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NBA 2K11

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all andrewgriffiths78's reviews (13)

I know next to nothing about the sport of Basketball, but this game is a joy to play, definitely better than 2K10 and the most recent of NBA Live games, this is essential for any sports fan. A few minor niggles here and there like Ai teammates in My Player playing like school kids, but its not enough to dumb down from a 5* to a 4*. Its a must buy and I haven't even started on the MJ stuff!

  Hardest game EVER to get used to!!

| | See all xSCYTHERx's reviews (5)

I want to start out by saying that I am a regular gamer. I consider myself to be a heavy gamer and have been for the past 10 years. When I get a new game it takes me hardly any time to pick it up and become very good at it. However NBA2k11 is the first basketball game I have ever played and it is stupidly hard.

The game itself however is amazing, the graphics and presentation are sensational as well as the realistic nature of the gameplay.

However there are many dissapointments - the first being the my player mode. I have spent well over 50 hours on this mode and it does not feel rewarding what so ever. The second is the amount of controls you have to learn to pull of good plays. If you have played previous NBA games this obviously will not be a problem to you however for people looking to come into the series you really do need to give the game lots of time before giving up on it.

The price offered by Play.com is great value for a great game, just be warned that it can be very frustrating to start with!!


| | See all Th3Mp5M4n's reviews (1)

The game is awesome (like NBA 2K10 anyway) and I waited only 10 days for delivery (I live in Italy in a little town, so 10 days, from England, is a very good wait). Awesome game, awesome delivery. 5 Stars.

  NBA Magic

| | See all Krissb1983's reviews (4)

I have been with the NBA 2k Series since the Original NBA2K and its simply getting better and better. By far the greatest basketball game of all time. Player movement, realism, commentary, features are unparrallel to any other NBA game. A must buy for NBA fans.
The MJ mode is awesome and is almost another game in itself. BRILLIANT! GO BUY!

  Like Jordan the Best Ever

| | See all Alexisrule's reviews (1)

Brought this game when the day it came out and still play it to death says it all real if you are a nba fan you need this game

  so close to perfection

| | See all jadakiss1's reviews (18)

going buy graphics and gameplay this is perfection BUT i love the career modes in games and the my player mode was a let down this would be my favourate mode in a game if it was better.

you create your player-great start
then you give him some training to get his xp up a bit then you start playing in a rookie league before shortly after getting into the nba.
BUT your player is like overall 50 and you can hardly make a shot wich would be ok if you could start getting him better quite quickly but no, ive benn putting in hours playing lots of games and some how managing to be player of the game most of the time but your character barely improves it cost way too much to raise say his 3 piont shot by 1.

ive put alot of hours in and hes overall 54 so ive basically given up.
the conference meeting was a good idea after each game but why not have more of that more decisions that give your player a personality maybe choices of weather you going to have an extra few hours training or hit the nightclubs then make the papers in a negative way or make the papers for a great performance.

just little things like that would make such a big deal.
the game was obviously this year focused on mj but to bet honest its still not that great its just doing the same with mj but a bit easier as he starts with higher xp.
all in all a brilliant game just stay clear of my player mode.

  Best Basketball game so far

| | See all mullitman's reviews (1)

This is by far the best basketball game and such an improvement by 2K developers from last year. The game is much more fluent and not as sluggish as before. The graphics are amazing, my player mode is a great invention and the mj features make this a phenomenal game and really raise the bar for basketball games.

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  Worth it for the MJ stuff alone

| | See all gotyrnumber's reviews (31)

at 17.99, you can't go wrong with this game if you are an NBA fan.

This game contains the most thorough and beautifully executed digital representation of Michael Jordan's career ever seen on a video game.

Along with the association and my player modes the game has hundreds of hours of game play on offer.

This is the first 2K sports game I have played, been playing EA basketball games since the mid 90's. Considering this it was a little bit confusing and took a little while to get used to, but once you do get used to it you will realise that it is far superior to any EA offering.

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  A must for a NBA fan

| | See all dannyboyitfc's reviews (17)

Firstly I am staggered by some of the negative comments regarding this game! I've never been a fan of 2ksports games, but this is a superb game. If your not a huge fan of NBA or understand the tactics etc, then it could be confusing and may prove frustrating. However, if your a big fan like myself, you won't be disappointed believe me. The AI and realisim is first rate, and struggle to think of a better sports game. That's how much I rate it and I'm a EAsports fan! There is so much to do and it's great to play with some of the best teams in NBA history.
A absolute must have for any serious NBA fan