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PlayStation Move: The Fight

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all BIFFBAFFBOFF's reviews (8)

This game works! It's fun and satisfying when you land them good punches. The 1-1 tracking is nearly perfect if you have the right conditions = lighting and space (sunny day with curtains open and at least 1.1/2 meters from the camera, and it gets better the more you develop your character.
Online is fun when you find someone who doesn't keep doing the same moronic moves!
I would have given this game 4 and a half stars if I could because the game doesn't have a story and the other fighters you face don't say anything to make you want to beat them up but apart from that I'm happy with this and hope they make a number 2 with better music and a story.


| | See all samlane01's reviews (3)

i read some bad reviews on this but i bought it and i was shocked, its amazing, really quick and responsive, really good fitness game, it had me sweating pints within half hour of playing it, after each session the game will tell you how many calories you have burned off, its not just about fighting, you have 2 do fitness and training 2 make your fighter improve your skills, id recommend this game 2 anyone

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  Great for a workout!

| | See all TommyKaira's reviews (1)

Once you get into the swing of things this is a fun game that'll have you sweating buckets in no time. No always that accurate but you can play it on your own for more than 5 mins without getting bored (unlike some of the current move games). One of the better games available for the move.

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| | See all solidsniper's reviews (6)

I really like this game-granted its not perfect but i found it to be good fun and well worth the price,be prepared for aching muscles after you have been playing for a while-so it would be good if you want to lose a few pounds-all in all not too bad.

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  a bit hit and miss

| | See all jibbajabba76's reviews (13)

sort of works sort of doesn't. at times it feels great connecting with good punches and other times you are flapping your hands about like a 8 year old girl. it's important to calibrate it as best you can to get the best out of it but still sometimes you are in a fight and feel like you don't connect with it properly.

it's still ok and in the training mode my guy seemed to mimic me perfectly so maybe i'm just rubbish in the real fight i don't know.

what i will say though is this is a great workout and i was really sore the next day in my arms and back and the game itself is nearly there. well worth a punt as to be fair there is not much out for move at the minute.

one day someone will crack this type of game and it will be superb but the fight just doesn't quite do it.

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| | See all Neocorvis's reviews (2)

This is more of a fitness game, than a beat 'em up. Type in your actual weight and hight, and it'll tell you how many calories you burn off per fight.
I did find it hard to get into in the beginning, but given time (and a bit of skill and patience) I feel this is a worthy purchase for the Move.

  Excellent move game

| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

Got this game a few days ago, it is a brilliant work out, the next morning you really feel it. Very responsive game and great for losing weight

well done sony on another great move game and helping people to keep fit (= its all good


| | See all TechyCravings's reviews (1)

I got it yesterday, and had a lot of trouble with calibration and getting past the training stage (with the calibration problems), it looks ok but I'd rather wait for a better boxing/fighting game for now with PS Move.

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  reasonable fight game, bloody good workout game

| | See all ButtMudd's reviews (5)

Its ok as far as fight games go. If you imagine the opponent is in front of you instead of punch at the screen the accuracy is very good. Its like a good shadow boxing session.


| | See all Anoneemouse's reviews (1)

I found the game to be very responsive but required that the room be lit well and not to flail your arms too aimlessly. other than that the game worked as i expected, i throw a punch and it lands almost perfectly everytime. occasionally a miss will occur but that will probebly be due to the player moving to much from there position.

I wouldnt say the game was unresponsive but perfect it isnt either. over all this game is worth buying but would benifit immensly from have 4 remotes.