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007: Blood Stone (James Bond)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Bridges the gap, waiting for Bond 23...

| | See all bl0f3ld's reviews (9)

As a devoted (more likely to be called a Bond Geek!) Bond fan, I happily admit that I would buy anything with the 007 logo on it and being a gamer, means when the two come together= Good times.
I liked the QoS game and could immediately see that Activision wanted to be true to Bond this time, this is not just a Bond game, it is Daniel Craigs Bond game. It has the modern, fast moving and gritty pace that the films reboot have adapted to.

Obviously having key characters reprising their movie roles in game also adds to the authenticity.

You can steamroller through, performing bone snapping, face breaking takedowns with bullets spraying everywhere, or take a more stealthy approach with silenced pistol taking precision shots. Either way, a real sense of actually playing as James Bond is achieved by the game makers.

The driving sequences are action packed and the cars are responsive, although this was your basic get from A to B fodder, crashes or wrong turns do not really hinder you getting to the goal. (if you want a challenge, gain the trophies).

The music, storyline, baddies and gadgets are all here, everything you want from a Bond experience.

Why this game loses a star in my opinion is for two reasons; James Bond cannot crouch! How hard can this basic manoeuvre be for the developers, when going for stealth it is frustrating that you do so well, only to be seen by a guard/henchman simply because you could not crouch! And secondly, the graphics, it seems that it was decided a bit of cell shading will cover over the cracks/lack of detail. The gameplay appears to be more detailed than the cutscenes. Although it is not so ugly that it will affect the game, it is obvious that the full power of the PS3 is not being used. This would probably have looked just as good on the Playstation 2 at the end of its glorious run.

All in all 007: Blood Stone is a great game and bridges the gap while we patiently wait for Bond 23. (Hopefully!).

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  Bond is Back

| | See all RogIow's reviews (26)

I thought Quantum of Solace was good but this does beat it. I think it is due to graphics, story, driving, shooting, fighting aspect and being 3rd person. I think it is better when Bond is 3rd person. The pre-credits and titles do make you feel as you are playing a Bond movie. The cars and chases are a great addition, speeding about in the DB5 and DBS, It is really like a Bond film instead of going to the cinema, I think the one down side is when you catch the bad guy's but I won't let too much on. Otherwise fantastic and well worth the buy, For any Bond Fan and anyone who likes this type of game.

  Short but Brill

| | See all BomberHarris's reviews (7)

Brill game although very short, finished on easy mode in about 4 hrs, now playing on 007 mode and collecting all items for trophies, god bless the trophy system cos this game wouldnt be worth the asking price. Good online games and in third person mode, all game mode actions used online like cover and focus shot which is AWESOME by the way. So lovley game cracking graphics, awesome car chasings, and a real challange on 007 mode.

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  An improvement on Quantum of Solace

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I really liked Quantum of Solace so I though I'd get this. Although the story mode itself is fairly short, the content of it more than makes up for it. Driving the Aston Martin is a fantastic addition to the game and the graphics have also been improved a lot. The trophies are still fairly good and include things such as; completing a car chase under a certain time. I'm going to play the multiplayer as soon as I've wrote this.

  blood stone luved it

| | See all dazzlerbrain14's reviews (1)

really gd game , great graphics great shooting and the car chases are amazing. not the longest game ive played completed in about 7 hours but then it has online which is ok so overall really gd game

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