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Heavy Rain: Move Edition (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  let it rain

| | See all jackandaaron's reviews (13)

Short and sweet, a work of art, stunning, absolutley amazing story and beautiful graphics, a excellent gaming experience.

  Amazing game you keep coming back to again and again!

| | See all tigger1979's reviews (1)

I've completed Heavy Rain twice and am still only 49% through as each action changes the course of the game. It's like a very intense film that you control and the script is brilliant.

The tutorial is the prologue and helps you get to grips with how to control the game.

I bought this game for 40GBP when it first came out. I went to play the game again last night and was waiting an hour for it to update, once it did I had the MOVE edition for FREE! So, if you don't mind waiting an hour, save yourself a bit of money and buy the original instead of the MOVE as it now comes free... I love the PS3. XBox would never give you anything for free! :)

  Buy the original game second hand.

| | See all DanPosMaytee's reviews (1)

This game is amazing. I bought this game on Friday and completed it yesterday (Monday) I just couldn't get enough aha. But what surprised me is when I put in the game I got a gigabyte update. The playstation move update. So even if you have the original game you can use the playstation move anyway. The game deserves five stars, this money grabbing "revamp" doesn't because like I said you can get the move update for free.

  Great game...didnt want to stop playing!

| | See all lauralou601's reviews (2)

This was a great game, you get really involved in it. You make alot of the choices so its up to you to make the correct ones...completed it once and were on to round two now! because it feels alot like a film you dont want to stop playing until you know how it ends!

  Most intense game I've ever played.

| | See all Lynsey1963's reviews (47)

This game is fantastic. Some people probably won't like the fact that its like a film most of the time but to me its like a great drama that you can interact with. It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. It looks amazing too, the graphics are some of the best I've seen, the detail on the characters faces is very realistic. I can't really say that the move has made this better, basically its just the same although it personally made me feel more involved. It takes some getting used to at first & can feel clumsy. I have to admit its not as easy as the ordinary ps3 controller and led me to make the wrong decisions but I didn't try to start again, I just let the story go on as its good to see all the possible endings. I can't bring myself to give it any less than 5 stars just because of this, its too good a game & the best game of 2010 in my opinion. I will say though, its not for everybody, certainly not the younger gamers.

  Move controller doesn't add to the gameplay

| | See all Robotoz's reviews (1)

I agree with arevah. I found the move controller impaired my game the second time round, the first time I got a better outcome using the dualshock 3 controller. Although the concept of Heavy Rain was a fresh idea at the time, I found using the move controller a little clumsy and not responsive exactly to my actions or unclear at first on the screen (such as twist like a door handle or thrust forward with the ball on the controller forwardmost), causing me to miss out or mis time sequences therefore knowingly take a path through the game that I did not want to take. Having to go right through the game again in order not to make the same mistake is very off putting.
It's more of a novelty with this game rather than an enhancement.

  not my type of game

| | See all ifyouseek's reviews (1)

This game is nearly all cinematics, very little actual gameplay.

You pretty much spend all your time watching cutscenes and then randomly waving your controller around to open a door or something boring.

I nearly gave 1 star but a lot of work has gone into making it, some people may like it but it's not for me. It's more of a movie than a game imo.

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| | See all woweeman's reviews (2)

You may never play another game that will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!! Utterly compelling from start to finish. Play with the move controller, nothing has ever so interactive!! Warning it's not for kids

  Great Game, but...

| | See all arevah's reviews (2)

I thought the game was great, however I have 2 issues: The "Move" compatibility is not really something special. I mean, the fact that you have to twist and turn the move controller instead of pressing the buttons on the classic joystick did not really do it for me, it did not add to the game. I ended up using the classic joystick to play the game.

Furthermore, on my first run, I ended up finishing the game with the best possible ending, i.e. all characters alive and the boy saved. So, this gives me no reason why to replay it. Basically, I spent a few days with the game, which is great on all aspects, but now it's over, and I have no reason to play it again, as I know how it should end...

  Very entertaining, keeps you playing to find the killer

| | See all kenjara's reviews (6)

I really enjoyed this, its just the right length and very well made. The graphics and characters are great and it leaves you guessing who the killer is right to the end. You can't end the game by dying so every thing you do with the different characters changes the entire outcome of the story.

Move controls were good, managed to play through the whole game with only a couple of issues with them.

As a nice bonus you get some paper to make the origami figure on the cover while the game is installing.