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007: Blood Stone (James Bond)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Really really good

| | See all dinozzo78's reviews (6)

This is alot better looking than quantum, cars and speed boats handle well and the story is good too, online is same as quantum, only dissapointment is the fact it has no golden gun mode online which was awesome on the last game

  bond is back

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

what a game a really good 3rd person with a good mix of missions and a good story and graphics every thing youd want from a bond game

  Better than expected

| | See all Stiggy1986's reviews (4)

Had doubts if it would be as good as some reviews have said. How wrong i was.....This game is great fun, nothing better than sneaking behind guards and perfroming a stealth kill. The aiming is just like on Uncharted (no auto aim). If your a Bond fan, you wont regret it, if not......still get it....You'll be happy you did !

  Bond takes it to the limit

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Brillant james bond game, brillant mission the online isnt as good as quatrum of solace. I pefer this game for the campain, the online is ok but there are only 3 modes. I love the take down modes and stealth take downs. The car chasing is ok, gets a bit anoying when it goes on for a while but its still good. The graphic werent that bad. I didnt think the 3rd person would be as good but its great. 3rd person is ok. What is amazing aswell is that it was left open for another 007 at the end.

  What a game!

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

What a game this is seriously. Right from the beginning, as soon as you start, your bond character just feels so smooth to control, the controls are relatively easy to get used to but most of all, the graphics and the storyline etc, superb. It has everything, from car chases to stealth takedowns, to gun shootouts, its brilliant. Loved the game, as most games though, is does have 1 fault, and thats that it is waaaayyyyy too short, i got it friday night, played a couple of hour, went back sat night on it for couple hours, then it was completed, i thought eh never? And as far as i can see, you don't unlock anything once you completed the game. But never the less, multiplayer seems pretty cool, and singelplayer is out of this world. Super game, buy it now.

  Bond at his best

| | See all Evans85's reviews (1)

Excellent action, stealth and driving game mixed together for a brilliant bond experience. Highly recommend for bond fans!!

  All considered - a great game!

| | See all Radioactiveman's reviews (1)

Loved the game so I'd recommend any Bond fan to buy it and give it a go. Yes, it is fairly short and slightly repetitive in parts (but not to an extent that you won't enjoy it!) The graphics are impressive, cutscenes look great, as do the in game takedowns etc. I suggest you play on the hardest level otherwise it would be way too easy to advance through the levels

Looking forward to the next one, just hope its longer - but this is the best bond I've played since the old days of N64's Goldeneye or PS1's Tomorrow never dies.

  Good but Short

| | See all GregtheGreat's reviews (5)

I really enjoyed this game. The story was decent and some of the scenes were so epic you really felt you were in a James Bond film. Downside is the story is so short. Set aside a few hours and you can complete it with ease. I really hope they make a sequel to it as it's very much needed.

Multiplayer's decent but nothing spectacular.

Gameplay's quite good, the covering system works really well and the stealth takedowns are very satisfying when pulled off correctly. Even the driving, which is often poor in games that don't focus on it, is highly enjoyable.

  Good game BUT...

| | See all FettsVette's reviews (4)

Graphics aren't amazing, Games abit short, story is okay. Albiet, It's better than most games coming out these days, good fun for the price and easy to plat!


| | See all fightingfish's reviews (12)

Firsty if your a Bond fan then your going to like the fact the Daniel Croag and Dench are in it. The story is movie esque in styling and what not and too shabby. The game looks good enough but feels tired and repetative. Bond's ability to interact with the environment is realy limited and your just end up crouching behind cover and shooting for most of the game. There are some clear links to Uncharted and Arkham Asylum i.e. the crouch cover shoot and smart phone scan elements, which are the whole game minus some driving bits. It falls short of all of these which is annoying as hell. It could have been awesome but it ain't. I got bored and haven't finished it yet which is kinda case in point.

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