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EA Sports Active 2

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all andyref's reviews (4)

Well first its easy to setup and works 100% better than kinect .
I have only 5 fett space from tv to wall and if works great no probs .
I have had this for a few days and setup a 9 week programme and so far I have worked my body parts that I did not know I had .
Can not wait to see results after 9 weeks are up ,
I am 41 and 5`8 and weight 12 stone and lean so I hope this will tone me up more .

  Your gym at home!!

| | See all tinito77777's reviews (1)

I bought it because i wanted to make some exercice. After reading some rewies of another similar games (my fitness coach, Mel B,etc...)i chose this one. Today i used it for the first time and i am very happy for buying it. Its amazing how it reconizes your moviments, and how the game makes you a program for beginners and it increases day by day until makes you be sane! I recommend it so bad.

  Getting fit from playing a computer game

| | See all Thomasellis83's reviews (1)

If like me,the gym doesn't quite work for you for whatever reason this game is a very apt replacement. I have worked harder,ached more and sweated more playing this game than I ever did at the gym. There is a great variety of exercises ranging from just running on the spot to mountainboarding,from cardio to resistance training and you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Only little snag is that the sensor might not be sensitive enough,but it's rare. But otherwise,couldn't recommend this game enough to anyone who just wants to lose some weight and get fitter,you can work out with a friend locally or there's a great online community.

  A well designed exercise programme... but its not a game!

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

First off... this is NOT a game.. so if you buy this thinking "this will be fun"... it wont be. This is designed to push you, make you sweat and ache and sometimes hurt.

Anyway... as a TOOL to help you exercise, workout, tone up and burn calories.. it does the job.

I've worked my way through about 2 weeks of a 9 week programme so far and I'm impressed. I'm not an exercise expert at all and obviously a programme on the PS3 will never replace going to a real Gym, but as an alternative its impressive.

It does what it says on the box and helps idiots like me do an automated workout 4 days a week, for about 30 minutes a time.

You wont get fancy graphics or astounding sound or interface here, but it all doe the trick. Although to be honest.. the menu system is a bit slow and there is a lot of "loading" stuff and having to click "OK" to proceed. It can feel excessive.

But you wont be using this for prolonged amount of time each day. Its a case of put the disc in, get set up, do your workout and then collapse until the next day.

The programme basically asks you to set up a character, putting in age, weight, height and appearance and then off you go!

It asks if you want to do a 9 or 3 week programme of exercise, over 4 days a week (which you can choose) and then it starts.

You then set up the 3 body sensors (one right arm, one left arm and one on your left), plug in the USB dongle and you get started.

When you start the workout, you get around 28-33+ exercises to do, which take around 30 minutes to complete. Covering upper, core, lower or full body.

You also get a resistance band which does the job; but Ive personally bought my own set of hand weights to replace it. You have an option ingame to tell it you are using either a resistance band or weights and it changes the animaton accordingly,

However, for some reason, it does the weights in 1.5kg, 2.5kg and 3.5kg. But there is no reason you have to use exact weights measurements as the game states. I use a 2kg hand weight pair and it works fine.

You also have the ability to make you own, personalised workout, to aim for certain body areas. I set one up for the upper and core areas, but be warned... you have to be careful.

I made a personalised workout which was toooo much for me and I learned to ease it down. You get a choice of 3 workout levels:

The easy one is 5 reps I think (never tried it), the next is 10 reps and the highest is 15 reps per exercise. Trust me when I say that 10 reps is enough for most people. 15 reps can be hard if you are doing a lot in one set,

The sensors for the most part work great. They arent perfect and do occasionally miss-read your body. This can be an issue if you are holding 2kg weights in your hands and it doesnt recognise that you are straining yourself with full stretched arms.

But 95% of the time they work!

Theres nothing really bad with this programme as it does exactly what you need it do. The sensors work, the resistance band is use-able and the automated workout sessions are great,

But you probably will find that you run out and spend more money on weights and maybe even an exercise mat. This isnt a cheap option.

It also has charts, data, a calender and lots of other stuff to track your calorie burns, heart-rate health and so on. Over-all... I would recommend this, but keep in mind its a serious programme and not a game to just mess about with.

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  Better than wii fit

| | See all Fattybum's reviews (1)

I bought this after seeing a review on this morning! the calorie burning and heart rate display sold it for me. Unfortunatley the first one had to be returned as the leg sensor wouldnt link with the system. However the second one is fine, and as a moderatley fit person, this is great fun and hard work. My Bottom and calves are feeling the pain after just day 2 of the 9 week plan, so I'm very happy! the mountain biking excercise is great fun and has me laughing at myself. The b'f who's a hard core gamer scoffed at this purchase, but is now planning on having a go after seeing me burn up a sweat. Only negative is load time between each excercise and could do with the goalie one being quicker.

  response to snichy and wife's profile

| | See all r4ffers's reviews (1)

Have you tried making a profile for your wife on the PS HOME screen? (click right to the end where you can switch the console off (left side) and choose "add profile") when she signs in her profile all games register to her only and she can then have her own profile in game. this would include sports active 2. most games don't need to rely on internal profiling as the console already acts this way. A bit like how windows works when you sign in different users on the same machine. hope this helps!

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| | See all makebelieve88's reviews (4)

This is amazng, not really a game but personal trainer. Since workout one it makes you sweat! Varies in workouts too, so good if you are like me and get bored of the same thing. I have no idea what people are saying about the resistance band (which smells minty!!!) as it does pick up, they are obviously not doing the excercises right! Really great for motivation, you get trophies and the PT is constantly telling you that you are doing well or how to improve. Would reccomend this game to everyone, for 45 quid you cant go wrong, cheaper and better than the gym!

  great workout!

| | See all lauralou601's reviews (2)

Bought this a week or so ago and its great. Both me and my boyfriend use it and its great for us both, we both have separate profiles and have the settings arranged so we can both get the best work out possible. only problem is the resistance band, would recommed hand weights for a better work out.

its fun and you can feel it working ...makes you sweat everytime (as long as you put the effort in) definitely worth a 5!

  Not Bad

| | See all Snichy's reviews (2)

Great idea, well implemented but technology cant keep up. Quite regularly the motion sensing disappears and it doesnt register your movements which is a pain when you are half way through a workout, you have to skip the exercise or start again (not quite the idea of a personal trainer!). They should have used the PS Move - if they couldn't get the technology perfect, they shouldnt have bothered - at least give us the option of turning off the motion capture so we can just use it as a video (which I suspect is what happens sometimes as your movement doesnt tally up with what appears on screen and the number of reps I did was not the same as what it said I did!). Also there is no option to have multiple profiles so my wife cant have her own program, which is the least I would expect from EA! Having said that it is a fantastic replacement for the gym despite the above and there are lots of different programs which notes when you should work out and rest days etc (all recorded online as well) and there are lots of different exercises to try (assuming it recognises that you are doing them). Overall this is a reasonable piece of software which is let down by poor technology and a lack of basic features but if you want an exercise programs and except the above complaints, then I would recommend this as it would appear to still be the best "gamercise" on the market.

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  4.5. Only gripe is its a chore to switch players

| | See all Babydoll21's reviews (1)

3 training into a 9 week program and all I can say this has been tougher and more beneficial than all the workouts (over 20 hours) I've done on Wii fit.

I would recommend that you buy some hand weights rather than messing around with the resistance band.