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Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PlayStation Move Compatible) (With 4 Buzzers)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Buzz Music PS3

| | See all robfew's reviews (1)

There have been a few negative reviews of this version on here, i have no idea why, we owned and played the PS2 version a lot and the PS3 updated version is far superior, so for all those normal people out there, if you have played the PS2 version, you will love this PS3 version.
The only downside were the controllers, they didn't work, luckily we had 2 sets from the PS2 that do work. At the time of buying it was cheaper to buy the pack than just the game on its own, if we had have needed the ones supplied to work, the whole lot would have gone back, which would have been a shame.

  Not bad

| | See all RussWWFC's reviews (2)

Not bad but a bit of a letdown compared to previous Buzz games. It's not as polished as previous games and there is cover versions of music.

But it's still fun, overall for 17.99 inclusive of Buzzers, this represents good value and a reasonable game to play until you pick up a cheap copy of Buzz Quiz TV or one of the other better games

  Really good!

| | See all fener046's reviews (1)

Its fun because there are many different music genres and from different decades so you're bound to know quite a few!
Thank for the speedy delivery..arrived just in time for Christmas despite the bad weather conditions!

  Excellent game, fantastic value for money

| | See all abbotts1988's reviews (4)

Another excellent game from the buzz creators. No issues at all with the game, great graphics and fun games. Even better with 4 buzzers included, great value.

  Another great Buzz! Quiz Game.

| | See all Hullgal's reviews (4)

Ignore the negative comments about the unlicensed songs, it does not detract from how good a game it is. If you've played any of the other Buzz! games then you will love this one too.

We found some of the categories very difficult and the quiz really tests your music knowledge. Great when you've got friends round or if you play online.

  Great without the licence

| | See all AbandonedTrolley's reviews (1)

Actually bought just the solus version as I have 8 wireless buzzers already. Don't worry about them not being licenced tracks, all the songs we've heard so far have been spot on and instantly recognisable.

  More Options , More fun!

| | See all Dennisvm's reviews (2)

More Fun! There are new game modes , new characters and improved graphics. Nice option is that you can pick your own rounds in the custom game. The rounds you don't like you can skip!
Overal great fun but somehow still got the feeling it could have been better. For example , the movie clip round where you have to check everything in a clip and then memmorize it. Not much to do with music.......

  Poor Poor Poor

| | See all stevebubs's reviews (1)

Just picked this up as I have fond memories of the original PS2 version.

This is *nothing* like it. So far I've seen little or no original music which totally detracts from the experience offered by the original.

Skip this pathetic rip off and spend the money on a used PS2 with the original game...

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| | See all Stejay71's reviews (1)

The previous two PS3 entries in the Buzz! series, Quiz TV and Quiz World offer fantastic multiplayer fun, with Quiz World proving significantly to be the the better of two. Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz however is absolutely shocking. Most annoyingly, it's a music quiz, yet the music clips are not licenced and it's often difficult to recognise music that you'd know instantly if it was the original being played rather than the ultra-cheap bargain supermarket budget covers this game offers instead.

The regular quiz mode appears to offer no additions or improvements to Buzz! Quiz World other than adding your own faces to the characters with the PlayStation Eye, and creating your own buzzer noises, and the Move mode is completely tacked on and pointless. It's a pass the controller job, so you have to wait around while other people are taking their turns, and the Move mini-games themselves, of which there are only four, are really quite uninspiring. You get to hit the correct answer with a hammer, or shoot the correct answer with a laser, or pull the metal bar with the correct answer on with a magnet, see the theme here? But just to shake the format up a bit you do get to use a dart to pop all the balloons with a wrong answer on rather than just popping the one with the correct answer. Wow, excellent innovation there. I simply cannot understand why the developers felt the need to add any Move elements at all when the title already uses it's own custom, fun to use specialist periperhal, especially if this is the best they could come up with.

For round the TV I cannot recommend Buzz! Quiz World highly enough, whereas Buzz! The Ultimate Quiz feels like a cheap rush job that does practically nothing to evolve the series other than shoe-horning in four very tedious Move mini-games. It hurts that I've had to rate this one star as even that is too highly praising this game. Please stay well clear of the Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz.

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  A music game without the music

| | See all The4thViewer's reviews (1)

VERY disappointed in the Buzz *Music* Quiz. Why on earth didn't they license the original music?? I could understand it if this was a multi topic quiz but this is a music only quiz.

The other 2 Buzz games are excellent and I'd recommend them but this should never have been released.

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