EA enlisting the help of Critreon games in developing this remake of the hot pursuit classics, it really has turned out to be a great game! Firstly the graphics in this game are brilliant, not only the beautiful car models and the picturesque backdrops but the jaw-shattering crashes from the Burnout franchise added to that really completes a great visual package. Who doesn't want to see a million pound Zonda get smashed into pieces? The gameplay is the fun, intense gameplay that we have come to expect from the NFS games. 250 mph+ on the wrong side of the road is great fun. Some may say it's somewhat "arcadey" but that's what these games are supposed to be like, driving at ridiculous speeds in very expensive cars trying to outrun the cops (or hunt down the speeders in this case) thats what it's all about! Overall this games great, don't waste your money on GT5 because you'll only be disappointed!! Get this! I would defiantly give this game 9/10 (IGN rating is 9.0) if you loved the original or this is your first NFS game you will not regret it!

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  Amazing game

| | See all GMAGNETIC's reviews (1)

I no idea how this can be given bad review this wicked game for all ages. Be cop or racers use spike strips cool abilitys race and be chased or be cop take them down. this is one wicked game with sweet graphics more fun then GT5 and more of a laugh. Made in uk you could buy this for all ages adults or teens or kids and all would have fun from this.

  Best Driving Game At The Mo!

| | See all LordCobweb's reviews (3)

Lovin it! Played GT5 the other day and this wins hands down. Think it has better playability and better graphics. Was suprised to see how much better this is than GT5 when playing them back to back. Choice to go racer or cop has put a nice spin/variation on things and online 4 vs 4 is wicked too. Now looking forward to NFS Shift 2 in the new year.

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