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Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Time crisis at its best

| | See all Stepheorgan's reviews (3)

What a great game.

I bought this when it first came out (for a much higher price) and have not looked back!

It has a large selection of modes in the main game in addition to the 2 extra games that come with it!

This is an essential buy for anyone that enjoys rail shooters or time crisis.

Multiplayer mode is great however on smaller tv sets it can get a bit cramped to play on.

Online is shakey at best but I didn't purchase the game for that mode.

Using the move is natural and is enhanced by using a gun mount for the move controller.

All in all buy this game now!

  Best PS move game

| | See all FatKidz50's reviews (17)

The shooting mode on the game is great, it responds well, recacts to the gun, no one can fault that area. There are two key faults with it though.

Reloading - someone made a mistake in the design because the reload and shield button is unreachable making reaction time a bit too slow.
Story mode - This obviously requires the navigation device, which i dont have. With out it, the mode is absolutly useless and unplayable.

Do not get this game unless you plan on owning the PS move and navigation controller, they are essential to get the most out of it.


| | See all MagicMal2010's reviews (14)

I bought this game full price at release (gun recommended) this has hours of gameplay and is fun solo, online or with a friend your basically getting 3 games in one with trophies for each, graphics are great, very responsive. so for the current price is def a steal.


| | See all paulk666's reviews (4)

If you like shooting games this is one of the best, works great with the move and is great with the pad as well.
(dont know how anyone thought it was rubbish)

  A great shooter

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

This is one of the best games out for the Playstation Move. I wanted the Move specifically for shooting games and even though I have a Wii I couldn't wait to see the power of the move. This game fully met my expectations and if you love playing shooters in the arcade you will love this.

Furthermore, you get three shooting games for the price of one which is excellent value for money. This game will soon have you taking cover behind the sofa and popping up at the right time to take a head shot. Very entertaining.

  Best Move game out.

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i think this is by far the best move game out at the moment.
polished,responsive controls and very accurate in all games.
for the price i think the value is excellent as you get time crisis razing storm,time crisis 4 and dead storm pirates all of which are great and have multiple game modes plus there is online and a story mode which plays well but would be easier with the navigation controller which i am gunna get.
if you like on rail shooters i think this is an essential purchase and way better than the shallow shoot.

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  not as good as previous efforts

| | See all steev0's reviews (16)

not a bad game you will probly enjoy it but its the controles that mess up.. in every timecrisis game in the past you could always use a second controller to duck/reload but now you cant you have to use the button on the top of the move remote which feels akward to play.. id much preffer a decent gun

on the plus side tho dead storm pirates is excellent as you dont need to reload

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| | See all paddy82222's reviews (3)

Where to start,,, poor effort all round. Loved Time Crisis, but it has gone down hill.
No love or thought has gone in to the game. Or with useing the sony gun. Reload problems, ie. the button on top of the pad. I also like to hold the gun with 2 hands. but the reload button is wrong and unatural to the point thats its unplayerable with the sony gun.
With out gun, it spoils the whole theme of the game. Even then its not as accurate as past time crisiss or as fun. I dont know how any who has played a Time Crisis game, or any game ,could rate this as a 5star.
Each to there own i guess

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  Bargain three games for the price of one

| | See all donnylad25's reviews (8)

Theres a lot of shooting packed into Time Crisis: Razing Storm, with ports of three light-gun arcade games plus a fully fledged first-person shooter campaign jammed into the one bundle. I hope they bring the original Time Crisis trilogy to ps3 as well in hd with playstation move support.

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