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NBA 2K11

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all JrMafiaDon's reviews (5)

I cant really believe the average ratings of this game, it's amazing. It's definitely not the similar to NBA2k10 it's a huge improvement. If your not familiar with basketball it may take a while to get used to, but that would be the same with any sports game. This is not just the best basketball game but one of the best sports simulation ever released.

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  Confusing for novices

| | See all GalataFan's reviews (7)

The layout of the game is bad. Accesing different features of the game is confusing for novices. If you are not aware some terms used then it gets worse. For example my players get injured and they ask me what i would like to do but because i am not aware of the terms i struggle to take the correct action. The gameplay however is good. There are some minor faults but i don't think it's anything to brag about. Although, there are no doubts that is the best NBA game around.

  Best Basketball game

| | See all Gwidooo's reviews (2)

Having a look at the review here I cant believe people cant see how good it is!, ive been playing nba live in the past but thought I would give this a go and boy am I glad I did it, it is so relistic and could play it on & on, truly the best Basketball game ive played.

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  Similar to 2K10

| | See all SIRVYVAH's reviews (4)

I think the game is ok... it's very similar to 2K10 with a few adjustments. I thought I had made a mistake buying it after my first play to be honest. But I;m ok with it now.

When you first start, you have to play the 91-92 Game one of the NBA finals. Of course, as the Chicago Bulls. Once you've completed this, you can go to the actual menu. Slightly annoying.

Everything is the same except this time you can take part in completing some of the Jordan challenges. Of which are different than I thought. I think it would've been better to have something like playing as Jordan only and bringing him through the ranks.

Nicely enough, this game comes with some old teams you may like. Unfortunately, you can't use these teams in a season. Although, disappointing enough, teams like the Bulls don't have that feeling that they're a championship side. Other than Jordan and Pippen, the rest are a little like you've put LeBron and Kobe with another 3 players from a pick up game. So you're heavily reliant on your stars - which of course can cause fatigue and annoy you when they're sent to the bench. Just hope Steve Kerr can hit 3 after 3 and Rodman gets the boards if not!

I'm doing a season at the moment but I had to adjust some of my coach settings to make it feel more like I would like to play. Run n Gun!!!

Some of the cut scenes can be annoying. Also some of the substitutions the computer uses but these can be fixed (slightly) by adjusting your options.

Online play is as good as the players you're with or against. Half the time, people want to be heroes and play alone or something - but when you find players online who enjoy a good team game, you can get no better.

Price wise, I payed 40 quid for this and, if I'm honest, if I was to trade it in, I think I would get less than half in return as Basketball isn't huge here in the UK. Drawn in by Jordan being on the cover may have something to do with it. 25-29 is a good price.

Oh, also... post up play can be wicked if you master it. I've noticed Dwight Howard is alot better offensively in this game - much like that of his play in real life.

All in all, it's an OK game. The thing keeping me hooked on it is the signature highlights where you see all the good things your player/s have done and winning pairs of Air Jordans - just wish they were real! LOL

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| | See all Knox8me's reviews (1)

Very nice looking game but lacks the AI to match it. I do however love the option to play as Jordan and play in some of his greatest games. Apart from that its a very average game.

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  Its an OK game..

| | See all BoatzX's reviews (6)

i got this game and its good because its the only NBA game where you can play as jordan..but to me NBA 2K graphics are so much worse than NBA LIVE graphics..and the gameplay is fair but again, not as good as NBA LIVE. Just frustrating NBA ELITE 11 doesn't come out till january!

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