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007: Blood Stone (James Bond)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Stirred not shaken

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

Interestingly the critics have given this a pounding and I was a bit aprehensive about playing it given what they had said, but other than the story length (about 6 hours) the worst I can say about this game is it plays like a mix of Uncharted and Batman AA and they are pretty good.

Game like a bond film has an opening sequence before the credits, the gameplay is 3rd person action / shooter with plenty of cover and some driving based missions. The missions span various geographical locations which all look very good there are some nice cinematic action sequences slowed down for effect which fit the Bond characteristics and of course cut scenes are very good with official licenses for voice and facial likeness. Driving is a bit hit and miss but looks fantastic anyone who has played burnout will recognise the prestige here.

Due to length of gameplay main story single player difficult to recommend at full price, but well worth a look if you have a spare 20 quid lying around and it comes down in price.


| | See all notbadatall's reviews (2)

the graphics are great get to drive good cars great online play really fun.
Hope it comesout on film will be amazing.
I would recomend t anyone above 16 age.

  Good choice for any Bond fan, but ends too quickly

| | See all AirdrieFan's reviews (2)

Don't get me wrong this is a good game (but in my opinion) is more like a short movie. Lots of cut scenes, plenty of driving but far, far, far too short. I flew through the levels and felt disappointed when I reached the end. It really hits you fast! Bit disappointed that there is no online split screen either on multiplayer. Good choice for any Bond fan, but ends too quickly


| | See all starr69's reviews (25)

This game is absolutely Reamarkable, this is what i call a James Bond Video game, gameplay is amazing with signature bond hand to hand combat, dangerous and explosive Aston Martian driving, this is definately one of the best action/shooters out there. Whatever the price even if you're not that keen on action games like 007 it is well worth the buy. When i got it and played it was Great JUST BUY!!!

  Bond... James Bond.

| | See all nackzucow's reviews (53)

I bought this after thoroughly enjoying Quantum of Solace. But personally I dont think this was much of a step up.

The Graffics were pretty poor like a good quality PS2 game, Game only consists of 5 levels very short, It took me less than 5 hours to complete it on Agent setting.
Online is a little shoddy, i felt it was based on Call Of Duty but extremely poorly. Main Flaw with online - melee a guy and then within 5 seconds he's alive and meleed you and then you both die. Sooo annoying!

But the storyline was good and so was the single player gameplay.

Hope this helped


| | See all ruknrol's reviews (11)

Why are the critics having a go at this game?!
The cutscenes are movie like, the playability is excellent. Love the close quarters combat and stealth. Driving missions are difficult but addictive.
Also one of the best games I've played online for ages. Online is limited but a hell lot fun!

  blood stone

| | See all markothegreat's reviews (19)

exellent game , puts quantium in the shade, this time its a full bond action game , easy control with good moves .

  Shaken but not stirred!!!

| | See all ZOMBIENATIONZ's reviews (145)

Even though this game has had a pretty good panning by the critics and reviews have not been great i like the Bond franchise, so thought what the heck lets give it a go.
Im very glad i did.
I actually enjoyed the first game "Quantum of Solace" and this is pretty much a similar one.
The graphics are a step up from that release, but not a huge one.
The one foot sections are good with some detailed levels and complex layouts, but varying detail on the textures.....some sections are awesome but others appear rushed with little detail which is disappointing.......for example the casino with its lovely night time views and marble floors are the opposite to some of Athens rough texture work.
The vehicle sections are fun if a little frustrating to control at times......the graphics here seem to have had more care with good fx especially the water levels, there are some real standout moments like the hovercraft and highway chase scenes!
Sound wise it is good although some of the speech seems a little muffled and low volume wise.
The score by Richard Jacques deserves a mention as it captures the power of the best John Barry tracks, it really fits the bill here.
Playability is strong with a good Bond vibe running through it, though think more modern gadget-less Bond than the old style.

Multiplayer seems to have a good community with 3 online game modes, my favourite is the straight forward team deathmatch with levelling up on weapons and uniforms etc.
It is a fun departure from the single player.

Overall a good game which misses out on the 5 stars simply due to lazy programming around the graphics and lack of continuiety with them etc, with more work this could and should have looked a stunner given Bizarre Creations previous pedigree in FPS and driving games.

Still though, its really strong and well worth a blast!!!!!

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  OK but could be better

| | See all steve3773's reviews (25)

As a rule I like the Bond games but I didn't like certain aspects, the car and boat chase didn't seem well streemed and a little jumpy. The rest of the game didn't seem as responsive as other games I have played recently. That said I still like the way it pans out and kept me entertained. If I were to buy it knowing the above I would have still purchased though.

  Bond-tastic - back with a silenced bang!!

| | See all Boydo1's reviews (3)

I was a wee bit apprehensive at purchasing this - lets face it, most of these games end up only disappointing you - but Bloodstone is the complete opposite. I was pleasently surprised at just how great it was. There is nothing original here, its taken bit and pieces from other successful titles, it has a very Uncharted feel about it, in that you feel you are actually in a movie with the excellent sets, realistic dialogue and top notch graphics. The opening scenes are Bond movie realistic.

Yes the game has its flaws, such as lack of boss action, and Joss Stone (yes, Joss Stone!!!) as the Bond girl, but these faults are minor compared with the +'s.

Great action sequences, fast paced gun fights (focus shots are a god send), super cool close combat, and the best of the bunch is the driving - a bit frantic in places but it all adds to realism of flying through the streets in the Aston Martin.

Highly recommend this game to not only Bond fans, but all action games fans.

Roll on a follow up as we wait on Bond returning to the cinema.