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Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Great Arcade Racer

| | See all BIFFBAFFBOFF's reviews (8)

Motorstorm Apocalypse is a really good game! The campaign is quite short and it has the comic book style story clips which alot of people moan about but I thought it was a nice touch even if they are a bit cheesy. The graphics are great and the tracks are crazy with everything blowing up or falling down and other racers trying to ram you, it keeps you on your toes. Online is where the real fun starts! Laods of ways to customize your vehicals so you stand out from the crowd and you don't have to win the races, you can just bet on the person who you think you can beat and if you beat them you win chips which add to you leveling up with the top level of rank 80!! I'm really addicted to the online right now and will be keeping this game for some time before I sell it if I ever decide to!

  such high hopes

| | See all bestoffilmngame's reviews (49)

i had such high hopes for this one
but what a let down
past 2 games were great
but this one oh dear
the comic book story telling makes the game look cheap for a start
story mode you cant get to choose you car...oh and the nudges are thay really worth it dont really do anything
i think this trys to be like split second but dont come close
past 2 games brill shoulda stuck to what the game is really about and what thay are good at

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| | See all masher22's reviews (11)

This is what happens when you mix the craziness of Motorstorm with earthquakes, an absolutely EPIC GAME!!!!! There is a lot of variety in the festival and loads of insane tracks. The vehicle customisation is very good and there are plenty of vehicle classes to use; the graphics are amazing! Thank you to the Motorstorm developers for creating another quality game! :)


| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

If you liked the other motor storm games, then you will love this
it is 10 times better than the other games in the series.
thanks a lot sony.... another great ps3 exclusive

  The best one so far. Amazing

| | See all Jacobseller's reviews (1)

If you have liked any of the other motorstorms this is easily the best one so far. Great racing. Great graphics. Just a great game


| | See all TRAXXAS58's reviews (1)

Motorstorm was the first game i ever played on PS3. I loved the original, loved the improvements that were made on MS:PR, now i love this. Still the same old Motorstorm but with different environments and more vehicle classes. Also im still amazing at the game XD Only thing is that all vehicle/part unlicks are online and that there is no leaderboard for online players other than times of races/laps.

  played the one level demo - disappointing

| | See all wiggyman's reviews (1)

Ive been looking forward to this title for ages as the first two games are pure class, the original is still my favorite though. The Apocalypse demo seems like it is trying too hard & the graphics seem to have taken a backward step, also the feel of it seems wrong to me, its like playing a different game...plays abit like burnout !....just seems rushed!!
I shall save any further judgement until ive played the full version, but my first impression is that of disappointment :-(

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| | See all Yemster's reviews (2)

This is currently the first Motorstorm game I have ever played and it is absolutely crazy. The races are rough and with the earthquakes and everything, you just dont know whats going to happen next.
The online multiplayer is good as well cause you dont have to be so focused on winning since you can bet on someone. Plus the perks are decent and the customisation options are decent.
The single player is also good and I quite like the motion comics in my opinion.
Overall the game is must buy PS3 exclusive

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  Its Motorstorm !!!!

| | See all Gamesgem's reviews (15)

If like me you had some reservations about this new Motorstorm, trust me
they are unfounded. It is a great game, that retains all the charms of the
previous two. What changes there are, all add to the Motorstorm theme,
without spoiling the classic feel. If you did not enjoy the previous two,
you may not feel there is anything new here, but I'm sorry your wrong. 16
player online races are even more manic, which is what Motorstorm is all
about. The racing is always frantic, but great. Don't miss out on one of
the truly great PS3 exclusives.

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  Very good game

| | See all chipite's reviews (1)

Got this before they held it back for 2 weeks and have just completed it. The tracks are great and get crazy when they start to fall apart. There"s 1 called skyline, your dropped onto a skyscraper and go from roof to roof, as they start to break away. very good.
The only real problem i had with it, is unlike the other 2 games. This one has a story to it, which to be honest after watching a couple of cut scenes i skipped, but if you get stuck on a track you have to keep playing it until you pass it. The other games you could move on and come back to it.
Apart from this, i found it very entertaining.