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PlayStation Move: Sports Champions

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  shows the precision of the move

| | See all denyason's reviews (3)

it is like wii sports except that it is very accurate. playing table tennis, top spin, back spin all work very cleverly with power shots like the professionals looking very cool and satisfying. it doesn't just do left and right like a wii.

  Wii Sport for the PS3

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

You're not exactly getting a massively packed game here. This is fundmentially Wii sport for the PS3 and it doesnt try to protend otherwise and its very bare boned.

You get a small selection of games, with 3 levels of championship on each. Each game varies in fun and how well it works.

I personally love the archery, find the balls boring, found the volley ball one doesnt work that well and think the Dualing would work better with two motion controllers. The ping-pong shows how accurate the Move is better then any other game. The frisby one is hard to get used to.

Its a mixed bag to be honest, but it shows the potential for the Move. You will get a few good hours out of this and it will be fun at parties with two people playing.

Its worth it I think, but I wouldnt say it shows what the Move can do 100%. I expect better games will come along. But lots of easy trophies too if thats your thing.

  Not the best

| | See all djjake's reviews (12)

Got this thinking it would be the best game out there for the move. I don't want to go into detail but personally unless you find the demo great I would look elsewhere as I found the game really boring and lacking fun gameplay like the wii.

Just feels like something that could be in Home for free. 7 different games and not even tenis!!! Just table tenis. Just find the music dull and the characters have no life and soul about them except there cheesy intros in each game you play.

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| | See all Babylon76's reviews (1)

@ crazyposse: No you do not need two controllers, there is the option to play all games with just one (I only have one) but I suspect it would be even more fun with two :-)
I would say that both this and the Wii game have their merits but I really enjoy the archery and sword play on this game and overall find it more enjoyable than the Wii game.

  @ Crazyposse

| | See all sufy1000's reviews (4)

The navigation controller is not compatible with this game. You'll need two motion controllers for Gladiator Duel.

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  Quick question

| | See all Crazyposse's reviews (6)

Do you need both the Navigation and Motion controller for this?

For instance, in Gladiator, you'd need 1 for sword and 1 for shield?

Thank you!! :)

  Brilliant stuff

| | See all nojnella's reviews (6)

I had a Wii for about 6 months before I became bored with it after playing the few good games there are available, I soon realised that the controllers were not that responsive and all the actions were a bit hit and miss.,
Not with Move and Sports Champions though, all the games are great, brilliant graphics, and have that essential one more go factor, I like the frisbee golf in particular. Every little movement is transfered into the game even slight little flicks of the wrist....it really feels like a frisbee and behaves like one.
The Wii is in trouble now I feel and I can't see the much more expensive Kinnect matching the precision. Really looking forward to the the more hardcore games embracing Move in the future.


| | See all MrLee123's reviews (33)

PS Move is way better than the nintendo wii simple as!! its just way more accurate and much more fun. The sports champions game has 5 fun games for all ages in my opinion the vollyball and table tennis are the best !! archery can be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it its real fun.


| | See all nastynick93's reviews (23)

this is classic, good cups to play in, wish it was online but the gladiator duel, is amazing workout if you have two move controls its even better, this game goes along way to showing what is to come on the ps3 move

  Goodbye Wii

| | See all AdamJH2008's reviews (8)

Anyone noticed how Nintendo are desperately trying to push their Mario games now as they realise the PS Move has just overtaken them.
I longed for a game where you have to get involved and every move is perfectly shown on the screen (even the Wii extra sensor pack didn't do much) but this really performs. Broke a big big sweat playing the gladiator. Who needs the gym. Perfect technology. Playstation rules with class yet again.