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WWE: SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Time to play the game!

| | See all ImmortalUK's reviews (36)

This svr game is pretty good it has a nice roster nice gameplay with physics added into it which makes it like dor 2 style a bit but better also its caw mode and creation community online is great you can make an amazing jeff hardy caw thanks to the paint tool in the game it is a very good game but need a lot of work on the gameplay still im hoping svr 12 is gonna be better but still this game is worth the buy got jeff hardy coming out to hes tna another me theme! also made raven caw and others you can download caws online and paint tool work its so good a must have for any wwe or tna fan!

  Pure Brilliance!

| | See all Shatsuk's reviews (4)

This is by far an improvement on some of the previous outings.

The new environment abilities make it more interactive and more realistic than ever. Being able to actually use the environment to your advantage and weapons in all new ways is pure genius.

The varied and different elements to the game make it entertaining to play. The new create features are excellence and even more realistic than ever. The all new Story designer puts you at the helm of your own universe.

All in all a fantastic game in its generation.

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

the new physics of the game just takes the game to the next level, the bigger roster to the game as well everything of this game is amazing better then 2010 game.

  Risky but worth a play

| | See all SamWise49's reviews (6)

Like the next wwf/wwe fan i am addicted to the games, since Smackdown to Vs raw 2011.

I was dissapointed with my first play on this game, it did not improve as much as 2010 did from 2009. THQ have first made a mistake in the online access, people who buy this game pre owned have to pay around 5 pound for the online play. But its not that bad as the online doesnt work, you can play hours of laggy matches, where people noob out using hte same move over and over again and not have any fun. Online royal rumble good idea, doesnt work also you need online trophies to platinum it which no one has.

The roster is poor, but wwe has sank downhill. They should release more dlc, than just stone cold + chris masters. The worst thing about this game however is the character select screen, it has ripped off tekken, and does not look good, and im sure the graphics have worsened since 2010.

Good points, the table, ladder matches are amazing, the physics system is really fun, especially where you time a good ladder suplex onto four tables. New create moves make it fun, but im sure they have limited the amount u can have. Something small which is awesome is the pin option during moves, by clicking circle during a side walk slam it allows u to pin which is really cool.

the career mode is not too good, but i havent gave it a chance, its over complicated and it has used smackdown shut your mouths style of running around. Its a wrestling game, not heavy rain.

I dont understand how this game can fail, where as the franchise has being in production since the 90's whereas UFC prevails each time.
The game needs tweeking, i dont know why all stars has came out it looks rubbish.

The game does have its good side, wwe universe is amazing, it is a smart system which sets up ppv's for each event, and you can just create a match and it aids character development, rivalries and stables. Such as post match interference. Of course for people who dont like it then just turn it off.

I do hope for 2012 they actually include some good legends, some from the attitude era, Road warriors, and the original DX, Billy gunn,road dogg, x-pac etc.

Character downloads are great, if you want your own golberg or lesnar, just download someones who have spent ages of time making. Hey dont judge its what its for.
Royal rumbles are still the best feature of the game since 2010, its fixed from 2009 push games, too a perfected quick time event + some new finishers to get rid of the oponents.

Dont get me wrong, i do like this game even though i have sounded critical, you must see though it is not as good as 2010 beside the physics system of course.

  Two Steps Forward and One Step Back....Good but some issues

| | See all DWOverdose's reviews (11)

On the whole the game is good, it's made a lot of improvements so I shall start with the good and finish with the bad.

Universe Mode is brilliant, seriously, I've been playing this game since release and it's still not boring. A schedule of matches across the WWE calendar based on and generated by what happens within the universe. Diffent scenes play and it actually makes exhibition pointless since the belts, the rumbles, the MitB matches all mean something...for once.

The Road to Wrestlemania's are hit and miss, some are fun whilst others are rather boring. The Undertaker Streak one is probably my favourite along with Christian's, people seem to complain about a lack of realism but older fans will appreciate the things within them.

The creation tools are good, will more aditions and better modeled parts for CAWs. With the addition of a create-a-corner finishing move to both the previous states.

Now for the bad points,

Online is still awful in fairness, it's filled with glitchers and cheats and it's probably the most unreliable online environment I've ever used. If you upload creations to the community you will also find that people will copy and rip them off since for some odd reason they are alloweded to reupload downloaded content.

The chain grapple system is an example of lazy testing, since it's broken and is impossible to use against human/online opponents since they reverse the weaker chain grapple attempts EVERY TIME and you will too if people actually try to use them. This can be helped offline by changing gameplay sliders but in fairness this game should have been pushed back to fix this problem.

DLC cannot be used in any creative mode and then be uploaded...at all. That means the dlc you buy off the store can't be uploaded into created stories and your created wrestlers also cannot have moves that belong to the dlc superstars. If you play offline it's perfectly fine but people who prefer online and sharing their creations should take note.

Moves have been removed from Create-a-Moveset as has the ability to change the transparency on most created parts. There are also buggy things with different hair types on different costumes.

I've given this game 3 stars because I feel the change in controls was a bad move (especially when its not working properly) and I feel that this was almost a hash/experiement and hopefully 2012 will be the best yet. Universe makes this game worth playing in fairness compared to 2009 and 2010 where I got bored after doing everything. Good offline experience but it's rather bad if you buy it for the online.

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  What a joke!!!!!!!

| | See all Damon84's reviews (2)

This has to be the worse 1 they have ever done. This game is very slow in story lines and very unrealistic. In the career mode you can only select certain characters like you could in the 2010 game but the 1 thing that stands out is that on the career mode when you face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, what ever level you have on (easy, medium or hard) you can never beat him. Its impossible to do. You will find it very hard to do. Some how he always gains a finisher on you but you will find it hard to gain one on him as he always reverses it. Some of the story lines are just abit stupid really. Its not like the past games they've made were the storys are far better. In my eyes this game needed to be improved alot. So WWE, please make the next game better and the story lines more realistic.

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  I must say...

| | See all Zinyster's reviews (13)

I'm impressed with the improvement of the game. The only reason I gave it a 4* is that it'll still needs to improve a little bit more to make it up to perfection.

However, here's the positive bit. You can put opponents through tables, ladders, chairs, steel steps etc; freely. The Hell in a Cell match was much better than I expect. No doors, only way out is to brake through the cell.

Even though I still missed the other matches (i.e. Casket Match) but still a good game to play.

  The best SvR in years

| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

Not a huge difference to last year but it is definitely improved and a must buy for any WWE fan. The only gripe i have is that some characters on the roster are quite dated but the more the merrier, although i'm still puzzled on how Rob Van Dam made it into the game.


| | See all edotking's reviews (1)

the new physics of the game just takes the game to the next level, and with a large roster. the only low of this game is that when playing the computer, they always counter your moves. great game otherwise 10/10