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Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  An accurate driving simulator with many flaws.

| | See all brick6234's reviews (4)

I love cars and as a result, really liked this game. The representations of the cars are accurate, there are loads of tracks, cars and races to get your teeth into.
The downsides are that it is difficult to earn enough money to complete events for some require you to buy a car worth 5,000,000 credits which is a good 50 7 minute races.
Secondly, there aren't enough devices to encourage you to keep playing. It is just race after race after race with only money and the occasional reward of paint or cars.
Furthermore, the endurance races and alot of b-spec take far too long and just lead to you getting bored. To do the 24 hour races on bspec, I would just leave the game on all day preventing me from playing the ps3 as there was a race on. Once you have stopped playing the career mode, there is no addictive online to make you keep playing so it just sits on your shelve gathering dust.
Finally, I think that some of the challenges such as the red bull x2010 challenge is just too hard for gold, especially if you have no steering wheel.
All in all, it is great fun untill level 20 ish and then I started to get bored. However if you do just want an accurate driving simulator regardless of how good the gaming is, it is outstanding.


| | See all Zen111's reviews (1)

I bought this Collector's Edition really wanting to love it and rave about it to everyone I know and in the end I stopped playing the game after a week. The game itself is probably the best racing simulator out there, but my God, the repetitive grinding of the A-Spec Career is just so boring. The game's career mode is completely lifeless.

The 200 page booklet is great, I really enjoyed reading it as I love having all the inside information. However, the cars that you recieve from the Voucher Code? Not so great. They are only really useful at the start of the game where you're racing against cars that basically drive the whole course at around 30 mph.

Also, the postcards - sure, they look great but they are COMPLETELY useless lol! I mean, what exactly are you going to do with them?

To sum up, this game handles beautifully, but it is extremely unrewarding - winning a race in A-Spec mode doesn't fill you with a sense of achievement, it's just "Oh, another grind completed for me to get a better car." Rinse. Repeat. The online mode is awfully structured but provides the most thrills. I had a 2 lap, 1 on 1 nurburgring night race with an unknown player and it was the best race I've ever had in my gaming life. My Ferrari 458 trumped (this car is fantastic in the game), and the sounds of it screeching up the Nurburgring corners and hills is unforgettable.

Unfortunately, moments like this are few and far between in this game. After all the production time of this game, Polyphony have left me dissapointed with the end product. A shame, since I love the series.

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  Utterly superb...

| | See all TechHead21's reviews (2)

First things first...if you're looking for an easy racing game, then don't bother buying it - GT mode is a simulator, NOT a "pick up and go" arcade game (although there is an arcade mode).

The handling of the cars is extremely realistic, especially the engine sounds - polyphony have made the effort to make all the cars sound as true to life as possible.

GT mode, although daunting at first given it's magnitude, becomes a way of life. It's fantastic. The array of cars is superb, tuning, used cars, with races starting at beginner mode right up to extreme mode.

I have to reiterate that this game is designed to be challenging, the licences are difficult as expected - there are 6 in total, amounting to 60 challenges/tests. It encourages you to re-take tests to shave those times to earn gold. This is a simulator - you wouldn't be able to jump in these cars in real life and get gold first time would you? You need to get used to the cars characteristics, and see what it can and can't do - every car is different. It requires you to tweak settings to get the optimum balance.

This game as a hole is light years ahead of the competition, and is the closest to reality simulator out there.

3D mode is also good, the depth and perception it gives you is fantastic - a nice little addition to the game.

Online, although buggy as first, now appears to be almost perfect - I have had no issues playing with friends. If they are playing online, just click on them within the GT community and enter their lounge - it's that simple.

Also the damage is very very realistic, but you have to earn it - the more you rank up, the worse the damage - a good way of doing it, as you progress your skills. Level 40 gives you full damage, which leads to bumpers, bonnets etc flying off - the works!

This is a huge/long game, which will take hours of your time to complete, but is also very rewarding and in time becomes a religion!!

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  Great Game

| | See all Cobinator's reviews (1)

Well, this is a great game and the graphics in 3D are stunning but there is one downfall that cost the game that one star on the rating. The game doesn't support Sixaxis which allows you to control the car via motion sensoring with the PS3 Dualshock controller. I'm disappointed that one of the best driving games doesn't support that and to be honest quite shocked!! But overall fantastic game!!

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  Sneaky sneaky Poliphony...

| | See all cardyfreak's reviews (1)

When I first loaded this game I must admit I felt a little underwhelmed. I dont know what I was expecting... maybe... perfection; I guess I was a victim of the hype. I mean, the graphics are stunning (remember, as with all Gran turismos, the replays look a bit better than the race itself), and the amount of cars is mind blowing. But sometimes the shadows look a little blocky, as do some of the standard car models. Some other little niggles had me kind of thinking it was a bit of a let down. But then I got stuck in to it, and all the doubts disappeared. The racing is sublime and genuinely tense (winning some races on the final straight by tenths of seconds never gets old), the licence challenges are as frustrating, but ultimately, rewarding, as ever, and the rally and karting modes are a right laugh. Not so sure about the NASCAR bit though.
As I played it, I realised I was hooked. Sneaked up on from behind, with it's claws grasping at my throat as it's beery breath whispers "Say nothing, I've got a hammer," into my ear, I am now subject to it's whims of fancy. The online mode is a bit of a pain in the arse mind. Still havent had a go on it yet, it was crashing loads but some of mates have been on it and they reckon its a right laugh.
Get this, it's a milestone.

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  class act.. gt5 is back in business

| | See all waynedogg's reviews (1)

contrary to what other reviewers might think gt5 is back exactly where it belongs, i think other reviewers forget gt is not meant to be easy so thats exactly what polyphony digital have done is make it difficult, if u want all the rewards/trophies then yes your gonna have to get good and if you dont or cant be bothered then this is not and never has or will be your kind of game, thats what gt5 is all about plus the graphics a aazing bar the odd shaddow here and there but hey its a ton better than forza and if you dont think so then you quite obviously dont know anything about racing game and nfs is the racing game for you.

  Game is useless, 200 page booklet amazing.

| | See all cookie64's reviews (1)

To be honest, you have to buy the game to try it. I read many reviews saying its not worth it but I still bought it. It has to be the worst gameplay since the PS2, and it probably is no better than Gran Turismo 4...graphics are just the same but with more tyre smoke. Car handling is crap and drifting is extremely hard to control. The menus are pretty good though and look like they put time into them more than the gameplay. There is a good variation of modes and vehicles, but that is useless when races aren't worth looking forward to.

I do have to say though, the 200 page book that comes with the collectors edition is fantastic. I am a mechanic, and the booklet explains many aspects of how vehicles function. It's basic principles of mechanics really and I found it extremely interesting.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this game. I've waited 5/6 years for it and am very disappointed with Sony. If you're after a decent racing game, titles such as Forza 3 are a much better option.

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  Sorry but its just no fun

| | See all DuncanStyles's reviews (27)

Never have I wanted to throw my controller through the screen more than when playing this game. I say playing but what I really mean is endure. I have given this game about a weeks worth of play after initially thinking that it was pretty good but the more you play the more its problems show themselves.

Positive. It looks good, not great, some elements let it down. The shadows cant stay still, some tracks look rushed.

Negative. Online racing has been poorly thought through, no invite a friend option!! Unless you wrote the game and know every little curve or bump you will have no chance of getting golds in all the races/trials. I seriously doubt that anyone would be bothered to repeat the same race 20 plus times to shave seemingly impossible seconds off their times.

If you must buy this game get the standard version or wait for it to be on special discount.

This game makes me angry unlike any other game before it. There is no fun involved whatsoever.

A real shame as this could have been something very special.

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| | See all jaguarxj220i's reviews (16)

After waiting 6 years for this game, I got my copy today. After playing it, I was amazed by the level of detail and realism of the game. I was instantly addicted to it.

I drove the Ferrari during my track day, and I couldn't believe how realistic the gameplay was... the attention to detail was immaculate, it was like I was back in that car again.

The music is just right, and the online gaming is what I expected it to be... the online competition, has kept me going for hours. Now I'm working my way through the game and customizing the cars.

My friends have gone out and bought a PS3 just for this game, this was the exclusive we have all been waiting for. I'm working through the game and improving my time... it isn't so easy like Forza or Need for Speed, this is the challenge I need.

Anyone who has driven these cars in real life, will truly understand how much attention to detail this game has.

The Modifiying guide from the collectors edition was really helpful. It's totally worth it for any real car enthusiast who knows what they are talking about... not a two minute thrill, this is the real deal.

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  Worth the 6 year wait

| | See all Goodwin24's reviews (2)

6 years in the making and this game seriously does not disappoint. I've read people complaining that of the 1000+ cars that only 200 come as premium cars (photo realistic). Firstly that is true, but 200 thats more cars than most racing games have any way and secondly the standard for me do not look any different. So people really need to stop the complaining and ask themselves if there is a racer that even comes close to providing what this game does. Finally the collectors ed is worth having for the apex book that comes with it. This is seriously cool if you are a petrol head, its just rammed with fact and fact about cars, driving techniques and track data. Love it