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Dragon Age 2: Signature Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  MAJOR let down

| | See all Tayz81's reviews (7)

after i played and loved Dragon Age i couldn't wait for this to be released bought it on release day and i cant believe how they have killed the Dragon Age Game. No freedom to do what you want just basic chapters and move on game play is ok but for me this let the Dragon age down could have been amazing but just ain't up to scratch major disppointment!

  great game

| | See all luke1993's reviews (1)

now i found dragon age 2 a great game it is not so bad prepare to origins the only two thing which i preferred about origins to da2 is the story was a better one da2 and elves dont look stupid but the like the has better graphics, audio is better, combat however more complex is better and its a enjoyable game its worth the money you pay for it.

  What a let down......

| | See all Danus5's reviews (7)

After playing Dragon Age Origins I had high hopes for Dragon Age 2. Saddly I felt let down. The story line is pretty average and dragged out in most places and the characters that join with Hawke throughout the game are just really dull and boring. An awkward inventery system has been added which restricts characters from using most types of weapons + armor apart from what has specificaly been assigned to them.
On the upside the combat system has improved yet sometimes the same maps are used 3 0r 4 times throughout the game to represent different places..... this is really lazy bioware.
I'd wait till this game comes down in price - deffinatley worth a play if your a DA fan but not all its cracked u to be. I hope they learn from their mistakes in DA3.

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| | See all scarletpimpernel's reviews (2)

Since I got dragon age 1 for Christmas I have been dying to get my hands on 2, and thankfully it didnt disappoint. The story is amazing and engaging and with the updated graphics just add another dimension to the game play. Although I was expecting that dragon age one story line would play a much larger role with the new game, I feel that dragonage 2 is much more like a game expanding the dragon age world with new villains and setting that offer more insight into the whole world that bioware have created. This game is brilliant and is worth getting for any RPG fan and if dragon 2 follows 1 there should be new downloads and quests that will add more and more to this game until dragonage 3 comes out.

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| | See all BenC1987's reviews (6)

First thing I need to say is at the point of writing this have not yet competed the game. However after many hours game play I cant say I am as enthralled as I was with Origins.

The story characters and general game play just isnt grabbing my attention as much as Origins did. Firstly the story feels totally unrelated to the first which somewhat begs the question what was the point in developing a character from Origins? As well it seems to skip through time far removed from the events of the first game even though it seemed from the hype we were going to be treated to encountering run ins etc with the Origins timeline. Secondly the characters dont have the rich appeal as the characters in origins seem to have. I felt I wanted to know more and get to know more about the characters in Origins, where as in this instalment I feel like I really couldnt care less what happens to any of them. Finally the general game play just is not as user friendly as the first and doesnt fit the format. Also it all seems to be somewhat disjointed.

Other niggles such as text been very small and almost impossible to read in some of the menus adds extra annoyance. All adding up to a rather disappointing gaming experience compared to Origins.

In addition the signature edition is rather a let down content wise for those is us who do not have their PS3s online as the majority of the content requires redeemable downloads. Quite frankly what you get with the Signature Edition is minimum anyway.

Overall Id advise others not to rush out and buy this title at top price mark. Wait for it to drop and opt for the standard edition. If you hated Origins then you may actually like this. On the other hand if you really enjoyed Origins prepare to be disappointed.

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