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inFamous 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all snuffsaid's reviews (1)

If you liked the 1st you should love this, its less repetative and they have tweaked the enemy ai so they arnt so rediculously accurate and things

in reply to the12doctor
I also didn't receive my DLC codes but i phoned them and they sent them to me via email right away

  To people missing bonuses

| | See all Rossell's reviews (4)

The powers you are after were sent as redeem codes to your EMAIL ADDRESS. Check them ASAP.

What is wrong however is the Uncharted 3 codes don't seem to pick up anything.

Review wise. So far cracking game. Recommended.


| | See all kratos1's reviews (10)

Where do i start,the first infamous was a fantastic game which had so much content.But this cole's return is an improvement in all areas,you get fantastic graphics the gameplays been tweaked and the story of the beast getting closer to new marais as you keep increasing your powers so you can face it head on is incredible.And thats not all you now have user generated content so the game can last forever,i have been playing for quite a while now and not played a dull level yet.if you only buy one game this year look no further get this.Bring on infamous 3.
STORY - 10 OUT OF 10

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  Entertaining, Exciting and Absorbing

| | See all rocknroll80's reviews (1)

First of all i would like to say i have never played the first one and moved onto the sequel straight away. I was late getting my PS3 and never went back to that particular title although i wish i had now!!

I didn't really know what to expect but this game is utterly brilliant. I can't put it down, i've played games similar ie Crackdown and Prototype (both decent enough games) but this wipes the floor with them.

The graphics are great, the story takes you into the game world, the setting is first class, the controls are smooth,the gameplay is ultra addictive, it has story missions with loads variety and side missions that compliment the main story. All in all its a fantastic game

Best game released this year.

  Great game

| | See all Jakh33's reviews (1)

The game is great, best game I've played in a while and will probably be playing it for a long time to come.
Graphics are much improved to how they were in the original Infamous, slightly strange having a new person voicing Cole but will get used to it soon hopefully.
Lots more powers this time and lots more enemies to fight, nice to see new ways of fighting, (amp) and the combos.

Altogether a great game and would reccomend it to anyone, especially those who played the original Infamous, just sad that the ending seems to point at there being no more in the Infamous series.

  i agree with benn258

| | See all the12doctor's reviews (1)

great game bur the pre-order bonus powers are no where to be found. a big let down

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  Absolutely brilliant!

| | See all WillandJon's reviews (10)

I loved Infamous and have been waiting for this ever since I completed it. I have to say it is a perfect following to the first, better graphics and control with another awesome story following from the first game. Its well worth your money, you won't regret it.

  Im Let Down (But Not By The Game)

| | See all benn258's reviews (1)

ok so i loved the original inFAMOUS game must of stacked up a couple weeks game play on that, and loved the new power feature you got for getting the special edition, well i got my copy of this today and have been playing for awhile its exactly how i wanted/ expected it, gone to my number 1 game in just 30mins of game play, but before i put the game in i thought i would see the exclusive power thinking it could be like "megawatt blades " from the first infamous, and what did we get you may ask.... a 50% off for the original infamous game from the ps store considering it was a freebie from the welcome back pack, i don't think many people are going to need/ want this i know i don't, this is fouls advertisement this isn't a power ?.. i think play.com has really let us down this time.

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  Played the demo but not the real thing

| | See all TheBarman's reviews (9)

Having played the demo I feel that the game is well worth a 4 star rating, I would love to have left more info but once again I have been let down by the play.com delivery service and can only hope that it will drop through the door tomorrow or will be left wondering just how good the game will be.

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  Add User Generated Content to the mix

| | See all OnionKing's reviews (1)

I was one of the few people invited to try out the User Generated Content (UGC). Basically creating your own missions in Infamous 2. Call it Little Infamous Planet if you will.
You can create a mission from scratch, but
tThe UGC comes with around ten handy mission templates you can use to kick start your mission creations. I've created several unique missions with these. Like LBP you can upload missions for other Infamous 2 gamers to try out.
I've tried a ffew others, they vary between funny, challenging, weird and downright impossible.
The UGC beta does give you free run of a good sized area of New Marias so I'm able to say something about the look, feel and game play.
Firstly, New Marias looks fabulous compared to the first infamous. the artwork is more slick and colourful but still manages to retain the qualities that make the original game so unique. The controls are really intuitive. Cole is only marginally different from the first game, a bit leaner with different voice.
When you look at Infamous 2 and then read about the incredible customisable and multi-player features and functionality of Uncharted 3, it's easy to believe that you only need to by a handful of PS3 exclusives to last you a long, long time.
Almost as much fun as reading 'The Cloud Connection.'

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