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SOCOM: Special Forces

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Absolutely brilliant!

| | See all MRHONESTYHIMSELF's reviews (3)

I have not been so excited to play a game as much as i have this since, i started off playing cod!!
It is great, gears of war is nothing compared to this!! It seriously is the best 3rd person tactical shooter i have ever played, why it is not more popular is amazing to me!! I love it, i cant recommend it enough!!
Xbox fans, you are seriously missing out on this one!! Ha!!

  socom. special forces

| | See all kevinthekiller's reviews (1)

This is a very good game, dont let some put you off , if you like the old socom you will like this one, so go & get it now . ps if you got the move give it a little time too pick it up & you will not put it down & then bye a cta gun .

  two sides to this game

| | See all fazste's reviews (11)

On the good side we have the multiplayer- it's a good tactical shooter with plenty of game modes to choose from, it'll take a while for this to get boring. Didn't get to see a huge amount due to psn going down, but what there is was spot on.
On the bad side we have the single player - tedious and definitely not tactical! move from A to B killing off the doom like wave of enemies. Watch as your squad yet again gets wounded, or gets in your way if you don't command them where to go. Multiple headshots to kill enemies and repetitive missions make this a chore to complete. Socom has always been an online experience so i would stick to that, it's worth it.
** UPDATE: Having now played this game extensivley online, i would say stick to COD! I hate to say it but this is no tactical shooter! spawn camping and spawn sniping, no team work and the usual idiots make this a poor 3rd person shooter.

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  Fun and Addictive

| | See all ChancellorFlush's reviews (3)

I've been a long-time SOCOM fan, and the fast paced non respawn modes don't exactly match the gameplay and teamwork of SOCOM 3 etc, but this is definitely a must have for PS3 Socom fans.

  What have they done to SOCOM???!!!!!!!

| | See all Hornetgags's reviews (2)

When SOCOM 1 and 2 came out, I thought to myself no other game would ever rival them for intensity, originality and sheer online fun. Sadly this is still the case today.

SOCOM 1 and 2 were years ahead of their time in single player mode. The fact you could command your team with spoken commands through the head set was unbelievable and truly gave me a sense of realism. The missions were challenging and I can honestly say, I felt sadness when one of my team was killed due to a bad tactical choice on my part...that's how much I loved those games. Then the online play was unbelievable, great maps...if I say Crossroads, Fish Hook, Desert Glory and Nightstalker, a warm smile will break across the face of all my fellow SOCOMers. For 3 years it dominated online gaming on the PS2. Then came SOCOM 3 and the slide to mediocrity began...

A new console and renewed sense of hope as the PS3 was made for the SOCOM series, so Slant 6 insulted everyone's intelligence with Confrontation and tried to win back the popular vote by resurrecting some of the old SOCOM 2 maps which, to add insult to injury, you had to pay for.

So when I heard Zipper were developing SOCOM 4, the excitement was increasing. I liked MAG but was always yearning for the covert tactical shooter which was what made SOCOM 1 and 2 so unique. I downloaded the BETA and felt uncomfortable with it, the playability was not great and the controls felt cumbersome and awkward and it left me feeling a little cheated and disappointed.

I bought the actual game last week and completed the missions in one day. However, my disappointment lay in that Zipper made the same mistakes in the use of cut away storytelling...I despise those...I don't care!!! Brief me on the objectives and the extraction point and let me get on with it - the true mindset of a warrior!!!

Then the commanding of the team to way points...why can't I yell into my headset as I had previously been able to do in the past??? Why can't I tell Bravo to 'Crash, bang and clear' or 'Crash, frag and clear'. Instead, I have to break off engagement to move my crosshairs to a point and press the D pad, only for them to stay where they are!!

Graphics are ok, nothing special...if you've played MAG then there's no real improvement from there. However, my biggest gripe of all is I was a US Navy SEAL on the hunt to kill or sabotage terrorists or rescue and extract hostages. I was not a UN peacekeeper...I WAS A SEAL and the voice talents used...irritating especially the cocky Geordie, several times I just wanted to turn and shoot him myself.

So when Sony allow PSN online again, we will see how the online play looks, however what they should have done, was stop trying to be MAG/COD/Medal of Honour and go bac to their roots and create SOCOM 2 in HD with extra maps. Then they would have a best selling game. What they have here is a game which will be traded in within 3 months...

Unfortunately the mediocrity slide has yet to be arrested...

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  a watered down socom experiance

| | See all collboll's reviews (4)

This game hardly resembles any other socom title, i was disapointed because i bought it expecting socom gameplay.

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  Excellent, now just to wait for PSN..

| | See all PubesMcFly's reviews (1)

I bought this a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to hammer out the campaign.
When I first started playing, I wasn't too excited, but after 15 minutes, I was hooked and couldn't put it down. The campaign was just long enough to keep you entertained without thinking "I hope this ends soon..."
The thing I liked most about it is the fact that it's different. I've played all the Call of Duty games since 3 and by now, they're beginning to bore me. It was so refreshing to play a 3rd person shooter.

Now, if Sony hurry up and get their act together, I'll be online!


| | See all quickthumbs's reviews (1)

I have been a longstanding SOCOM fan through all its ups and downs since SOCOM 1, SOCOM was the best shooter that pioneered multi-play network play and online co-ops. It was the best bar none. This new release is not SOCOM it is nothing like any of the previous games, all its signature game play has been removed,. It is just another shooter like all the rest. And not particularly good. Well done Sony you Muppets, Im done with your interfering you took a masterpiece and turned it into a billboard, selling cheap thrills at quadruple the price. Have fun with your weenie wands if you buy this game. Id rather play with a broken bottle myself.
Just so you know theres no lobbies, so you will never hear the words green up again.
No taunts. No crosshairs. A stupid lame cover system. If it were any slower youd be going backwards. Its like everyone is an OAP, people run faster than you can turn your crosshairs at full look speed setting and theyre not running fast at all. It seems like Sony dont like fast games as they show up the lag on their servers, so everyone just chill out, buy a fishing game or something so Sony dont look bad. The maps look pretty but lack all the versatility of maps from other SOCOM games. Grenades suck! no arcs and every so often you throw a grenade and blow yourself up. WTH? The third person camera behaves terribly flying into the back of your head when u pass near an object.and the whole left side is blocked by your character. No lean for corner shooting. Still no jump to climb in fact climbing as a concept has bitten the dust so no shortcuts or jumping off railings to ambush your enemy.
This is not SOCOM, battlefield bad company 2 is more like SOCOM than this. This is merely a bunch of excess 3d MAG refuse thrown together and sold as a very well polished heap of waste. If it looks like one, and smells like one, you dont need to taste it.
A complete betrayal of the SOCOM brand and for all you people that may think this is biased, that is a valid point, but if your favourite game completely changed would you be happy? Would you be happy with muesli in your crunchy nut cornflakes packet?
If you are expecting a SOCOM game dont buy it, its a SCAM. Ive bought and x-box wont buy Sony again.

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  A Big Step Up

| | See all BlueNose89's reviews (7)

This game is a step up from Socom 3, much better graphics and gameplay too. Really glad it now has singleplayer as well as the amazing multiplayer. If you dont like tactical games and prefer to just run around waving your gun about then this aint for you, but personally these games i prefer because they are more realistic. It's easily the BEST socom yet and yet again shows why its better to own a ps3!

  Best SOCOM yet??

| | See all Craigy91188's reviews (3)

I did not let some of the negative reviews on here put me off buying this game. It seems difficult to please most people nowadays, they bring out a beta (a very very toned down version of the online MP) to iron out any issues prior to release and people stupidly start slating the game and giving bad reviews based on a beta. I am not a die hard SOCOM fan by any means, i have however played all of the Socoms and this is by far the best one yet. Graphically it is fantastic, gameplay is smooth and a big improvement on Confrontation. The only slight negative comes from the single player and of your AI team mates. You send them to cover and they stand in the open. This will more and likely be fixed by a patch when PSN service resumes. Overall, great game, great graphics and without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Socoms yet!

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