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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Limited Codex Edition (With PS3 Exclusive Content)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Its good but its not AC2

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true, AC brotherhood is great, no denying that, but there is not as much to it as AC2. This is only in story terms however as the online really pushes it along, but it is more of a diversion than a vital sequel. I would not advise buying this particular set, as there are 2 lots of free DLC to be had on the Playstation store.

As a BETA tester for the online, I found it fantastic and fun to play, and I only got to play the wanted mode, and when I got the full game, it kept getting better.

This game does not have a lot against AC2 for the folowing reasons
1) it is exactly like AC2, but only with a few new ways to spend florens
2) it seems more like a diversion to fit in to the story and wrap up ezio's story before AC3 comes out
3) online is fun, but it seems like Ubisoft just wanted to keep up with its release rival, call of duty black ops

To summerise, I do think the game is good, but it is not the revolution of gameplay you would think it is, but there are a ton of new features, and yes, it has trophies to keep you going after the story is up. This has a nice look but the "exclusive content" has nothing on what the free DLC has to offer. If you are a hardcore fan, I would recomend, but for anyone else, I would say you should buy the game alone, and wait for AC3

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  Instant Classic, Best So Far!

| | See all EpicMatt11's reviews (1)

This is such a great game you need this in your collection! First of all the limited content is amazing all well crafted, especially the codex which is brilliant qualtiy, this edition is must have for big fans of the series. Now to the game, it is superb it has improved in so many ways, first is location Rome, it is the best map I have played on any game so far, it is huge there is so much to do that you won't get bored easily it is an amazing feeling to climb the colosseum. The story is the best as it is very deep and addictive also the characters are excellent and your main nemisis Cesare is a great challenge. The secret locations are very challenging but satisfying and the multiplayer is so tense as anyone could be after you but is so rewarding when you kill your prey. A few letdowns were the shortness of it as it only took me 10 hours to complete the story but there is still quite a bit after that and that there should have been at least one more location that you can fully explore as after a while it can become tedious running from one end to the other.
Overall though best game of the series and a contender for Game of the Year!

  Review On Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

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I know this limited exclusive content is expensive, but trust me, if you like ation/adventure games, this is worth it!
It is fantastic!
The graphics, the game play, everything about it!
And, for the first time ever,
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood have made an online play.
So you can play online after you completed the game!
I would recommend this game to every single ps3 player in the world!!!

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  superb stuff

| | See all solla01's reviews (1)

i pre ordered this as a big fan of the game having played the previous 2 games and wanted to get the codex edition and i must say no way was i dissapointed it is excellent everything you see in photo plus you also you get some artwork postcards if your a fan of the game then buy it the game it's self is superb i won't spoilt for people but probably this game is the the best one in the in the series.

  Absoulutely Amazing

| | See all Potential's reviews (1)

This is actually the first real collectors version that I have bought of a game where I forked out more money than sense, however, when this arrived my jaw dropped, firstly the Box itself is fantastic, plastic box with a velvet like material on the inside, the box has an amazing amount of graphical detail including raises and engravements, then inside, the map, game soundtrack, lineage DVD, bonus DVD, character cards and the Codex - which is in suberb condition, the cover itself is a work of artand great quality with amazing imagery inside, the envelope containing artwork cards is of great quality and the hidden compartment containing the game itself is wonderful, was a great buy :) Great wokr play.com and Ubisoft!

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| | See all LAWhitworth's reviews (23)

This is a review of the codex edition, and not the actual game itself.

This was a complete suprise to me, I pre ordered this for the extra characters mainly and the rest was totally unexpected.

This box set is GORGEOUS. The tin is plastic and very detailed like an assassins tomb.

Inside were the extra dvds, trading cards, map...game...wheres the game?? Total panic, and I nearly cried. However Im not going to say where the game is, but its in there for you to discover.

Everything about this set is beautiful. My only moan is that the lid on the tin was a bit damaged, as the pegs that slot in on firmly were snapped, but due to a bit of glue its not noticeable.

The price for this was worth every penny.

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  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Great continuation.

| | See all Iffy25's reviews (1)

This is a brilliant continuation of the story line of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. The game play is excellent with the opportunity to learn new moves and obtain better weapons to take down your enemies. To see what happens to Desmond will also be intriguing and how the story line will continue. Graphics are great and the detail into the city of Rome is sufficient for the game. Can't wait to see were the developers take the next game to and continue this brilliant concept of ASSASSIN'S vs TEMPLARS. Which is incendently another great feature that the game has added Multiplayer.
I played the Beta version and this was awsome, with the improvements to the final version it is even better.
On the whole it is a must buy.

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| | See all fri68683361's reviews (1)

im sure this game is amazing game as iv been waiting for it for along time but im very disapointed in play.com because i will not recieve it till atleast 3 days after release due to them being idiots with my card details so i only rate it a 2 at the moment

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