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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  No pleasing

| | See all mentalcase's reviews (7)

You just can't please some people. After reading a few reviews I decided not to get the game as it sounded terrible, however I randomly changed my mind, so I got the game and have played up to getting in the Ministry Of Magic, whilst some parts of the game are very repetitive (they basically all are) I really can't see how some people are moaning about this game, I have really enjoyed it. Graphically it's not the best (graphics wise Ghostbusters is awesome), playing wise I really enjoyed it, I like the new way to cast spells, although be wary as the spells with the longer name takes an age for Harry to say then cast, I think the third spell you get takes forever, by the time it's cast it's probably all over. However I have been using "stupefy" which is quick and basically gets the job done well so far, saying the spell just adds to the realism of the game, much like when Harry is under the invisability cloak you can hear him trying to breath all the more quietly, the stealthiness under the cloak is rather annoying baring in mind other magic dudes shouldn't be able to see you (hence the invisability thing, although it kind of adds more fun to the game) so far I think it's a great game, I do expect it to be a very short game which is why I only do little bits each day (trying to keep it going longer) I would recommend this game to other fans of Harry Potter, I already look forward to getting Part 2.

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  One of the Worst Games I've Purchased!

| | See all MattyGreenwo0d1992's reviews (3)

If you are thinking of buying this game, don't waste your money. The graphics are awful, the mini-scenes are disgraceful, and the game play is shockingly stupid. Considering this is one of the most profitable movie franchises going, there is certainly no evidence to show that any of the profit has gone into this appalling game. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE DISAPPOINTMENT!!

  Unplayable and pointless

| | See all dobbythehouseelf's reviews (1)

Before I start I am a massive Potter fan, (read the books a lot, seen all the films, paying out a small fotune to go to orlando...etc) but I have to say this game is awful, repetitive, and thrown together. I have played the two previous on PS3 and they seem to be gradually getting worse. I am unusure what game some of you have been playing but the beginning part was repetitive and by the time I got to Grimmauld place I had lost the will!! This is not a game for a gamer or a fan, it is a waste of money and should be move compatable, maybe on other consoles it is playable but not on PS3.

  perfect delivery :)

| | See all blacknote's reviews (1)

This game is nice, nothing special .. But I do not regret at all with my purchase :) Recommended!

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| | See all chantheman1's reviews (1)

In my opinion, this game is oustandingly brilliant! The graphics can't be beaten, and I think that the game follows the book and the film very well! Especially as the game goes on. Also, there are loads of spells to use once you've unlocked them, which are really fun to use against 'Snatchers' and 'Death Eaters'. I think that the game moves quickly, thanks to the 'Four Points' spell, which helps you know where to go.
The game is challenging, but do-able, which gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you complete a level.
The game is also good thanks to being in different places, other than Hogwarts, and that potions can be used against enemies.
I think that the vary of challenges you complete is great, some are similiar, but most are different. The similarity comes in when you are defeating someone again-but thats great fun anyway!
I think that this game is great, and a must have for any Harry Potter fan. I also think that it is definately worth a look for those people who aren't fans-it's that good!!

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  Slow overall but when it's fun, it's really fun.

| | See all xtinaxtasy's reviews (8)

The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was an awesome movie so we decided to buy the game on an impulse. Sadly it's not as dark or as exciting as the film, rather a watered down play by play of many of the key scenes, but with menial and repetitive tasks randomly inserted.

The variety of spells you acquire throughout the game is great; for a fan it's fun casting the expelliarmus spell or some of the more exciting charms, and kids will love it but for an adult consumer it fails to utilise any of the gritty drama or more adult themes present in the later films.

This will entertain you on rainy days but maybe wait for the price to drop a little.

  1st Harry Potter game i've ever bought, and the last.

| | See all Didz4eva's reviews (9)

This game for me was incredibly disappointing. After watching the movie and finding it to be the best one yet I decided to buy this.

The story is bad. Its not really anything like the movie so I can only presume they copied the book instead which hasn't payed off at all. It was okay but was very annoying as you do the same thing over and over.

The gameplay is very bad, its more like playing a bad gun game instead of harry potter. When you want to take cover it doesn't work, when you through exploding potions they go an inch and you blow yourself up. The spellcasting is very bad, I guess you could say theres a reasonably large collection of spells but not really and some of them don't even work most of the time e.g. expecto petronus to banish Dementors.

The graphics were quite bad indeed, when randomly playing they're not too bad but in the cinematics (where they're meant to be at their best) are very much at their worst. Not sure if its because I have HD gaming but they were all blurry and pixelated which was just awful. The voice acting isn't too bad, the main characters (Harry, Ron & Hermione) are pretty much spot on but EVERYONE else is way off. (Voldemort sounds like a fat guy in a mood) However when you start watching the characters talk you realise their mouthes move even when they're not saying anything so don't get too excited.

Overall i'd give this 1/5 or 2/10 and the worst game i've ever played, ridiculously repetitive, incredibly boring and a total letdown. Save your money and DO NOT buy this, if you find a good review about it (very unlikely) don't listen as I promise you it is awful.

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| | See all LB2162's reviews (1)

Having been a fan of the books and films I was looking forward to this game, however I am disappointed. The game is very repetitive and I have quickly got bored. It strays from the book/film a fair bit. Perhaps this would be better on the wii with wand action? But overall boring.