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Spec Ops: The Line (With Pre-Order Bonus Fubar Pack Download)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (4 reviews)"

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  Great game, but....

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This game is a great shooter but the only problem is that the story is way too short. Even if you played this on he hardest difficulty and played 1 hour a day, you will most definitely end up finishing it within a week or 2. I suggest you rent this game, not buy it. Unless you enjoy playing with people in death matches online, then there is a few extra days of fun.

  This gme is awesome!

| | See all faust99's reviews (1)

I'm not in the habit of writing reviews but I feel this game has been treated unfairly in user and professional reviews. Sure, if you are after the kind of crazy firefights and manic action that other shooters offer then you'll probably be disappointed, but Spec Ops does have it's fair share of firefights and truly spectacular setpieces. I feel this game is for more mature gamers who don't like the constant frenetic action of other games. It has a very interesting story that drew me in completely, fantastic voice acting (it's nice to see Nolan North starring in something other than the Uncharted series), the graphics are superb, and the way the enemies go down is some of the most believable I've seen. There are moments in this game that reminded me of some of my other favourite games including Uncharted 2 and MGS4! Commanding your unit to take out enemies in this game is beter than any other I've seen. My only minor compaint is that sometimes when you try to run from a grenade it's the same button as taking cover and it gets frustrating when you try to run and just get stuck instead. Everything else is great! I'm playing it on suicide difficulty right now and will definitely play on Fubar and make different decisions just to see the different endings. I'm not normally a fan of multiplayer but I like it on this game. BEST GAME THIS YEAR FOR ME SO FAR!!

  Being overlooked (because its not a big series i.e COD)

| | See all ScottDamien's reviews (2)

I dont usually write reviews, but I feel the first review (based on the demo) is so wrong. How can you base a game on a demo? especially as this game is so story driven and the action builds unlike most shooters to a very action packed finale.
The story is brilliantly written, with twists. it is a very dark story (with a lot of humour which most solders have because of these conditions) on the real (and untold) side of the military with the physiological situation which some soldiers inherit from what they see in war zones. As far as a shooter goes its got great game play (some problems with cover/heal/use turret, when the action is in full motion but only caused me a problem in one battle).
Moral decisions fly out the window with this game as you have to pick from the best bad decision (which arent always obvious that you have made a decision until its too late) not the usual Hollywood good vs. evil save the day decisions.
Multiplayer could be better, but coop is coming as free dlc when its ready on a unique story.
Ive played through it once and now im replaying it to get the alternate ending by changing a few decisions and not always select to fire my way out of trouble.
I recommend it to anyone who likes shooters or action/adventure story driven games.

  Based on the demo

| | See all ali1987's reviews (24)

I've just played the single-player demo of this game. I gotta tell you that even though game-play wise there was nothing new it was enjoyable play-through nonetheless. The most striking thing about the game seems to be its story and its visual splendour. The main visual theme is sand of course. I might even have to say it is presented as well as it was in Uncharted 3. It is also part of the game-play to kill your enemies. The lighting in combination with the sand theme has created a feast for your eyes but as I said there is nothing new here we haven't seen before when it comes to the game itself. You are commanding a squad of two which you can order to suppress enemy by firing, throwing a grenade or stun them. The combat is fluid but the enemy a.i is particularly better than some other games. We just have to see how good this war story is when it is released because i am not completely sold yet!

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